10 Tips to Become a Better Business Writer


Business writing is a part of every job and every kind of studying. To represent yourself in a right business-like way you need to think like a businessman and write like a business writer. This style is more about official correspondence than essays or chatting. But managers use chats and video conferences more and more so this skill is also useful for such meetings. When you write business texts you can talk in a business language. It is not so simple to become good at it but there are some ways for improvement. Here are some tips that will lead your writing skills to the next level.

Top 10 Tips for Getting Better in Business Writing

  1. Read business texts. It is very helpful to any kind of writing to read special resources. Web sites, forums, journals and professional books are a good way to collect words and expressions that are popular in the business world. If your mind is open for such information you will remember them without any extra effort. In a few months, you will start to use them intuitively.   
  2. Read legal and government papers. It is also a necessary kind of reading to add this specific kind of language to your texts. It seems like you are starting a new language when you open your first law, but later it will be no more than a standard text for you.
  3. Check the required structure of the text you are going to write. Every business writing has a strict structure. It is necessary to follow it if you want your readers to feel the quality of the text. You need to check and accept it before you start to write because it is very costly to change business text when it seems finished. Write the name of paragraphs and then add information. Thanks to it you will never make a mistake.
  4. Note common turns of speech. From the very beginning start with notes. When business language is not your native language, they will be very useful. Later you will get rid of them. But as a first step, it is standard practice to add some common turns of speech according to your notes.
  5. Write in a serious mood. If you feel yourself a butterfly and want to hug everybody, it is not the best time for business writing. If it is not your professional employment and you don’t know how to switch immediately, you will add your love and light to the writing. But for such kinds of texts, it is not the best idea. So hug someone, first of all, drink cacao and calm down. After these actions, you are ready to start.
  6. Represent your thoughts simply and stretch it out through the whole text. Business literature differs because of direct official sentences and logic. You will not find deep explanations or deviations of the topic. So keep in mind your main thought and try to explain or discuss it without function tricks. 
  7. Use special terms and abbreviations. You readers are aware that the topic requires specific knowledge. To add explanations of common terms is a bad taste rule. Don’t undervalue your audience and imagine that your level of understanding is the same. 
  8. Add only trustable data, links and quotes. This paragraph is unspeakably important. Business is like science where somebody works with the same problem and knows all the information. The business community is almost closed and you will meet the same readers all the time, so it is not clever to add information that you are not sure about.
  9. Analyze only topical problems. If you dream to write about private property in Ancient Rome, you can do it, but don’t call it business writing. It is historical research that can be very interesting and innovative, but it is not about what we call business literature. Only topical problems and discussions are perceived as serious writing.  
  10. Use proofreading. Proofreading is a great help discovered for every writer. You can pay for t service or ask friends or mentors, but do it anyway. All writers use proofreading for improving their texts. Sometimes obvious mistakes can be passed and only a fresh eye can notice them. At the same time, professional proofreaders can change the structure of the text without losing sense. They do it because they know better how it works, so don’t be afraid if they will return a little different text.
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Every business writer has his secrets and specialities, but all of them follow some of the tips above. To move forward in this kind of writing it is important to be concentrated, organized and listen for the experts. The paragraphs above can be a good step for those who want to become better in this question. If your goal is to improve your writing skills as a business writer, you will reach it only with hard work as every professional in every sphere. 

Will It Always Work For Your Business Writing? Hm… No. 

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