12 Of The Best Lgbtq Tv Shows Upon Netflix Right Now


12 Of The Best Lgbtq Tv Shows Upon Netflix Right Now:

It’s very important to tell stories. You are responsible for it. A lot of different things are learned about the world through stories, from the deepest feelings of people to the problems that plague society.

This makes it even more important to tell the stories of people who are in the minority in society. Put them in the middle of a story and let people see what their real lives are like.

For this reason, having a range of people in the cast is important, both when choosing players and when making up the roles. It’s been great that Netflix has been a place for LGBTQ+ stories to be heard.

In Hollywood, LGBTQIA inclusion has come a long way in the last few years. More and more queer entertainment is becoming available, with transgender stars finally being cast within trans parts and queer tales making it into popular movies.

Netflix’s LGBTQIA area is helping to make this happen. Here is a list of the best LGBTQIA TV shows and movies that you can stream right now upon Netflix. They range from queer classics to new choices.

Teenage Bounty Hunters:

Kathleen Jordan made the popular Netflix show “Teenage Bounty Hunters,” which is a mix of comedy, drama, as well as action. The show takes place in Atlanta and is about twin sisters Sterling as well as Blair Wesley, who are in high school and have an unusual part-time job as bounty hunters.

They join forces with Bowser Jenkins, an experienced bounty hunter, to take on the exciting world of runaway recovery. As the sisters deal with the problems that come with being teenagers and their unusual job, the show follows their journey of self-discovery, relationships, as well as the difficulties of growing up, all while providing clever humor and surprising story changes.

Sex Education:

Let’s start with sex education, which is my favorite show upon this list. If you only remember one thing from this list, make it that one.

The British comedy is about a high school student named Otis whose mom is a real sex therapist and chooses to work to be a sex therapist for his friends to make some extra money.

This show is better than a thousand YouTube tutorials or Cosmo articles because it goes into all the details of sex. It covers asexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, homosexuality, douching, scissoring, masturbation, fellatio, crossdressing, erotica, roleplay, fetishes, vaginas alongside teeth, and even heterosexuality.

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The relationship between Otis and his gay best friend Eric is a beautiful example of a friendship, and Eric’s relationship with Rahim within Season 2 is the cutest thing ever. Maeve is not gay, but she is strong.


Robia Rashid’s big family drama is about Sam, an autistic 18-year-old who wants to find a girlfriend and be on his own. To show more about autism, the writers carefully use treatment sessions and asides, which are always more fun than teaching.

A lot of the fun in the story doesn’t hurt the main character very often. He’s not the only one who’s trying to figure out who they are. He has a younger sister named Casey, who is played by Brigette Lundy-Paine. She is a track star and feels like she has to keep the family together while being asked about her sexuality.

The show’s theme of acceptance and kindness, no matter what, is something that all fans can connect to. Even though it’s an emotional ride, it’s worth it in the end, especially when you consider how short the movies are and how heavy the ending is.

Kissing Game:

Esmir Filho produced the Brazilian teen drama series “Kissing Game,” which has parts of both horror and coming-of-age stories. The show takes place in a small town and is about a group of high school kids who get infected with a strange and dangerous virus that is spread by kissing.

As the virus grows, people become scared and paranoid, which puts bonds to the test and lets out truths that have been kept hidden. Filho skillfully blends tension and the quirks of youth, making “Kissing Game” an exciting look at what it’s like to be a teenager during a mysterious plague.

Orange Is The New Black:

One thing you should know about OITNB is that it’s like “lesbians in jail,” and the show went full-on gay from the start. As Netflix’s first original show, the sometimes-comedy, sometimes-drama show follows Piper Chapman when she goes to jail for bringing drugs money for her ex-girlfriend.

She is engaged to a guy when she goes to jail, but she starts dating her ex again while she’s there. Piper’s bisexuality isn’t the only LGBT theme on the show, though.

As lesbians, Natasha Lyonne as well as Samira Wiley both play them, Ruby Rose acts a genderfluid prisoner, and Laverne Cox shot to fame as the transgender Sophia. After seven seasons, episodes are based on character stories in the style of Lost. The show goes into gay life in a way that few others do.

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Pete wants to take over the comedy scene in New York City now that he’s out. Reality is very different from Pete’s dreams. He’s never acted within front of an audience, as well as his job to be a waiter can’t pay the bills by itself.

When he meets up with his old best friend Tiff, who is a graduate student by day and a dominatrix by night, she offers to help him make money by hiring him to be her helper or bodyguard when she goes out at night.

Pete is uncomfortable with the idea of BDSM at first, but as he learns more about the kink community, he gains sexual freedom and confidence. Tiff and Pete, whose real names are Mistress May as well as Master Carter, are the stern antiheroes and model types of the NYC youth who is having a hard time.


“Smiley” is a Spanish love comedy TV show based on Guillem Clua’s play of the same name. Carlos Cuevas as well as Miki Esparbé play the lead roles.

The lively setting of Barcelona creates a charming story about the emotional journey of two people, Álex and Bruno. A lost message leads to their chance meeting, which begins a gripping story of love and fate.


This tiny dark comedy started out as 10-minute YouTube videos and a Kickstarter effort. For its last two seasons, it moved to Netflix, making it the exact opposite of a big-budget hit.

The main characters of the show are a LA couple who cheat upon each other alongside the same man. The show was created by actor, writer, as well as director Kit Williamson. There are a lot of hot scenes without shirts in all of the different versions of the messy love triangle.

For fans of Drag Race, Willam shows up in Season 2 as a drag queen. Constance Wu was the best friend before Fresh Off the Boat, on Crazy Rich Asians, as well as when she wants to leave Fresh Off the Boat. This is the book for you if you want to see how messy and current gay cheating is.

The Boys In The Band:

Netflix made a movie out of Mart Crowley’s important 1968 play The Boys of the Band in 2020, showing how little and how much has transpired for the community.

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In the same way that the original Off-Broadway cast came back for the first movie version of the play in 1970, the same cast from the stage is back for this version, which was directed by Joe Mantello and opened on Broadway in 2018.

The new version, which was produced through Ryan Murphy, has a bit of glitz that makes it its own, yet that doesn’t take away from how moving the story of a surprise guest showing up at a birthday party is.


Ivan Andrew Payawal made “Gameboys,” also known as “Gameboys Level-Up Edition.” It was a groundbreaking Filipino BL web series that has captivated viewers all over the world.

Cairo Lazaro as well as Gavreel Alarcon are the main characters of this love story. They are both young guys who meet through online games during the COVID-19 lockdown. As they met online, they began a deep and complicated relationship that explored love, friendship, and finding oneself.

Dead To Me:

This Netflix original comedy doesn’t seem very gay at first glance. After Judy hits and kills Jen’s husband and then drives away, Judy feels terrible about it and makes friends with Jen within a grief support group. The two of them then start looking into the death. Within the second season, though, Judy and Michelle start to have a sweet love story.

Judy’s slow discovery and exploration of her bisexuality to be an adult is a small but important step forward. It shows that sexuality doesn’t have to be figured out by age 18. This is something that changes all the time, and we should be open to it.

Edge Of Seventeen:

Edge of Seventeen is a trip back to the suburban 1980s. It’s such as a John Hughes movie if one of his movies had ever revolved around one of the gay kids who were always there in the background of his teen classics.

The coming-of-age story takes place in Ohio in 1984 and is about a teenager named Eric Hunter who is crazy about transgender stars such as Annie Lennox as well as Boy George and is still trying to figure out who he is.

It’s a bit naughtier than most teen comedies because it shows how easy it is to mix up sex and real feelings. It’s an important movie about coming out as well as the weird feeling of having your first sexual experience.