12 Great Movies To Watch This Thanksgiving


12 Great Movies To Watch This Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is often forgotten in movies, just like it is in real life. When October is over and November starts, people don’t think about turkey as well as buckle hats anymore. Instead, they think about candy canes and string lights.

It makes sense then that Turkey Day pictures aren’t very common. When Thanksgiving comes up in movies, it’s usually just for a short scene at the dinner table, like in The Godfather Part II. You can find videos about the event, but they are hard to find.

There are still some of them, though. A few of them are clear classics, but most of them are secret gems. These movies show what it’s like to eat alongside the people you care about, even if you don’t want to.

Some of them will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry, some simply make you cry, and some might make you remember, say, a special family dinner.

Even if you don’t live in the US and don’t enjoy the holiday, these movies will give you an idea of what it’s like to fight with your anti-vaxx family members while you’re too full to think straight.


“Krisha,” directed through Trey Edward Shults, is set upon Thanksgiving Day as well as is about Aunt Krisha who comes back to her family after being away for ten years to heal.

Some of her family members have changed because she hasn’t been there, and they now take her with a grain of salt. Krisha still wants to make peace and be accepted, even if it means breaking the rules.

As the day goes on, she learns things that she shouldn’t have that come up in private talks. We find out if she will or not. Krisha Fairchild, Trey Edward Shults, Robyn Fairchild, as well as Bryan Casserly are all in the cast of “Krisha.” Here is where you can watch the show.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles:

On Thanksgiving in the real world, people eat a lot, watch sports, and spend time with friends and family. In movies, on the other hand, celebration is frequently portrayed as a painful duty, and emotions that have been building up for a long time often explode at the dinner table.

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This is the main reason why Planes, Trains, as well as Automobiles is still the only Thanksgiving film that most families want to watch.

For travel phones, John Hughes’ road comedy of mistakes is pretty much a full-length panic attack, but it makes the holiday seem like something worth fighting for, because in the end, we should all be thankful just to have a place to return home to.

Tower Heist:

Something funny and exciting is the best way to wake up from a tryptophan coma. Brett Ratner, who directed Rush Hour, is in charge of this heist movie set in New York City. Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Gabourey Sidibe, as well as Alan Alda are in it.

The short version Alda plays a Ponzi schemer, and Stiller’s character collects on his victims on the same day that families watch over-the-top parade balloons as well as eat way too much turkey.


A trip down the road doesn’t always need to be fun, does it? At least that’s the case for construction worker Dutch Dooley, who is told to bring his girlfriend’s 12-year-old son Doyle from his private school within Georgia to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Doyle is very annoying and lives with his girlfriend.

Dutch was a nice person, but Doyle can’t stand him and doesn’t like Dutch. We watchers should enjoy the ride because of its unique nature. We are shown how the two receive along, what causes them to fight, and whether they become closer because it will turn out better if they do.

“Dutch” is a comedy-drama movie with Ed O’Neill, Ethan Embry, as well as JoBeth Williams in the lead roles.

Hannah And Her Sisters:

In one of his most polished love comedies, Woody Allen used Mia Farrow’s real Central Park West apartment and the yearly holiday meal as recurring themes.

With their smart conversation and cozy book-lined rooms, these scenes make a generation of New Yorkers instantly nostalgic.

Extra points for T-day It’s really about being thankful for the people who love as well as put up with you, the luck that keeps you healthy, and the Marx Brothers for giving you a reason to live.

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Knives Out:

This gleefully dark whodunit is the perfect fall movie that celebrates the best part of Thanksgiving: cutting up food. It’s also about one of the worst families to ever grace the big screen.

Besides that, the bad guys in the Thrombey-Drysdale family are played by Christopher Plummer, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, and many more.

There isn’t much of a holiday theme in Rian Johnson’s movie, but there isn’t a better movie to watch when you’re feeling tired from tryptophan.

Pieces Of April:

Katie Holmes plays April Burns in “Pieces of April,” a story about April that has to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her family who are coming to New York from Pennsylvania to visit.

As she as well as her boyfriend organize the event, which slowly turns into a mix of chaos as well as comedy, we learn regarding her relationship alongside her emotionally disconnected family through the words of her grandmother, her mother who has cancer, her two brothers, and her father.

Pieces of April is a comedy-drama movie directed by Peter Hedges. Patricia Clarkson, Oliver Platt, John Gallagher Jr., as well as Alice Drummond are also in the group. Here is where you can watch the show.

Addams Family Values:

It’s summer when the movie takes place, but the most remembered scene makes this follow-up to Barry Sonnenfeld’s beloved version from the 1990s a must-see for Thanksgiving fans.

Wednesday who is stuck at a WASP-style summer camp, has to act in a Thanksgiving program at an odd time.

However, instead of sharing food with the pilgrims, her Pocahontas acts out a scene of just revenge, throwing pilgrims’ limbs into the air and making blood flow like Tarantino.

A strange singing number in the scene also has Pugsley saying, “I am a turkey kill me.” while dressed to be a bird.

Lez Bomb:

Jenna Laurenzo went from working as a waitress to directing queer films. She writes, directs, as well as stars in Lez Bomb, a comedy set in the suburbs about a woman from Brooklyn who tells her family she is gay over Thanksgiving weekend within Jersey.

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It doesn’t go as planned when she tells everyone about her big news. It is, however, a loud and fun time. Comedy stars Bruce Dern and Cloris Leachman are in the movie. Steve Guttenberg, Caitlin Mehner, as well as Brandon Michael Hall are also in it.

Mistress America:

“Mistress America” is about two girls who are going to be step-sisters and go sightseeing in New York. Tracy Fishko, a student in college, is upset that her crush is seeing someone else. Her mother tells her about Brooke, who will become her step-sister. It looks like Tracy’s mom will soon marry Brooke’s dad.

This might make some people think that there will be trouble between them, but they get along great, and Brooke is happy to welcome Tracy into her busy world.

The movie stars Greta Gerwig as Brooke, Lola Kirke as Tracy, Matthew Shear, and Michael Chernus. It was directed by Noah Baumbach. Help these two women with their plans.

The Ice Storm:

A movie by Ang Lee called “The Ice Storm” shows us two different kinds of storms. One is the fight that breaks out between the Hoods and the Carver families over Thanksgiving weekend. Both families are abusing drugs and cheating on each other.

The other one was an actual ice storm that starts to blow through the neighborhood. The movie looks at how the winter storm affects the storm in each family and how the two storms interact with each other.

In the movie, Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, Christina Ricci, as well as Tobey Maguire are all chosen. Here is where you can watch it.

The Myth Of Fingerprints:

Before The Family Stone, there was a different WASP-style story in New England about a group of people who get together to make a movie. The Myth of Fingerprints is an independent film that premiered at Sundance in 1997.

It stars Blythe Danner, Julianne Moore, Hope Davis, as well as Noah Wyle, who all spend Thanksgiving weekend at their family’s home for a classic story of love, pain, and a satisfying ending. It seems like you can’t go back to your city without having a lot of sex.