10Cric and the Case for Offline Advertising in Cricket Betting


The world is quite used to seeing online cricket betting sites being advertised on the jerseys of footballers all over the world. Gambling companies have morphed into behemoth entities that have the funds to splash out on expensive advertising. This is the same logic that is now being applied to other sports as well and what better sport to apply this on than cricket.

Cricket is the most popular sport in the sub-continent and is more akin to being a religion in countries such as India. With over a billion people that are crazy about cricket, the national team are treated as celebrities. Their every move is mirrored by die hard supporters who praise their heroes as idols when the team does well but equally denounce them when they perform poorly.

Now, you can add another layer to the world of cricket. Online cricket betting has made a big splash in India with both internet and mobile penetration at an all time high. Getting hold of a mobile phone is no longer reserved for the rich and the common man can grab a competent handset that will support both wifi and 4G (at least) that will allow them to place bets on their favourite matches.

With such an explosion in online betting, the question remains as to which bookmaker the punter must go for. Dozens of operators are flocking towards India given the increasing level of restrictions in gambling heavy countries such as the UK and Sweden. While these countries were considered the epitome of the gambling industry, now the increasingly tight regulations have made it difficult for operators to extract the maximum amount of value from the players they acquire.

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10Cric and the Caribbean Premier League

India on the other hand is relatively cheaper compared to these markets and operators such as 10cric are finding new and inventive ways to get the attention of the punters. One such way is that of offline advertising. Back in 2019, 10Cric teamed up with the Caribbean Premier League as the official partner for the coin toss and halftime break. Given the popularity of T20 tournaments such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), the CPL promised bombastic action neatly packed in a 20 over game. Plenty of fours and sixes were witnessed in the games that followed which meant that the 10Cric branding was clearly visible for the TV audience.

While some may have found the cric10 login a bit cumbersome, we are happy to report that relevant changes have been made to the sign up process so that registering an account with this bookmaker now takes less than a minute. Once you have successfully signed up, you get to see the latest matches and their respective odds. There is also a handy promotions section that gives you a glimpse of all the boosted campaigns currently being run by the operator. These can include improved odds to cashback campaigns and is a section of the site that is not to be missed.

To sum it up, it makes sense to go with a renowned operator such as 10cric who have the relevant licenses and know how when it comes to the Indian market. By creating an account with them you will be assured that your money and sensitive data is kept safe and secure.

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