10 Of The Greatest Shark Movies Upon Netflix


10 Of The Greatest Shark Movies Upon Netflix:

Want to watch something shocking and intense? People in India can watch the greatest shark movies upon Netflix. Be warned: these movies are bloody, violent, and gross. Watch out.

A few really great shark movies as well as a lot of movies that are so bad they’re good make up the genre. Shark fans have a number of choices when it involves getting into the animal group.

These shark movies have something for everyone, from old-school classics to funny self-referential movies to exciting escape stories. In 2023, these are the 14 best shark videos that you can watch upon Netflix in India right now.

These shark movies are scary enough and are fun to watch on a movie night. There are a lot of great shark movies upon Netflix. This is for all of you who want to watch the greatest shark movies upon Netflix.

The Shallows:

The plot of the tense and exciting action film The Shallows is based upon the battles of a surfer to stay alive. When Nancy starts surfing upon a private beach, she accidentally walks into a great white shark’s eating area.

It’s only 200 yards from the shore where Nancy is stuck, but surviving the great white shark seems like the impossible job that will test her will. She needs to use all of her creativity, strength, and skill to get to the shore.


People who like shark movies think that Jaws, which came out in 1975, is a classic. Within the story that comes next, a big shark frightens a small town. An ocean scientist, a police chief, and a shark hunter all work together to try to kill the shark before it kills anyone else.

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This old movie has Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, as well as Richard Dreyfuss in it. “Jaws,” which was directed through Steven Spielberg, was one of the initial big summer hits as well as is still one of the greatest shark movies ever.

The Meg:

A lot of people really like this shark movie on Netflix because Jason Statham plays the lead role of Jonas Taylor within it.

The film is about saving emergency workers and going up against the huge Megalodon shark. The movie is based on a book that was written by Steve Alten. It’s jam-packed with fun and exciting things to do.

47 Meters Down:

Indian Netflix has among the best shark flicks. Something terrible happens 47 meters below when two sisters venture out in the deep blue sea. They meet a thing that is hungry for blood and won’t stop until it has eaten them when they get to the 47-meter depth.

They are additionally running out of air as they try to get back to the top. They only have an hour left, so they are not just fighting against time, but also against the dangerous animal.


The initial Sharknado movie seemed so silly and out there that it became a cult favorite right away. In the movie, a storm hits Los Angeles as well as the winds are so strong that sharks get caught in them. After that, the sharks attack and eat people all over the city.

Shark Tale:

The film is an animated comedy about a shark that you can watch on Netflix. A lazy fish makes up a story about killing the mob boss’s shark son. Even though he gets into trouble in the end, it leads to a lot of fame as well as fun. The movie also did well at the box office.

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Open Water 3:

As part of an interview for a reality TV show, three friends make an audition tape underwater. As the brave three begin recording within the safety of a heavy cage, a big wave flips their small boat over.

The three careless people are now stuck within the cold water as night falls. As time goes on, a hungry group of ocean animals that eat people starts to close in on them, turning their recording into a death diary.

Deep Blue Sea:

The movie is about a group of experts who are studying sharks to find a fix for Alzheimer’s. The trials, on the other hand, make the sharks very smart, and they quickly turn on the people who were holding them. The movie Deep Blue Sea about sharks is very scary and will keep you upon the edge of your seat.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou:

A photographer and oceanographer is going upon a killing spree to track down the shark that killed his partner as revenge. This is the plot of the Netflix movie about sharks.

Bill Murray kills a lot of people and wants to kill the jaguar shark. The film may not seem such as any other shark movie at times, but it has a spin and is fun.

Sand Sharks:

An ancient, dangerous monster comes out to play when an underground earthquake breaks the ocean’s surface deep below the water. Kids from a quiet island get together around a fire on the beach for a party.

A guy at the party chases a pretty girl, but he gets lost and never comes back. When the others go to look for him, all they find is a cut hand.

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Sharkdog isn’t upon this list of the best shark movies you can watch on Netflix. It’s both a cartoon movie and a TV show that your kids will love.

Watch as Max, Sharkdog’s little human friend, gets into all sorts of trouble on their adventures. What is that? A dog or a shark? After watching the whole series, you are able to make your own choice.

USS Indianapolis:

This is the terrifying story of the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were lost at sea for five days after carrying the nuclear bombs that ended World War II.

While they were waiting for help, they were severely dehydrated, went hungry, and were constantly attacked by sharks. One of the most exciting and thrilling shark movies on Netflix is USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. It is a must-see shark attack movie.