15 Movies That Will Blow Your Mind Right Now


15 Movies That Will Blow Your Mind Right Now:

People think of movies like Interstellar as mind-bending as well as strange because they mix science fiction, magic, and humor to make an odd film experience.

Christopher Nolan is famous for making movies that mess with people’s minds. He does this by putting a lot of work into both careful planning and combining old-school shooting methods with new-school effects.

Because it’s not just one thing, Interstellar was one of his best movies as well as one of the greatest movies that bends your mind ever. In order to fully understand some movies, they need to be seen twice, three times, four times, or twenty times.

Here are the best movies that left people speechless after the credits rolled. They have complicated plots that need to be seen more than once to be fully understood, and shocking turns that become obvious when watched again.


Julia is held captive within a high-tech house and has to take part in dangerous tests for Alex’s study into AI. She makes friends with Tau, the smart AI that runs the house, because she is trapped and desperate and doesn’t know what’s outside its walls.

As Julia teaches Tau, they become close in a way that no one expected. They work together to come up with a way out, however time is rapidly running out.

This movie goes deep into the subtleties of humanity, freedom, as well as artificial intelligence. It has beautiful images and an exciting plot that is made even better by Gary Oldman’s voice as Tau.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind:

Mixing science fiction and romance drama doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the movies are often very thought-provoking and great at making people care deeply about the characters.

The best movie in this category is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, whose Oscar-winning script by Charlie Kaufman doesn’t shy away from a crazy, emotionally tumultuous trip through the human mind.

After a bad breakup, the story is about a pair who each try to get a medical treatment that will erase all memories of their period together.

Jim Carrey as well as Kate Winslet give great performances, and the story is so beautiful and skillfully told that it needs to be seen more than once to fully enjoy it.

Dark Star:

Dark Star, which came out in 1974, was John Carpenter’s first full-length movie. It was a smart sci-fi spoof. A bunch of pilots who aren’t very good at their jobs are sent across space to wipe out a bad world.

Movies like Interstellar take their sci-fi parts very seriously. Dark Star, on the other hand, uses fun to make important points about society. The movie looks terrible compared to films because it was made on a very small budget, but the social satire is what really makes you think.

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The inside of Spiderhead, a state-of-the-art jail, is carefully planned, and prisoners like Jeff get caught in a web of tempting promises. If they agreed to take part in secret drug tests, their terms might be cut short.

Steve Abnesti and his helper Mark are watching over these studies, which are full of powerful emotional manipulators. They take unexpectedly bad turns.

As Jeff cuts through the lies to find out what the facility’s operations and puppet masters really want, the story is filled with a palpable tension.

The movie is not only a study of human feelings and lies. It also shows how deep people’s decisions can go, how fragile love can be, and how much people want freedom even when they are being lied to.

Cloud Atlas:

There are a lot of crazy stories that the Wachowskis have written. Since The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, which came out in 2012, may be the most underrated movie. It’s a big movie version of David Mitchell’s book that follows 6 different stories in very different times, but there seems to be a link between minds over time.

People watching the movie had a hard time following along as the story jumped from the Pacific Islands during the 1840s to a time after society had fallen apart, and the same actors were used in all of the different stories.

Critics had very different opinions about it. Some liked how big and bold it was, while others thought it was too hard to understand.

The Fountain:

This exciting and emotional love drama, whose writer and director is Darren Aronofsky, mixes a lot of different types of movies. It follows Hugh Jackman’s main character through space, time, as well as stories within stories.

A conqueror goes on a journey to find the Tree of Life. It’s also a modern-day sad story about marriage and illness. Finally, it’s an arthouse science fiction movie about a ghostly monk who sends a tree through the universe within a bubble to reach the heart of a dying star.

Many movies such as Interstellar have a lot for people to understand, and The Fountain is no different. It all works surprisingly well together, though.


A morning that seems normal turns into chaos for Renton when he is thrown into a scary dance of déjà vu. His brilliant creation, the ARQ, accidentally creates time loops, which traps him and his ex-girlfriend Hannah in a dangerous game of chess against the radical Bloc and the evil plans of the Torus Corporation.

Every time it’s played, relationships change, betrayals hurt more, and the ARQ becomes a bigger mystery.

As worlds and dates become mixed up, Renton and Hannah are left with the haunting question could they beat fate? The scary ending, with its mechanical invaders and frantic messages, left a lasting impression of repetitive fear.

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The movie TÁR, directed by Todd Field, got a lot of praise at the recent awards season. Cate Blanchett’s amazing performance won her a Golden Globe for Best Actress within a Motion Picture Drama.

The movie is mostly about a made-up famous composer and director named Lydia Tár, who quickly becomes famous for the strange ways she treats her mentees. TÁR will surprise viewers with its unique point of view and complex story. It is both subtle and brave at the same time.

The movie is full of hints and small details that make you want to watch it again and again. It is definitely one of the best movies of the decade.

Source Code:

Army Captain Colter Stevens has to live through the final seconds of a terrorist bombing upon a train repeatedly in order to try to figure out who the bomber was and where they are going to attack next. This is made possible by a strange technology that makes a form of simulated reality.

Through his different reenactments of what happened, Gyllenhaal’s lead character starts to think that he can change what will happen, which leads to a lot of crazy ideas.


In the busy center of Seoul, Shin Roo-mi strongly defends her fried chicken tradition against Tae-san, a building giant with ties to organized crime. When a meteor shower gives Seok-heon telekinetic skills by chance, he has no idea what a huge duty these powers will put on him.

Seok-heon’s new skills become a source of hope and resistance against uncontrolled corporate greed when he tries to get back in touch with his separated daughter Roo-mi during her real estate war.

Rescues from the sky, emotional breakdowns, and justice being done in the air all build up to a touching reunion within Superpower Chicken, where powers serve drinks as well as family ties are the most important thing.

Donnie Darko:

Donnie Darko is a famous sci-fi psychological film that follows the journey of the title character, a troubled kid living in the suburbs who starts having dreams about a huge rabbit named Frank.

As Donnie starts to do what Frank tells him to do, strange and terrible things start to happen. This makes him understand that he might be inhabiting a parallel world and that his dreams could be signs of a disaster that is going to happen.

The movie, which was directed through Richard Kelly, got good reviews for having a story that made people think and for exploring ideas like time travel and alternative worlds.

Through its mood and pace, it has a strange knack for making people feel scared and tense. Along alongside the film’s non-linear story and shocking finish, this makes it one of those mind-blowing movies that you need to see more than once to fully understand.

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When it comes to sci-fi, Rian Johnson tried his hand at it years before making The Last Jedi, as well as his time-travel story Looper is often seen as the better movie.

In the not-too-distant future, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt both play the same hitman named Joe. They fight the mob as well as each other when Willis’ older self is transported back in time to be killed through his younger self.

Looper is an exciting ride that makes you use your brain. It has every twist and turn that renowned writer and director Rian Johnson’s films are known for.

What Happened To Monday:

In a future where there are too many people, seven identical sisters get by in a world where each family can only have one child by pretending to be someone else. Every week, one of them takes on the role of “Karen Settman.”

When Monday disappears for no apparent reason, the Child Allocation Bureau plays a dangerous game of mouse and cat. As lies come out, the sisters’ friendship is put to the test, which forces them to make very hard choices.

The movie is about loss, identity, and survival, and Noomi Rapace, Willem Dafoe, as well as Glenn Close all give great performances.


The tale of Dom Cobb, a skilled thief who was provided the chance to make things right by putting an idea in someone’s mind, is told in Inception, one of Christopher Nolan’s most famous movies.

Cobb and his team find their target in their dreams and use a variety of modern technologies to plant the concept and gain control of the dream. The team has to face their own guilt and doubts as they dig deeper into the target’s mind. This leads to a dramatic as well as mind-bending finish.

It became a huge hit right away because it was different, had mind-blowing action scenes, and had a complicated story that made you think. Its mix of action, science fiction, as well as psychological elements is perfectly matched by its amazing sound design and visual effects.

The movie is hard to watch again because it tells stories in a confusing way and uses dream logic. It also deals with tough topics like what truth is and how powerful the mind is.


NASA astronaut Sam Bell was about to finish his three-year assignment at a moon mining center when all of a sudden he starts seeing a double of himself.

By making the story less broad, director Duncan Jones lets the characters shine and gets to the heart of the ideas. When it first came out, the cult hit confused most people, but now it’s seen as a secret gem in late-2000s independent film.