116,000 million dollars in mobile games: this is what we players have invested in 2021


Roblox is the title that generates the most income, followed by Genshin Impact, Coin Master and Honor of Kings.

116,000 million dollars in mobile games: this is what we players have invested in 2021

Of course, mobile games are taking the market by storm. We recently told you about the success of PUBG Mobile during the month of December, as it became the title more profitable of the smartphone landscape. Now, with 2021 behind us, we can see how much players have invested in this kind of entertainment over the last 12 months, and the answer is exorbitant: $116 billion worldwide.

PUBG Mobile is the game with the most active usersThis figure has come to light thanks to the latest report by App Annie, specialized in the analysis of the mobile applications sector. Via Eurogamer, has revealed that Roblox not only placed as one of the games More popular of the moment, but it is also the game most profitable of all 2021. This is followed by the well-known Genshin Impact, which is placed in the second position, and Coin Master, also widely downloaded among smartphone users.

2021 ranking. Source: App Annie (via Eurogamer)2021 ranking. Source: App Annie (via Eurogamer)

Although the list goes on Honor of Kings, very popular in Asian lands, it is surprising to see that Candy Crush Saga outperforms the aforementioned PUBG-Mobile. The rest of the top counts on the presence of other well-known apps in the video game industry such as Pokémon GOAlthough it no longer has the strength of its beginnings, it still has a large user base.

And it is that there are more and more players in the field of smartphones, something that we have observed with the interest of India in video games and their frequency to use such devices to play. All this set of data has opened the eyes of several companies in the sector, and Take-Two has taken a giant step towards this path by buying the developer Zynga for a record sum in the industry.

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