101-year-old woman wins COVID 19, set example for people


new Delhi: According to the report on the Corona epidemic spreading in the country, this virus causes great harm to children aged 50 years and younger. They are most threatened by this virus. But a 101-year-old elderly woman from Tirupati has won over the corona virus. He has now been discharged from the hospital after treatment for Corona. This elder was admitted in Sri Padmavati Women’s Hospital in Tirupati. Also Read – Sourav Ganguly gets corona test after brother found positive, this result

The medical superintendent of the hospital said that Mangama (elderly woman) was discharged after treatment from the hospital on July 25. Mangama’s age is 101 years. After his corona test positive, he was brought to the hospital for treatment. During this time he was kept in the Isolation ward. The doctors, nurses and medical staff provided them with every treatment and the mangama got cured. Also Read – Corona Infection in Maharashtra: More than 8,200 policemen in Maharashtra Kovid-19 positive, 93 killed so far

He said that mangama is an example for those who are afraid of Corona virus for their lives. 101-year-old Mangama is brave and confident. Mangama cooperated fully with the medical team during the treatment, due to which she has recovered and now she has gone to her home.


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