12 Of The Most Touching Anime Upon Netflix Right Now


12 Of The Most Touching Anime Upon Netflix Right Now:

Some anime shows will make you cry so hard you can’t stop, while others will leave you feeling sad and empty. Some of the most popular shows, like “Naruto,” have sad, heartbreaking parts that can give you chills.

For those who have been fans of anime for a while, you may know that it has some very scary parts that stay alongside you for a long time. What I like regarding these is how they show feelings as well as times of happiness and sadness, as if they were happening in real life.

After watching some of them, you might want to cry because they are so very touching. To honor these shows, we’ve put together a list of the 15 best moving shows on Netflix. Netflix is really working hard to add more anime, which is why we chose to make a new, special collection. Here is a list of Netflix cartoons that will make you cry.

Kotaro Lives Alone:

Kotarou Satou is 4 years old and lives by himself for some reason that no one can explain. So when Shin Karino, his friend and manga artist, meets him for the initial time, he wants to know more about him.

Soon, the other people who live in the apartment complex meet Kotarou as well as start to take care of him, but they have no idea who his family is.

“Kotaro Lives Alone” is mostly a fun show to watch, but there are times when the dark truth regarding Satou’s past is finally revealed, showing how much mental load he is bringing around even though he is young.

It’s clear that at least one of his parents has neglected him, and the negative effects of family arguments have been very bad for his mental health. This is where you are able to view the cartoon.


When someone close to me told me to watch this cartoon, I wasn’t sure if I should. But now that I’ve seen it, Bubble will always be in my heart.

The story takes place in Tokyo after the end of the world. In some way, bubbles are falling to the earth’s surface as if gravity not there. Things are not what they seem to be, and even though the bubbles look harmless, there’s something strange going on.

At the same time, teams of parkour players begin to form. Hibuki was a single of the most well-known people who knew the secret. Uta saved him when he was about to die. He soon fell within love with this strange girl.

A Silent Voice:

“A Silent Voice,” an anime movie made by Kyoto Animation Studio, is  regarding a teenager named Shouya Ishida who is bored. To pass the time, he as well as many of his friends beat up Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf new student who has transferred, badly.

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Once the school authorities find out about this, he is the only one who can be blamed for what happened to her. Soon, everyone at school stops paying attention to him, and he is left alone for the rest of middle school and high school.

He goes after Shouko on his own to make up for any hurt he may have cause once he realizes what he did wrong. That which comes next is a touching story about a little boy who wants to make up for his past mistakes.

“A Silent Voice” has some of the finest sounds and pictures, as well as a great, moving story. The dark and serious topics it talks about will definitely make your heart miss a beat.

Last but not least, it might make you think about your connections with people now and in the past. This is where you can see the video.

Vampire In The Garden:

‘Vampire in the Garden’ on Netflix takes fans to an alternate dimension where humans and vampires have been fighting for hundreds of years.

Fear has obviously been terrible for both sides as well as has made people hate each other so much that it seems impossible for them to live together peacefully. During this very confusing time, a young survivor called Momo encounters the vampire queen Fine as well as finds that they both want peace.

As they obtain to know one another better, the two go on a dangerous quest in search of a place where humans and vampires can live together without damaging each other.

Even though the show is about a painful conflict, it’s Fine and Momo’s friendship that really makes it moving. This is where you can watch the show.


No matter how many times you watch it, Naruto is one of the best shows ever. Naruto Uzumaki, who comes from a hidden town, is at the center of the story.

The Hokage has put the Nine-Tailed Fox inside him, making him a guardian. Though Naruto has skills, he is still young and will be picked on by many people as he grew up.

He holds on to his hope and never gives up. Even though Naruto fails a lot of his tasks, he doesn’t give up on his goal of becoming good enough to be the next hokage. Naruto wants to keep his town safe from all kinds of danger.

A.I.C.O Incarnation:

“A.I.C.O. Incarnation” is different from the other cartoons on this list. This exciting science fiction journey is one of the the latest anime originals that you can watch on Netflix.

The story takes place in 2035 and is mostly about an event called the “Burst” that changes many people’s lives in big ways. Even though Aiko Tachibana is in a wheelchair now, she is still sad about the deaths of her family members two years later.

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However, when a transfer called Yuuya tells her the truth, everything she thought regarding herself and the event starts to shift. What comes next is an exciting and dangerous journey for the two “teenagers,” who may now be in charge of the future of all people.

The most exciting parts of “A.I.C.O. Incarnation” are the action scenes as well as sci-fi tasks. On the other hand, the anime’s dark and sad tone comes from the characters’ pasts. The very sad mood of the animation comes from the use of dark colors that make the destroyed city look like a dystopian future.

If you’ve been thinking about watching this show, don’t pay attention to the bad reviews. Seeing it is likely to be fun for you. This is where you can find the cartoon.

A Whisker Away:

Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu, or “A Whisker Away,” by Studio Colorido is about a high school student called Miyo Sasaki who deals with problems in her family by showing her crush, Kento Hinode, how she loves him in unusual ways.

rather than having a normal conversation, she listens to his fears while she is in cat form. This puts her in a situation where she has to decide whether to stay nameless or show who she really is.

Miyo’s story and her relationship with her boyfriend deal with a lot of tough teen problems and are sometimes very moving. A lot of devotees of anime who love different kinds of love stories should see this movie. This is where you are able to view the cartoon.

Flavours Of Youth :

If you are a Chinese fan, you will love this cartoon movie. The book Flavors of Youth has three parts with three different stories. There are three distinct love stories in this book. They are all beautiful stories about love between two people.

Not only do these love stories make us think about how much we should love each other, but they also do a great job of exploring the ideas of old-fashioned love and loyalty. This movie is special for people because it makes them remember being in a great relationship and tastes like love.


The A-1 Pictures’ The Japanese title for “Erased” is “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.” It is a mystery sci-fi drama. The main character, Satoru Fujinuma, is sent back in time through a few minutes every time he sees something sad happen.

Because of this unknown but powerful event, he is able to save the lives of many harmless people. When he is wrongly blamed for killing his mother, he sees himself 18 years ago.

He can see now that his mother’s death might have something to do with things that happened when he was young. When he meets Kayo Hinazuki, one of his old friends who had been abducted and murdered by a mysterious individual, things begin to make sense. Now Satoru has to hurry to change his past so that two innocent lives can be saved.

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I won’t say if the anime has a satisfactory ending or not, but it does deal with some real and thought-provoking problems, which is why it belongs on our list.

Some examples are child abuse, being alone, being sad, being bullied, running away from your problems, as well as of course, confronting the death of a loved one. Online, you can watch all of the shows.

Vinland Saga:

Thorfinn has always been interested in stories about a faraway land that sounds like a dream and offers peace and love, unlike the harsh Icelandic village where he was born.

From a very young age, he has been around violence and death, and things keep getting worse to be the war between the English and the Danes gets worse. Thorfinn has to deal with the sad facts of his life while also killing Askeladd for dying his dad as a way to get even.

“Vinland Saga” shows how Thorfinn grows up with a deep hate for everyone, but he slowly learns that his thoughtless desire for revenge is making him sick.

With its powerful message of peace and moving story of forgiveness, this anime has touched millions of people all over the world and should be watched by anyone who wants to find an anime that could change their life. You can watch the cartoon here.

Kimetsu No Yaiba:

Someone you know might have seen this cartoon before and called it Demon Slayer. Every character within this, even the monsters, has a terrible past. The story is about Tanjirou, whose family was killed by a monster, and how sad his life was.

He lost both of his parents, as well as his sister turned into a devil. Being the best monster killer is now Tanjirou Kamado’s only goal in life. The anime makes him a part of the Demon Slayer Corp because of this. He won’t let go of his sword until he figures out how to change his sister back into a person.

Japan Sinks:

A drama movie called “Japan Sinks: 2020” was directed by Pyeon-Gang Ho as well as Masaaki Yuasa. The movie is about the Mutou family whose lives are turned upside down when an earthquake hits the Japanese islands and leaves everyone on their own.

As Japan’s society falls apart, men, women, as well as children have to do everything they can to stay alive. This story of escape is moving and will stay with you.