10 Of Amazon Prime’s Best True Story Movies


10 Of Amazon Prime’s Best True Story Movies:

Our list of the greatest true-story movies upon Amazon Prime will take you into the world of fascinating real-life stories. Find the amazing stories that have moved, inspired, and inspired people all over the world. They are all easily accessible upon one of the world’s most popular streaming services.

These movies give you a front-row seat to some of history’s most amazing events, from gripping biopics to heartwarming stories of people’s strength. Come with us as we look at the power of truth via the lens of movies and celebrate the strong will of individuals as well as the events that changed our world.

Amazon Prime Video is different from other streaming services because it has a huge library of both well-known and less well-known movies. It includes a few of the most effective movies in this genre, and many of them are based on true events.

There is something for everyone in Amazon Prime’s best true story movies, from Oscar winners that will make you cry to hilarious portrayals of weird amateur filmmakers.

American Animals:

Bart Layton’s “American Animals” is an exciting heist thriller that blurs the distinction between documentary as well as fiction filmmaking.

The movie, which stars Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, as well as Jared Abrahamson, is based on a true story about a group of college students who plan to rob a library.

It stands out because it combines movie-style storytelling with interviews with real people who were involved within the heist.

‘American Animals’ is a really interesting and thought-provoking movie because it skillfully combines the on-screen drama with their points of view to create a compelling exploration of truth, fiction, as well as the results of reckless ambition.

The Intouchables:

A wealthy person who is paralyzed needs an entirely novel caretaker. It’s strange that he chose an ex-con who is having a hard time. Their lives will never be the same again. It’s funny, sad, and very surprising, and it’s inspired by a true story.

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You will laugh so hard that you fall to the floor one minute and then need a tissue the next. The Intouchables was one of those ideal movies that everyone will put right away in their top 10 list of all time.

Honey Boy:

This real story, which is based on the life of star Shia LaBeouf, will really hit you hard. He went with his father all over the country as a child while he shot Even Stevens along with other roles that would eventually make him famous.

His father was a star in the war and used to be an actress. He often went to AA meetings for bikers. Because of his anger, Laboeuf had PTSD, which he saw in an interesting way.

A great movie about how children are hurt emotionally by their parents can be found if you are able to overcome Laboeuf’s fame. Shia LaBeouf plays his father, and Lucas Hedges plays Laboeuf in the present day.


The biopic film “Denial,” which was written and directed by Mick Jackson, was based on Deborah Lipstadt’s 2005 book “History upon Trial: My Day within Court alongside a Holocaust Denier.”

As the movie goes on, the court fight in Irving v. Penguin Books Ltd. comes to life. The case is about Holocaust researcher Deborah Lipstadt, who is sued for libel through Holocaust denier David Irving.

“Denial,” a legal thriller based on true events, has a great cast that includes Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall, Andrew Scott, Jack Lowden, Caren Pistorius, as well as Alex Jennings.

One Night In Miami…:

This staged historical drama is about an encounter between Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke, as well as Ali the night he became world champion and said he was Muslim.

Also, Malcolm X as well as Muhammad Ali have been shown in movies many times before, but never alongside this much depth. Their relationship with their faith is clear: they’re occasionally not sure regarding it and take breaks. Their relationship alongside each other is also tense.

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Ali sneaks alcohol into the house without Malcolm knowing, Malcolm has been accused of being crazy about famous people, Jim Brown feels bad about being an actor, as well as Sam Cooke wishes he had written a Bob Dylan song.

Beautiful Boy:

The movie Beautiful Boy is based on the best-selling book with the same name that came out in serial form. The story is about a kid who has to deal with his father’s drug use and the changes that happen in their relationship because of it.

The boy is played by Timothée Chalamet, and the father is played by Steve Carrell. When movies talk about drug abuse as well as family problems, they always make people cry, and this one does.

There are times when it seems like an attempt to control how people feel. Still, you should see it for the acting and to learn more about how a father and son can interact with each other.

The Big Sick:

The Big Sick is a sweet romantic comedy directed by Michael Showalter. It’s based on the real-life relationship of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, who co-wrote the script and is now his wife. Being Pakistani-American can be hard for Kumail, and he falls in affection for Emily while dealing with these problems.

When Emily gets very sick and has to be put into a medically induced coma, Kumail unexpectedly bonds with her parents, played through Ray Romano and Holly Hunter, even though he is dealing with his own cultural and personal problems.

Their strange real-life relationship as well as the power of family and affection are beautifully shown in this touching as well as funny movie.

Women Talking:

There isn’t much going on within women’s talking, yet the message more than makes up for it. As the women in a Christian colony that is very closed off decide if they ought to depart or stay, important points are made on both sides and are argued over very heatedly.

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Is it the men’s fault, as well as is there something else going on? Does it mean something bad to refuse to forgive? Is there really anything that leaving will fix?

The women in this very traditional as well as anti-modern community may not be able to read or write, yet years of hard work on the land, with their families, and in their faith have made them wiser than their years. This makes what they have to say even more interesting and powerful.

The film Women Talking is both interesting and timeless because it has important themes, beautiful cinematography by Sarah Polley, and great acting by everyone in it.

Good Night Oppy:

In 2003, NASA sent two rovers to Mars. They were named “Oppy” and “Spirit,” and it was thought that they would only be there for three months. The rovers worked hard for years, mapping the land and telling Earth about new alien life until Oppy said his last goodbye in 2018.

Good Night Oppy follows the rovers as well as the people who made their journeys possible, looking for people who are on the dangerous mission to find life on Mars. Viewing on all fronts is rewarding, giving both information and ideas.

By The Grace Of God:

“By the Grace of God,” directed by Francois Ozon, is a moving French-Belgian drama with a large cast that includes Swann Arlaud, Denis Ménochet, and Melvil Poupaud. The movie shows the scary journey of three women who were sexually abused through a Catholic priest as they work together to reveal the hidden wrongdoing in the Catholic Church.

This captivating story, based on true events, shows the heartbreaking truths and tenacious personalities of those who were abused, offering a powerful look at strength and the search for justice.