12 Of The Best Original Hindi Dramas You Can Watch Right Now On Prime Video


12 Of The Best Original Hindi Dramas You Can Watch Right Now On Prime Video:

Right now, the greatest Hindi original drama series on Amazon Prime Video are some of the best shows to come out of India in the last ten years. Amazon India Originals have been gradually but surely becoming more popular. They bring Indian plays to viewers all over the world with exciting tales, heartwarming sports dramas, and realistic everyday stories.

Some of the best actors and actresses in the country are in Amazon Prime Video’s Hindi TV shows, which have some of the most captivating narratives the streaming service has to offer.

From intense crime fiction and real crime stories to series focusing on women, these shows let viewers see inside the minds of killers or into the beautiful but shady lives of people in the upper classes.


One of the most popular Hindi-language dramas on Amazon Prime is Mirzapur, a true crime tale. The story is mostly about Kaleen Bhaiya, who is the boss of a crime family within the town of Mirzapur, where knives and guns are the rule.

There is a bloodbath when Munna, Kaleen Bhaiya’s trigger-happy son, causes chaos in the land and when the Pandits join forces with the gangsters. Mirzapur maintains Amazon Prime Video users on the edge of their seats from beginning to end with great performances from a large cast.

Despite some criticism, viewers remain captivated by the tale of power-hungry mobsters who wield control over the town’s destiny in the second season.

Bandish Bandits:

Bandish Bandits was a show about love, music, and family drama. It’s a mix of classical as well as pop music. It’s a musical series because it has both traditional and current music with catchy melodies. This album will be the first thing you listen to more than any of the Top 50 Bollywood hits after watching the show.

Radhe comes from a family that plays classical music and values music very much. He learned music from his grandfather and is now waiting for his wedding so that he can do it as well as his teacher.

While he is working hard to learn music, he meets Tamanna, a modern pop star with a big fan base on YouTube. They are both in the music business, but their paths are very different. Raveesh thinks of music as his soul, while Tamanna just loves it.

In some way, these two very different ideas come together to make a link between modern and ancient. Every member of the cast performed exceptionally well.

Ritwik Bhowmik to be Radhe and Shreya Chaudhry to be Tamanna are two new actors who will do great in the future. The best parts of the show are Naseeruddin Shah as well as Atul Kulkarni, of course. Fans can’t wait for season 2 of Bandhish Bandits.

Inside Edge:

As the BCCI has put off the IPL until further notice, we have found the perfect cricket-themed movie for you. The outside of the IPL, India’s biggest T20 game, is full of glamour, fame, money, and crime.

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Inside Edge wants to find out more about this and a lot more through the Power Play League, which is home to the Mumbai Mavericks. A lot more seems to be happening behind the scenes of the game.

Politics, power, and money control many characters in the first original show on Amazon Prime, which features a tight script and an exciting story. You should put this movie on your list of things to watch because of the game scenes, the interesting choices that cricket team owners make, and the stories behind those choices.

Paatal Lok:

The Amazon India Original high marks for its great acts. Hathiram Chaudhury, the main character of the drama, is a frustrated police officer who goes further and further into the underground of New Delhi in order to figure out what happened when someone tried to kill a famous writer.

Throughout the series, the main idea was that the paatal lok, or abyss, was home to the worst things in the world, while heaven was the home of the important people. Finally, the two worlds met on Earth, where people were struggling to stay alive.

Hostel Daze:

Hostel Daze was one of the most popular Hindi original drama series on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a humorous journey through the past, following the lives of three engineering college students.

The first season introduces the idea and the likable characters, many of whom are typical college comedic types. The new freshmen, who are now seniors, get a chance to boss around the new kids in the second season.

In 2022, the third installment of Hostel Daze started. It had more messing around and even a few mysteries that the students had to work together to solve.

One of the key characters in the show is young Adarsh Gaurav, who is known for his role in “The White Tiger.” Due to its popularity, the show was remade in Tamil and is now titled Engga Hostel. You can watch it on Prime Video as well.

The Family Man:

Manoj Bhajpayee plays the main character in The Family Man, and Priyamani plays his wife, who is angry that she has to handle everything by herself and stressed out that her husband doesn’t want to spend time with her or the kids.

She is also trying hard not to have an affair. In this show, she was the family woman. The writers got ideas for the story from everyday events. They took some of the hot topics that India had during the time the show aired and put them together to make a story.

A group of attackers set up the mission Zulfikar. One of Srikant Tiwari’s jobs was as a special officer for the NIA. His family didn’t know about this job. He spends most of his time in the office because he is working on something important.

His family is sick of him not being at family events because they don’t know what he does for a living! For the love of his job, Srikant puts up with all of his rants.

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There are 10 shows, and each one lasts between 50 and 60 minutes. Amazon has revealed that there will be a third season. The second season came out in June 2021. However, the release date for season 3 has not yet been determined.

Made In Heaven:

Often said to be the best video shows on Amazon Prime. The show Made in Heaven takes place in an office run by two wedding planners. Each show explores problems that occur at modern Indian weddings, such as men discovering their impotence or famous people causing a scene.

As a whole, the main characters also go through a range of feelings as they fight their own wars. Made in Heaven was a great show about the bride, groom, and their close friends and family as they arrive at the wedding and run into problems they didn’t expect.

It’s interesting to see how the wedding plans handle these problems and still keep the day going. Made in Heaven is a great book because it has great stories, interesting personalities, and problems that people face today.

Four More Shots Please:

The 2020 International Emmys have named this stylish story, which revolves around four independent women living in a city in India. Many people compare Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots, Please! to Indian Sex & The City. In some ways, it’s better than SATC, but in other ways, it’s worse.

Damini, Anjana, Siddhi, and Umang live their lives on their own terms, being proud of their sexuality, finding their voices, and going after their goals.

Fans care about the lives of these strong women who break through the glass ceiling as well as come out better in their fight for survival as they make mistakes as well as try to put their lives back together again.


The second book in the Breathe series was just as good as the first. It is one of the top Hindi-language drama shows on Amazon Prime Video. The show is about Dr. Avinash Sabarwal, a therapist, whose daughter, who is six years old, goes missing for months.

A mysterious man starts giving Avinash and his wife Abha vague directions. The man wants the couple to do some horrible things if they ever want to witness their daughter living again.

The psychological movie does a good job of talking about mental health problems, especially multiple personality disorders. People know that the main character, Abhishek Bachchan, is the son of Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan.

Without a doubt, Breathe: Into the Shadows is one of the best Hindi dramas on TV because of its complicated story and high stakes.

The Forgotten Army:

The Indian National Army was started by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Most of us have read about it. Besides this, we don’t know much else about this group. None of these questions, such as “What happened to them?” and “How did they survive in Singapore?” have received any answers.

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In the series The Forgotten Army, director Kabir Khan worked on this and tried to show the past of the INA. The show was based on a documentary that aired on Doordarshan in 1999.

The five 30- to 35-minute shows that make up the first season came out in January 2020. From World War II to the Maynamar fight, the show shows a number of events. In the background of every show, Sharukh Khan’s voice tells us about the past of the INA.

The war scenes are beautifully shot. The show is more interesting because the actors were all perfectly chosen. But five episodes isn’t enough to show the past of an army with so many goals.

Laakhon Mein Ek:

Written and made by Biswa Kalyan Rath, who brings us another great Indian show about how parents put pressure on their kids to choose a career and the problems they face when they do. The show’s two seasons don’t connect with each other, but they both follow the journey of two different people.

In the first season, we follow Aakash Gupta as he tries to follow his dream of becoming an online content maker, but his father doesn’t want him to do that because he wants him to study engineering at one of the well-known IITs.

Aakash is sent, against his will, to Visakhapatnam to go to teaching classes. There, he meets some boys who share his interests and continues to fight within the academic rat race. Dr. Shreya Pathare, a young doctor, is sent to the town of Sitalpur to run a cataract camp for poor people in the second season.

The season depicts her battles against individuals unaware of her, hospital politics, and a conflict with the government. It also shows how bad healthcare is in our country. Lakhon Me Ek sings to us about the great heroes in and around us.


The historical story Jubilee first showed up on Amazon Prime Video in April 2023. It quickly became one of the best Hindi-language shows on the service. The film Jubilee is set during the tumultuous six-year period from 1947 to 1953.

It looks at the black-and-white studio age of the film industry and how far companies and stars would go to become famous within Bollywood, as well as the turmoil in politics at the time. A month before India’s Independence Day and Partition, the story starts with director Shrikant Roy looking for a new hero for his next movie, Sunghursh.

He chooses Jamshed Khan, an unknown character from the theater. There is a small problem, though: Khan is seeing Roy’s famous Bollywood star wife, Sumitra Kumari, instead of Roy.

Jubilee is beautiful to look at and to read. It tells a sad and complicated story that will stay with people for a long time. It’s also a great Hindi story for people who have never seen it before.