10 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Playing the Indian Rummy Game


10 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Playing the Indian Rummy Game

The popularity of the Indian rummy game is increasing by the day and the number of people playing the game online is soaring. In this hi-tech era where online games are a much-favored form of recreation, rummy is one of the traditional games that has retained its spot at the top. Online rummy platforms have been growing at unprecedented rates, and players from across the country are flocking to them for a daily dose of entertainment and fun. If you are someone who is interested in playing the game online, you can play rummy for free by downloading the Junglee Rummy free app available on the Play Store.

But to play rummy online and ace the game, you need a lot of practice and patience. Practice is what will make you better at rummy, but you also need to avert common slips if you want to stay ahead in the game. Do not worry even if you are a beginner as you will be better able to recognize mistakes and after reading this article. Here are 10 common mistakes made by players that you must avoid the next time you play rummy game online:

  • Forgetting basic online rummy rules

This is one of the most common mistakes almost every beginner tends to make. Remember to learn all the basic rules that need to be followed to win a game of rummy. If you fail to do so, you will be confused and all over the place while playing the game. For instance, remember that it is mandatory to make two sequences, out of which at least one has to be a pure sequence, to make a valid declaration. Once you make one pure sequence and another sequence, either pure or impure, you can proceed to make the remaining required combinations of sets or sequences. There are a few other rules like this one that you need to know and remember well to ace the game of rummy. 

  • Not knowing when to drop 

One of the most frequently made errors is to prolong the game without any reason. Players often tend to play too many rounds even though they know that they have bad cards and negligible chances of winning. Hence, always take a thorough look at the cards you have in your hand and consider whether it is sensible to continue the game when you have bad cards. If you feel that your chances of winning are bleak, it is wise to drop the game. 

  • Misusing jokers
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Jokers play an important role in the game of rummy as they act as substitutes for any missing cards required to make a combination and can help you complete sets or sequences. Despite knowing about their importance, players often tend to let go of the jokers they have in their hand, forgetting that a discarded joker cannot be picked up again from the open deck. A golden tip is that one should preferably use a joker to complete a sequence or a set of high-value cards. This will help you reduce your overall score in case one of your opponents declares before you. That being said, you should always ensure that you do not use a joker in a pure sequence.

  • Not arranging cards properly

If you put your cards haphazardly, you may end up struggling with making all the required combinations within the given time limit. Arranging cards properly saves time and helps you focus on moves since you will not be confused about which card to pick or discard. A good way to arrange your cards is in alternate colors or according to suits. 

  • Not preserving middle cards

You must be aware that the winning hand belongs to the person who arranges all their cards first. Cards such as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are known as middle cards. These cards can be used in a number of different combinations. Middle cards provide you with more scope of creating sequences and sets, helping you make a valid declaration before your opponents. These cards also don’t carry a lot of value, allowing you to reduce your penalty in case one of your opponents declares before you. So if you are missing out on making full use of these cards, there is still an opportunity to learn.

  • Retaining high-value cards
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In rummy, points are negative. They are calculated based on the value of the cards you have in hand. High-value cards like aces, kings, queens, jacks and 10s are worth 10 points each. Hence, try to discard them as soon as possible unless they are helping you complete any sets or sequences. This will ensure that if your opponent declares before you do, your overall penalty is reduced. 

  • Neglecting the discard pile

Another common mistake players tend to make is that they often forget to keep an eye on the discard pile. You must note that if your opponent picks up any card that you discard, you need to remain extra cautious not to discard any other connecting cards or cards of the same value that might help them create a sequence or a set. 

  • Making an invalid declaration

Declaration is the final step in the game that decides the winner. If you make an invalid declaration, all the hard work you have put into the game goes in vain. Moreover, you also incur a maximum penalty of 80 points in points rummy. Ensure that you check your cards properly before making a declaration in the game.

  • Chasing losses

Thinking emotionally can often lead you to making impulsive decisions and you may end up losing games. When you play a game with the intention of recovering a loss suffered in the previous game, you aren’t exactly focusing on the game. Remember to play the game with self-imposed limits. The best approach in such a scenario is to take a short break, analyze your game, assess your strategies and come back fresh. 

  • Lack of patience
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Ask any rummy stalwart and they will tell you how their patience helped them win games in conjunction with their efforts. Learn the rules of the game, play at practice tables and then start playing tournaments. Have patience throughout the process and keep refining your strategies until you get a good hold over them. 

These are some rookie mistakes that should be avoided by all online rummy players. Make sure you remember these points while you play the game online. If you are already thorough with the rummy rules and feel confident about your game, you can play rummy games for real money by downloading the Junglee Rummy cash app from Junglee Rummy’s official website and win huge cash prizes.