15 Great Movies About Women You Can Watch Right Now


15 Great Movies About Women You Can Watch Right Now:

The long-awaited live-action Barbie movie with Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie just came out in theaters. It was directed by the incredibly skilled Greta Gerwig and has gotten great reviews, giving it a new score upon Rotten Tomatoes. So far, reviewers say that the way the movie deals with being a woman is one of the things that makes it stand out.

Hollywood continues to attempt to get rid of the disparities between men and women who work in the business, but directors are doing their part by making movies that tell the many stories of women.

One more thing that needs to be fixed in movies is representation, but the line is getting better every year, which gives us hope. Now, stories about women not only get applause, but they also make a lot of money at the box office. These movies show that.

Late Night:

Katharine Newbury hosts talk shows and is very successful as a comedian. But she isn’t as good as she used to be. Ever since her show’s numbers keep going down, she is told one day that she has to fix the problem or her show is going to be taken off the air.

She hires Indian-American Molly Patel to add some diversity to her writer’s room, which is mostly made up of white guys. Things start to get better when she comes in with new skills.

But then a lot of other problems come up, like Katherine’s past relationships and the fact that the network is looking for a guy to replace her on her own show.

The Edge Of Seventeen:

The Kelly Fremon Hailee Steinfeld stars in Craig’s Story of Adolescence, which ranks as one of the finest realistic movies about teens. Many young girls can relate to Nadine’s awful high school experience.

She feels like she’s the only girl in the world because she’s the most weird girl in town as well as her brother is dating her best friend.

A big part of what made The Edge of Seventeen an outstanding film is how truly it deals with general themes like not feeling like you fit anywhere.

Fremon Craig’s movie not only shows these worries, but it also shows exactly what it’s like to be in high school, making for a sad and interesting watch that keeps people entertained.

Gangubai Kathiawadi:

Alia Bhatt plays the title character, Ganga, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali directs this beautiful story of Ganga’s meteoric rise from a girl from a small town to ‘Gangubai,’ a real power figure in Kamathipura, Mumbai. The film also paints a luxurious picture of life in Mumbai in the 20th century as well as the lives of sex workers.

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Based on S. Hussain Zaidi as well as Jane Borges’ story of Gangubai within Mafia Queens of Mumbai, the 2022 historical drama is a strong Bollywood film about a shy Indian girl who fights against social norms. The lead actor called it a “empowering, feminist story,” and it has been described as a powerful feminist story woven into a highly successful dramatization.

My Zoe:

People know Julie Delpy for her roles in “The Before Trilogy.” She has also written the scripts for these movies. She now writes, directs, and stars in a movie.

As Isabelle, a smart scientist whose private life isn’t as good as her work life, she plays the part. Why does she stay within touch with her ex? Because she adores her daughter Zoe.

But when tragedy strikes, everything changes. To save her daughter, Isabelle has to do something very dangerous. A mother loves her kid very much and will do anything to protect them.

“My Zoe” follows the main character on that trip. In small parts, Daniel Brühl, Gemma Arterton, as well as Richard Armitage show their skills.

American Honey:

A24’s American Honey is a refreshing coming-of-age story about Star, played by Sasha Lane, a rebellious teen girl who runs away from her troubled home with a traveling revenue crew.

She finds her place among the group of outcasts and joins them in their strange way of life. Andrea Arnold’s must-see journey flick has beautiful photography and great acting to go with it.

In this three-hour slice-of-life film, the story is fresh and original, and the script is very interesting. It looks at the lives of many poor young people from limited backgrounds, showing how they struggle to find their place within the world and the lack of opportunities they have.


Rani Mukjeri plays policewoman Shivani Shivaji Roy in the 2014 action-thriller Mardaani. The story is exciting because Roy finds out about human trafficking in the Indian mob while she is trying to solve the case of Pyaari, a young girl who has been stolen.

Meetings were set up alongside the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police to do a lot of study for the movie Mardaani. Both critics and audiences liked it because it showed a strong female police officer leading the movie, which broke gender stereotypes.

Many people praised Mukherji’s performance because she was able to balance the parts of tough police officer, caring foster mother, and family woman.

Gloria Bell:

A movie Sebastian Lelio made in 2013 got him a lot of praise. That happened in Chile, though. So that more people can see his story, he made the movie again in English.

It’s about a woman in her late 50s named Gloria Bell. Her husband and she got a divorce about ten years ago. Her kids are now grown up and have moved out to start their own lives.

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Because of this, Gloria is all by herself, and she thinks she can’t keep living this way. Julianne Moore acts the lead actress and shows how hard it is for a middle-aged woman to discover happiness again.

The Babadook:

The Babadook is Jennifer Kent’s brilliant first movie as a director. Essie Davis plays an unhappy widow who finds out that the stories her son has been telling her from a children’s book are true. It’s a modern horror gem.

The Babadook is a thrilling movie that great for horror fans because it shows how the mind of a flawed female lead unravels. The movie is remembered because it skillfully blends dark themes like trauma as well as mental health with action-packed scenes. It will stay in people’s minds for a long time.


Kahaani is a powerful and moving story about a woman’s strength and drive. Vidya Balan plays Vidya Bagchi, who is pregnant and looking for her lost husband in Kolkata. Vidya Balan breaks out of the stereotypical part of the weak lady in distress in this action movie about a woman who fights for justice and revenge without fear.

The movie also deals with feminism and motherhood within a patriarchal society. The movie got a lot of awards at the 60th National Film Awards, including best script, best cutting, and a special jury award.


Holliday Granger plays Laura on “Animals,” and Alia Shawkat plays Tyler. The girls love to party and are best friends. Every night, they drink a little and have a lot of fun. They had a good time for a while, yet then Laura met Jim.

He stops drinking soon after she falls within love with him. Tyler starts to worry that their friendship could be in danger because Laura keeps talking to Tyler for a while, but then she stops.

The Virgin Suicides:

Sofia Coppola directed the movie. The Virgin Suicides is based upon Jeffrey Eugenides’ book of the identical name. It stars Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter, who has made a name for herself in the business.

It’s about the Lisbon sisters, a group of five strange and doomed sisters who many boys in the neighborhood are crazy about. Coppola’s first movie is about loss and remembering things that happened in the past. It has a dreamy setting as well as an interesting plot.

If you look past the title, The Virgin Suicides seems like a light and girly show, but it’s really dark and scary. This movie from 1999 is still powerful because it deals with tough topics like sadness, eating disorders, religion abuse, and the decline of society.

English Vinglish:

The movie English Vinglish, directed through Gauri Shinde, is a touching and inspiring story about an Indian mother who is trying to find her true self again.

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The late Sridevi played the Indian housewife Shashi in the movie, which is about how language hurdles can make personal and social life hard, as well as the freedom that comes from education and independence.

Based on Shinde’s own experiences alongside her mother, the movie breaks the rules of obedience that Indian women and housewives are expected to follow. Both the movie and Sridevi’s performance were praised by everyone who saw them.

Fighting With My Family:

With its story based on the life of professional wrestler Paige, “Fighting with My Family” shows her rise to fame in WWE. It starts with her youth, when both of her parents were wrestling coaches.

Her brother is also good at it. After some time, they get better at it, until finally, a chance comes up. It’s easy for her to grab, but not for her brother.

She has to leave her family within England and move to the United States to make her own way. There, she will have to deal with the problems of the real WWE world. Florence Pugh plays the lead part in the movie, and Lena Headey as well as Nick Frost play her parents.


The beautifully made show Raw is about Justine, a vegetarian 17-year-old who finds a new, cruel, and dangerously appealing world during her initial week of veterinary school. When Justice engages as well as feels forced to eat raw meat for the initial time, strange things start to happen to her.

Women director Julia Ducournau’s gory body horror movie is without a question one of the most captivating and thought-provoking in the genre.

This troubling movie is a unique and lasting coming-of-age and dark comedy that looks at the idea of female hunger as well as pleasure at all stages of life, including academic, professional, as well as sexual.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl:

In the 2020 historical drama, Janhvi Kapoor plays the lead role of the Indian Air Force officer as well as helicopter pilot who inspired the story. The Netflix release was praised as a surprisingly solid as well as inspiring movie. It told the story of the first female pilot within battle in a way that was both interesting and exciting.

The movie was called a “deeply moving tale of a feminist father as well as his feisty daughter” by a Times of India review, even though there were claims of favoritism and problems with how the IAF was portrayed.

The movie was praised for its attacks on the sexist and male-centered way of thinking. It also fights against the stereotyping of women’s goals by showing Saxena’s amazing rise to power over sexism, prejudice, and discrimination.