10 movies and series that we recommend for this weekend


The weekend is already among us and, it seems, he is determined to say goodbye to winter with a new drop in temperatures and a weather that we could describe as irregular. Faced with this situation, At IGN we have stopped to reflect on which movies and series would be useful to keep everyone who wants to mark two days of sofa and blanket company..

In this sense, it is worth recognizing that the recent announcement of Oscar nominations have slightly tainted our roadmap. Now, considering the fact that some of our avid readers may be a bit fed up with the hackneyed academy awards, we have seen fit not to forget about the world of series.

With which, today, and facing the present weekend, we bring you five movies and five series that will surely make you have a good time, and that you can find relatively easily on your platforms streaming habitual.


We begin with the cinema that, as we have anticipated, has the Oscars as the main standard-bearers of the current list. Go for it.

1. The Chicago 7 trial (Mark Platt y Stuart Besser) – Netflix Nominated for an Oscar for best film.

One of the most high-profile trials the United States has ever witnessed during the second half of the 20th century. A story about the abuse of power and justice, which tells with enough grace some disturbing and interesting facts.

2. Sound of metal (Darius Marder) – Amazon Prime Video Nominated for an Oscar for best film.

A drummer who loves metal begins to lose his hearing. A story that has been liked, mainly, for being able to follow its own rhythm with naturalness, honesty and empathy without getting carried away by the free drama.

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3. Soul (Pete Docter, Kemp Powers) – Disney+ Nominated for best animated film.

Although we could practically say, without fear of being too wrong, “the winner of the Oscar for best animated film”, since this category seems to bear the Pixar stamp etched in fire. Whatever it may be, a perfect movie to watch as a family if you have Disney +.

4. Wolfwalkers (Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart) – A​​pple TV Nominated for an Oscar for best animated film.

But even if it doesn’t seem like it, there is life in animation beyond Pixar. And this is demonstrated by this Irish production that narrates the encounter of the young Robyn with a mysterious tribe of beings half human half wolf. Refreshing.

5. Borat 2 (Jason Woliner, Sacha Baron Cohen) – Amazon Prime Video – Nominated for an Oscar for best comedy film.

The return of Sacha Baron Cohen to one of its most iconic characters. An intelligent return visit, which manages to maintain the essence of the original product while looking at the present time. Perfect for thoughtful laughs.


But of course, the movies give what they give, the weekend is long and, in addition, there are many people around the world who do not care about all this Oscars. For all of you, 5 series from here and there, current and not so much, but always entertaining.

1. Pacific Rim: The Black – Netflix

If, as a server, you were captivated by the toñinas between kaijus and giant robots that the good Guillermo del Toro presented to us, give this animation series a chance that, although it is not perfect, it has room for several pleasant surprises. You see her on a weekend.

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2. Stranger – Netflix

A Korean production that I will not tire of recommending. A carousel of mystery and emotions in the middle of a Seoul prosecutor’s office which will require anyone who intends to approach, to pay the toll for the original version with subtitles. I already advance it to you, it is worth it. Important fact: my mother-in-law thinks the same.

8. A series of catastrophic misfortunes – Netflix

We continue with Netflix but we are going to a perfect product for the whole family. A series with the aroma of a story, humor, endings as terrible as they are adorable and what, possibly, is the best role of Neil Patrick Harris. You can easily see yourself a season in a weekend.

9. Mars – Disney+

A series signed by National Geographiic that tries to play that of documentary fiction. Something that goes well at times and that gives many good moments that, despite not finishing taking off, are enough for the space-deranged let’s enjoy what it offers.

10. The Handmaid’s Tale – HBO – Amazon Prime Video

It may seem that there is little point in coming to recommend one of the most viewed series of recent years. But this time the reason does not lie in the material, rather in the moment, since in just a month the fourth season will be released. With what is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon of one of the most agonizing experiences of current television.

So far our recommendations for series and movies. If you decide to approach any of these products and want to share your opinion with us, we will be happy to comment on it. Happy finde to all.

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