12 Of The Best Action Movies Upon Peacock


12 Of The Best Action Movies Upon Peacock:

While Peacock isn’t the longest streaming service in the business, it does have a huge library of movies, TV shows, and other media. When it first came out, The Office was the most interesting thing about it, and it took Netflix’s place as the show’s home.

Peacock became a competitor as soon as it got those rights, and its deals with WWE as well as NBC Sports made it even more determined.

The service is very appealing because it comes with a great movie library that includes both new releases and old favorites. This is possible because NBCUniversal has a huge catalog of movies, and the most popular action films can be streamed on Peacock.

It’s possible for something that comes out today to be gone within two months or less because information changes so fast. If you want to see an action movie, Peacock has a huge number that will meet your needs. Here is a list of the 10 finest action movies upon Peacock that you can stream right now.

Why Don’t You Play In Hell?

Japanese action comedy “Why Don’t You Play in Hell?” is a great movie that was directed as well as scored through Sion Sono. The story is about a strange group of people called The Fuck Bombers who want to make the best movie ever while there is a gang war going on around them.

Artists like Jun Kunimura, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Fumi Nikaidō, Tak Sakaguchi, Tomochika, Hiroki Hasegawa, as well as Gen Hoshino are in the group. The movie makes fun of the risky nature of independent filmmaking with a delightful mix of silly comedy and exciting action scenes.

With its strange plot and flawless execution, this movie deserves to be on this list because it embodies the spirit of bold creativity and pure film joy.

The Northman:

It was the time of the Vikings. He is looking for his father, mother, and a country that were taken from him. Prince Amleth, King Aurvandill War-Raven’s mistreated son, goes to Iceland, which is cold and windy.

Then, Amleth goes upon a violent hunt in search of his cruel rival, whose life is forever linked to his own through unfortunate events, like a war dog smelling the enemy.

Now, the Northman can’t be stopped by anyone, not even God in this holy place. As far as Peacock goes, this is one of the greatest action movies ever.

The Rundown:

We don’t just mean that Dwayne Johnson is the biggest action star within the world right now.

In the beginning of his playing career, The Rock was in a few movies that didn’t do very well. The rundown was different. Even though it didn’t do well at the box office, the 2003 movie showed Johnson’s promise as a main man.

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The Rundown is a fun movie. Johnson as well as Seann William Scott are a great pair, and the movie does a great job with its setting in Brazil. This movie isn’t great, but it’s not hard either.

War Of Arrows:

“War of the Arrows,” which is also known as “Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon,” is an exciting action movie set in the past that was directed by Kim Han-min. The story takes place during the Second Manchu invasion of Korea and is about an amazing shooter named Nam-yi who is determined to save his sister Ja-in from Qing Prince Dorgon’s rule.

The story of revenge, loyalty, and amazing shooting skills is beautifully told by actors Park Hae-il, Ryu Seung-ryong, as well as Moon Chae-won, among others.

With hypnotic action scenes and a heartbreaking story, “War of Arrows” is a great example of how strong the human spirit can be in the face of hardship and how strong family bonds can be.


Will Sharp, who used to be in the Marines and served in Afghanistan, calls Danny, who is his foster brother and has been a criminal all his life. Danny convinces Will to help him rob a $32 million bank because he needs the money right away for his wife Amy’s experimental cancer surgery. At first, Will is worried, but when Danny says again that he does this for Amy, he agrees.

Danny took Officer Zach Parker hostage while he was at the bank asking out a teller. The plan almost worked. Then, one of the thieves gets into a battle with Zach’s coworker, Officer Mark.

The Special Investigations Section of the LAPD kills as well as arrests the rest of the team while Will and Danny run toward the garage. This is one of the greatest action movies upon Peacock.

Zach tries to get away, and Will accidentally shoots him while they are fighting. When the brothers attempt to get out of the building through the back, they find that it is ringed by police. They decide to leave Zach in danger.

Then, they take over a Falck ambulance with Cam Thompson, a nurse, who is treating Zach’s wounds.

Cam desperately attempts to get away with a fire extinguisher after a chase that leads them into an alley, but Zach starts to pass out, so he chooses to stay. This leads to one of the most memorable scenes in one of the greatest films about action upon Peacock.

Ip Man: The Final Fight:

Ip Man: The Final Fight isn’t to be confused alongside Wilson Yip’s Ip Man trilogy. It is a biography that follows the last few decades of the title martial artist’s life. This version of Ip Man, played by Anthony Wong, is more story than real life. He is a being made from almost pure goodness.

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Unfortunately, Ip Man: The Final Fight was not the best Yip Man movie, but Wong’s acting as the character gives it a lot of depth. The movie does a good job with its fight scenes, even though they aren’t very frequent.

Red Cliff:

“Red Cliff,” also known as “Chibi,” is a great war movie that uses methods from different countries without any problems. The movie by John Woo is set in 208 AD, near the conclusion of the Han Dynasty.

It tells the story of the famous Battle of Red Cliffs and shows how the kingdoms of Xu as well as East Wu worked together to defeat the greedy Prime Minister Cao Cao.

Some of the great actors in the movie are Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhang Fengyi, Chang Chen, Zhao Wei, Hu Jun, You Yong, Lin Chi-ling, Nakamura Shidō II, as well as Hou Yong.

‘Red Cliff’ definitely deserves to be on this list because of how big it is, how intense the fight scenes are, and how complicated the plans are. People are driven to watch this work because it is historically important, has an exciting plot, and shows different kinds of bravery in ancient China.

Fast Five:

Together with Dom Toretto, who used to be a police officer, Brian O’Conner is now upon the other side of the law. Since Brian as well as Mia Toretto got Dom out of jail, they have crossed several countries to avoid being caught.

They are now stuck within Rio de Janeiro and need to finish one last job to get out. It’s clear to the surprise partners that the only way they can get away is to fight the shady businessman who wants them dead while they put together their elite team of top racers.

He’s not the only one after them, though. Luke Hobbs, a tough FBI agent, always hits the mark. After being told to find Dom and Brian, he as well as his attack team launch a full-scale attack to catch them.

But as his forces destroy Brazil, Hobbs learns that he can’t tell the good from the bad. Within one of the greatest action movies upon Peacock, he has to trust his instincts to catch his prey and kill them before anyone else does.


I love how silly Highlander is in the best way possible. The story is about heroes who will never die who are stuck in a fight to see who can be the last person standing and win a famous prize. The idea behind Highlander is completely silly, and the movie is full of silly, corny, as well as very ’80s things.

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This movie sounds such as a good time if you agreed with the last statement. The action scenes are supported by the acts of Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, as well as Clancy Brown.

Get The Gringo:

The famous Mel Gibson stars in “Get the Gringo,” which he also helped produce and co-write. The movie is full of action as it goes inside the dreaded El Pueblito jail.

The Gringo, a getaway driver, crashes his car at the Mexican border alongside more than $2 million hidden inside. He is thrown into this dangerous world. Since he is the only American in this group of crooks, he has to work alongside a street-smart 10-year-old boy to stay safe.

The skilled group includes Dolores Heredia, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Jesús Ochoa, Roberto Sosa, and Mel Gibson as Richard “The Gringo” Johnson. The movie is directed by Adrian Grunberg.

You have to see this intense and nasty movie about survival skills and strange friendships. It’s great for people who like jail dramas and action thrills.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera, is a 23-year-old bassist in a new garage rock band. He is dating Knives Chau, a cute 17-year-old high school student. He is having fun and going at a slow pace until Ramona Flowers comes into his life on rollerblades.

Ramona moved from New York City to Toronto to get away from everyone and her past. No one knows about Ramona’s past, yet Scott is going to discover it as he tries to establish her his new lover.

Scott needs to show that he is a good guy by beating up Ramona’s seven ex-boyfriends, who are controlling her love life, so that she will let him date her.

Any new boyfriend Ramona might be thinking about would be ruined and thrown away. If Scott wants to find love with Ramona, he has to beat all seven before the competition ends. This is one of the greatest action movies upon Peacock.

Spider-Man 2:

The Spider-Man series by Sam Raimi changed the way superhero movies were made, and the second movie is still the best. Peter Parker faces Dr. Otto Octavius, a doctor who gets a few arms after a disaster, and he is someone he respects.

Spider-Man 2 is a huge hit that people love to watch again and again. It has exciting stunts, likeable characters, as well as one of the best bad guys in the history of superhero movies. The train scene is still one of the best fight scenes ever.