12 Of The Best Movies About Math


12 Of The Best Movies About Math:

No matter how much you loved or dreaded math class, it takes a certain kind of mind to do well in it. In many movies, the main character is physically strong, but sometimes we can connect to the smart but underrated minds in math movies.

Thanks to movies like Good Will Hunting and Hidden Figures, we can enjoy numbers without having to do hours of study. Take a look at these pictures that make math nerds and calculus look cool. They should help you get your numbers straight.

When we were in school, the word “maths” would either make us feel excited or scared. There were people who were exceptionally proficient at math and people who had a lot of trouble with it every day.

There was no middle ground. Either you were really good at it or you were terrible at it. I wasn’t very good at it either, to be honest.

In any case, “A Beautiful Mind” was one of the most important movies for me as a child. Many people glanced up to John Nash as well as his problems. The film showed me how to become a real genius.

The great thing about these movies is that they have some math in them, but you don’t need to pull out your computers to understand what’s going on. It’s enough to just see it and feel it.


‘ARQ’ is a science fiction action movie directed by John Finemore and starring Robbie Amell, Rachael Taylor, Shaun Benson, as well as Gray Powell.

The Tony Elliott-directed movie takes place not too long from now, when the world’s oil stocks have run out and companies have to fight for the last bit of energy.

Most of these bad companies don’t know this, but a simple programmer has solved the problem with his new, cutting-edge technology. But because of what he made, the main character is stuck in what seems like an endless time loop and has to find a way to get out of it.

Stand And Deliver:

There have been many movies and TV shows over the years about teachers who push their students to do better than expected. The model was “Stand and Deliver” (1988).

Based on the life of real-life math teacher Jaime Escalante, “Stand and Deliver” was nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes. Edward James Olmos was nominated for Best Actor at both events for his role as Escalante.

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Catherine comes to terms alongside the loss of her father as well as the mental illness he was dealing with in his last days after he died. A person who wants to be a scientist comes into Catherine’s life and is driven to figure out what happened with her dad’s last mathematical proof.

Proof is both an emotional drama as well as a mathematical puzzle. It lets fans get to the bottom of both Catherine’s difficult past and complex mathematics.

Catherine’s relationships as well as drama bring life and excitement to math that would otherwise be dull. If you like to work on puzzles slowly, this movie is great for you.

Black Holes:


The science documentary “Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know” stars Sasha Haco, Lindy Blackburn, Stephen Hawking, as well as Andrew Strominger. It was directed by Peter Galison.

The movie gives viewers an interesting look into the secrets of the world we live in as well as the remarkably accurate predictions of theoretical physics. The most important part of the video is the picture of a black hole that changes the way we think about the universe in ways we can’t even imagine.

Are you interested in the complicated ideas that make up the basis of our world? Some of the best scientists from around the world explain everything in “Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know.”

A Brief History Of Time:

“A Brief History of Time,” an alternate biopic about Stephen Hawking’s life, came out more than 20 years before “The Theory of Everything,” the Oscar-nominated movie about his life in 2014.

Also, why shouldn’t more than one movie be made about the late theoretical scientist, cosmologist, and author?

He was like Einstein at the turn of the century. To further set them apart, “A Brief History of Time” is a documentary that Hawking himself wrote, while “The Theory of Everything” is a play that is partly based on fact.


Math is turned into an intriguing and seductive movie regarding gaming addiction in 21. Jim can’t pay for his MIT fees, so he joins a group of learners who count cards at blackjack tables to make money.

That being said, this movie’s math isn’t the smartest on this list. People who see the movie will enjoy a thrilling ride through Las Vegas as long as they don’t pay as much attention to the story as the primary characters do to the cards.

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A lot of math movies are about awkward geniuses, but the scientists in this movie are almost as stylish and hot as James Bond.

Coded Bias:

‘Coded Bias’ was a documentary film produced and directed through Shalini Kantayya. To look at how artificial intelligence is changing everyday life, the movie shows what well-known experts such as Joy Buolamwini, Deborah Raji, Meredith Broussard, Cathy O’Neil, and Zeynep Tufekci think.

The movie is mostly about how scary it is that some face-recognition systems can’t correctly identify people with dark skin. The film gives a deep look into the problems with technology right now and also shows what the future could hold.


Richard Feynman was a theoretical physicist who spent a lot of time working with math. He used math to help build the atomic bomb during World War II and to look into what happened with the Challenger space shuttle. He also made significant contributions to the subjects of quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, as well as particle physics.

The story is based on the books “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” and “What Do You Care What Other People Think?” The 1996 movie “Infinity” was mostly about two parts of Feynman’s life: his work on the A-bomb and his friendship alongside his first wife, who sadly died of tuberculosis when she was only 25 years old. Multiple critics gave “Infinity” mixed reviews. Matthew Broderick played Feynman, and Patricia Arquette played his wife, Arline Greenbaum.

The Man Who Knew Infinity:

In The Man Who Knew Infinity, an Indian man goes to England to write about the numbers he has found. When he gets to England, though, he runs into problems with the official school system, the math community’s norms, and racial bias.

In order to help math move forward, Dev Patel risks everything in his life. People who see this movie learn more about social problems and develop a greater appreciation for the past of numbers.

Even if we don’t understand all the math, we can be thankful for the people who worked hard and gave up a lot to make today’s technology as well as discoveries possible.

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The Indian movie “Vaathi” starts in the present day, when a team of students find a box full of tapes. The records that these students are talking about contain video of a great math teacher talking to his students.

Before going back to the present, the story takes place in the past, mostly during India’s economic reforms. Balamurugan “Bala” Sir or Bala Gangadhar Thilak “Balu” Sir is a math professor who gets assigned to teach at a government junior college alongside the promise of a raise. It is there that he finds the meaning of his life.

He actively shifts the way his students as well as their strict parents think about school. He also fights against discrimination based on race and is brave when facing strong opponents alongside political and economic power.

Good Will Hunting:

Will Hunting worked as a cleaner at MIT, but he was almost too smart for work as a graduate student as well as faculty member because he had learned math on his own and was very good at it.

One night, while Hunting is working in secret on a hard math problem that was written on one of the school’s blackboards, Professor Lambeau finds out how smart Hunting is and pairs him up with Dr. Sean Maguire, a psychologist, to learn more about Hunting’s lack of drive and inner demons.

The drama “Good Will Hunting” was written by Matt Damon as well as Ben Affleck when they were both unknown 20-somethings. It was bought by Miramax, directed via Gus Van Sant, as well as won the Academy Awards for the best supporting actor as well as Best Original Screenplay. It also got seven other nominations in most of the significant categories.

The Imitation Game:

If the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch as a cocky genius rescuing the world sounds familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen a lot of his work. Cumberbatch, as always, does a great job in this part, and Keira Knightly is also very good.

The Imitation Game shows the unique social forces of the time set against a war-torn background. The movie shows Alan Turing’s life as he tries to build the first computer so that Germans can read their messages during WWII. In real life, scientists have superpowers, and this true story shows how math can change history.