12 Of The Best Indian TV Shows On Netflix


12 Of The Best Indian TV Shows On Netflix:

At the moment, Netflix makes more TV shows than any other network and works in 190 countries. One of these areas that makes the most money for it is India.

It’s not a surprise, then, that the streaming giant works hard with Indian makers to maintain their local content coming out. It all began with original movies like “Love Per Square Foot” and “Lust Stories.” Then came “Sacred Games,” the first truly important Indian Netflix series.

Now, the streaming service was full of both original shows and great ones that didn’t get much attention on local networks. The streaming giant keeps getting better and more content for people all over the world to watch. Here is a list of the most popular Indian Netflix shows.


“Class,” which is based on the Spanish show “Elite,” takes place at a fancy school within New Delhi where solely rich kids go to school. Three kids from working-class families obtain to go to that school after theirs burns down.

At first, it’s hard for the kids to fit in with a world that doesn’t seem to accept them. Sometime, though, their lives become linked to those of the coolest kids at school, as well as things get harder for everyone.


Raveena Tandon’s first role on Netflix will be in this new Indian original mystery. The show takes place in the foggy areas of Himachal Pradesh.

A teenage visitor goes missing within a small Himalayan town, as well as the local police officer Kasturi and her replacement, Angad, have to work together on the big case, which brings up old ghosts and a story about a murderous creature in the forest.


An Imtiaz Ali’s A lot of people have said bad things about her. People say that it looks at female sexuality through a male lens, makes fun of child abuse tropes, reinforces an old view of women, sells sleaze, and has a boring plot. The learned critics, on the other hand, are wrong.

I really enjoyed the show. The story was interesting, and I couldn’t stop watching it. The main character’s change from a shy police officer to a femme fatale coming to terms with her sexuality may have been a bit unrealistic, but that’s what drama is made of.

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She moves very quickly. It has subtle sexuality that works well. It takes advantage of the way guys think about women and turns that idea on its head. People who don’t like it should understand that this isn’t a story regarding all women.

She is one of a kind, as well as her story of being abused in many ways and then finding someone who could understand and help her is very interesting to watch. What stands out are three acts.

Aaditi Pohankar, who is only 25, pulls off a powerful act that makes you feel vulnerable and sexually raw with ease. It shows how talented Vijay Varma is without any limits. As Well As Kishore Kumar G is great as Nayak; he is calm and thoughtful, which is a comfort.

The Romantics:

It is said that Yash Chopra became one of the more important directors in Bollywood history. He is most recognized for directing a few of the most beloved love movies, which have since set the tone for many more in the genre.

We look at his long and successful career and how he changed the movie business in “The Romantics.” It is important for you to watch this documentary if you like Bollywood relationship movies.


It is the job of police officer Anjali Bhaati to lead a probe into the deaths of 27 women. Most people think it might be gang behavior, but she has a different idea.


It might be the work of a serial killer who goes after mentally weak women over 25 who can’t get married. She has to deal with her own issues as well as other cases while trying to figure out the crime.

Bombay Begums:

With her new series, Bombay Begums, Alankrita Shrivastava keeps telling strong stories about regular women. The show is about five women who are all having a hard time in a world that is based on sexism and patriarchy.

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Alankrita once again gives us broken people who are easy to relate to. She’s able to do this in large part because of how well Pooja Bhatt, Amruta Subhash, Shahana Goswami, Plabita Borthakur, Aadhya Anand, Vivek Gomber, as well as Dan Husain play their parts. It’s good to see women finally get what they deserve and be able to speak out for themselves, even if it’s just in fantasy.

Feels Like Ishq:

“Feels Like Ishq” is an anthology show, so each episode is about a different love story. These stories show the problems and difficulties of modern relationships. If you want to watch something emotionally touching and positive, this show will definitely make you smile and give you something to connect with.

In one story, a girl as well as a wedding planner are looking for a bride who has run away. In another, a solo tourist gets a place and falls in love. And in a third, someone who is gay is trying to tell their coworker how they feel.


This Indian-made crime movie on Netflix goes into great detail about the history of rural Bihar as well as the gangs that did terrible crimes there. The show’s plot is based on real events and shows how a “super cop” within the Bihar police caught a violent gangster who had terrorized Sheikhpura with his evil schemes.

The show, which is based on IPS officer Amit Lodha’s book “Bihar Diaries: The Real Story of How Bihar’s Most Dangerous Criminal Was Caught,” keeps you interested all the way to the end.

Taj Mahal 1989:

A lovely look at love, relationships, poems, youth, politics, and all the weird things that can happen within Lucknow in 1989

Lucknow within the 1980s has been gorgeously re-created, but what I loved most about it was how the characters’ language was so natural and true to the time period. It has an easygoing, carefree vibe that is so familiar.

The best thing about this well-made series is the writing, and two performances really stand out for me. Neeraj Kabi, the philosophy professor who likes poems and doesn’t like Bollywood, as well as my friend Dan Husain, who is the best in philosophy and decides to become a tailor as well as falls within love with a prostitute. Both groups do things.

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There is a lot of tough competition in the area of writing. Being the first to report on breaking news can make or break a job. To get that scoop, you have to be at the top of your game.

How hard does a reporter have to work to get that spot? Would they kill someone to get it? “Scoop” tells the tale of Jagruti Pathak, a top crime reporter who has been accused of killing another reporter by using her ties to the criminal world.

The show is centered upon the memoirs of Jigna Vora, a real writer, but many things are changed to make the story more interesting.

Guilty Minds:

Guilty Minds was a legal drama about a family with good morals on one side as well as a famous, top law company that takes on any case on the other. Shriya Pilgaonkar, Varun Mitra, Karishma Tanna, Sugandha Garg, as well as Namrata Sheth are all in the show.

The best thing about the 10-episode season is that it is based on real events. It’s not a battle of words or over-the-top lawyer-speak. The story is realistic and useful. The Prime Video show Guilty Minds is great if you like shows such as The Practice as well as Law and Order.


Jamtara is tight, doesn’t try too hard, and is very interesting as it shows how lies and power play work. Phishing is what this boring town is known for, and it tells a tale of crime, lost childhoods, as well as power relationships that have their roots in feudalism.

The young players did a great job, as well as the direction was really well done. Amit Sial plays the local leader with a lot of musical skills in a controlled way. He offers security and favors but charges a high price.