15 Of The Best Chick Flicks Movies Upon HBO Max


15 Of The Best Chick Flicks Movies Upon HBO Max:

We don’t understand why genres like “buddy comedy” are only used for male friendships, but “chick flick,” which is about female friendships, is a standard film genre. In the past, the genre has been used to describe movies that are mostly aimed at teens and women. Many romantic and emotional movies fall into this group.

Even though “genre” is just a word, here are some movies you should keep in mind for a girls’ night in. These feel-good projects can all be seen on HBO Max. There are many different kinds of love stories in the best relationship movies on Max. Max has gone through a lot of alterations as it tries to become the best streaming service.

House of the Dragon as well as The White Lotus may be its most well-known shows, but it also has a huge library of movies. Max members can choose from a lot of different types of movies, but the best relationship movies are the ones with the most interesting, funny, and famous love stories.

Bride Wars:

Getting married alongside your best friend is one of the coolest things ever, right? It’s the same with Liv and Emma. They’ve been planning their wedding together since they were kids, and it will take place at the famous Plaza Hotel in New York.

But fate has something else in mind for them. When they found out that they could only marry on one date, they knew that one of them had to either move the wedding or find a different place to get married. But they both don’t want to do it.

The two women then start the “bride wars,” in which they try to ruin each other’s plans for the big day because they both want to obtain married at the Plaza Hotel that same day. Are the women really ready to give up their lifelong friendship for a wedding venue? This video by Gary Winick gives you the truth.

13 Going On 30:

In 13 Going on 30, a dream love comedy regarding Jenna Rink, a 13-year-old who wants to be an adult after a bad birthday party, Jennifer Garner goes on a full-on charm attack.

The movie follows Jenna from her childhood home to her dream job at a magazine in New York City. It’s a mix of Big and The Devil Wears Prada.

The teen within a 30-year-old’s body is trying to figure out what has happened to her within the past 17 years. She has to ask herself if growing up was everything she was hoping for.

Garner made the movie while taking a break from her TV show Alias. Her happy body language and unabashed childlike excitement couldn’t have been more different from her sassy role as Sydney Bristow.

If you’re looking for one of the best romantic comedies from the early 2000s, 13 Going on 30 is the one for you. It’s fun to watch no matter what age you are.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

It’s a funny and sweet rom-com, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding is also one of the best independent achievement tales of all time.

Nia Vardalos wrote and acted in this comedy based on her one-woman show. It’s regarding a woman who finds the man of her dreams and then has to deal with the problems of introducing him to her strange and large Greek family.

The most funny parts of the movie are the family relationships and the cultural comedy, but at its heart is a very sweet and realistic love story.

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When you bring a new partner into the family, you can’t help but feel nervous. But this movie shows that special relationship that endures all the weird family stuff and get stronger because of it.

A third movie called My Big Fat Greek Wedding is coming out in 2023, which is more proof that this movie was a hit.


Brad Pitt and Drew Barrymore are going to Africa. As movie fans, what more could we want? They play single parents Lauren and Jim in Frank Coraci’s “Blended.” They get a chance to go to Africa alongside their kids.

But this happens after they meet on a blind date and things go horribly wrong. As you might expect, they are both very upset when they learn that one of them is at the exact same vacation in Africa. Then Africa comes along.

Do you want to know how that feels? You’ll have to get “blended” for that. As well as Terry Crews, Bella Thorne, Jessica Lowe, and Emma Fuhrmann are also in the movie.


Even though Casablanca has some of the best lines in movie history, it was just one of many movies made by studios within the early years of World War II.

But something regarding the movie’s heartbreaking love triangle, social and political importance, and beautiful setting made people want to see it. It went on to win Best Picture and is now upon almost every Best Of list.

At the time the movie came out, electricity rationing was normal, but not at all necessary. When Humphrey Bogart as well as Ingrid Bergman were together on screen, their sexual currents had to be strong enough to power at least a small city.

Crazy, Stupid, Love:

Crazy, Stupid, Love has a great cast of stars and is a funny and smart movie about how difficult love can be.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling work together for the first time in this movie. Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon, as well as Marisa Tomei are also in it. Carell plays a guy whose spouse leaves him, so he goes to a younger ladies’ man for dating help.

From an initial crush to an initially real relationship to the memories of a love that didn’t last, the movie shows different kinds of love. It’s also very funny, and the cast is likeable. Comedies don’t usually have story twists, but Crazy, Stupid, Love does, and the funniest scene is the one that comes out of nowhere.

The Age Of Adaline:

“The Age of Adaline,” directed through Lee Toland, is about Adaline, played by Blake Lively, a woman who was accidentally made ageless and has been 29 years old ever since.

She changes her name often so that no one finds out her secret. This goes on till she meets Ellis Jones, who helps her want to be with him to discover love.

But is it feasible for her to do that? Jones will find out the truth regarding her at some point. Even worse, he will get old as well as die, leaving her alone again.

That’s not why you love each other if you can’t get old together. You will cry while watching this movie. It would be best to maintain a pack of tissues close by.


A Fosse-style makeover is given to murder in the movie version of the hit Broadway show Chicago. There was a lot of jazz going on at the time, and theater star Velma Kelly as well as chorus girl Roxie Hart were both caught and charged with murder for different crimes.

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While they are inside the Cook County Jail awaiting their cases, both try to get the famous lawyer Billy Flynn to help them get attention and respect so they don’t have to go to death row.

This movie, which was directed by Rob Marshall, won six Academy Awards. It was the initial musical to win Best Picture within 35 years. If you only saw it once, you might agree with the producers that they “had it coming.”


Putting a bunch of catchy songs in a love story movie can really make it a classic. Along with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, Grease made them famous in the 1970s. Grease was based on a hit Broadway show.

They play high school students in the 1950s who have a summer affair but end up in different social groups when they return to school. Some memorable musical numbers are made from the Broadway songs that are brought to life in a lively and upbeat way.

The main plot of the movie, though, is about Danny and Sandy’s love story. It’s not the most moving or inspiring love story ever made for film, yet the characters as well as acts make it fun, and people want them to get together.

Knocked Up:

When we talk about popular hits, we have a show about kids in high school who are trying to figure out love and friendship. “Grease” stars John Travolta as Danny Zuko as well as Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson. The story is about how they fall in love yet have to break up because Sandy has to go back to Australia.

That doesn’t happen, though, and she ends up going to Rydell High, which is also where Danny goes to school. The T-Birds are led by Danny and are made up of leather-clad greasers. Sandy joins the Pink Ladies, who wear pink as well as are led by Rizzo.

We get to find out within the coolest way how Danny as well as Sandy get back together. The movie, which was directed by Randal Kleiser for the first time, was based upon the stage show “Grease” by Jim Jacobs as well as Warren Casey. It was the biggest hit of its time.

The first best-selling record of 1978 was “Saturday Night Live,” which also had Travolta on it. This one was the second best-selling. Get some “Grease” right away if you want to feel what it’s like to fall within love while shaking a leg.


Tracey Flick walked so Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls could run. Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick play an overachieving high school student as well as a popular history teacher, respectively, in the 1999 love comedy Election. As Tracy tries to run for president of her school’s student body, their relationship becomes more tense.

To make sure Tracy doesn’t win an uncontested election, Jim McAllister hires a football player who has been injured to run against Tracy. But his determination to teach Tracy a lesson costs him both his professional and personal lives, as well as his mind.

Election, which was based on a book by Tom Perrotta and directed via Alexander Payne, got great reviews from critics. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay as well as is at the top of our list of Reese Witherspoon’s finest movies. Even though it didn’t do well at the box office, the movie is still one of the best and most lasting high school movies ever made.

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The Lobster:

With movies like “The Favorite” and “Poor Things,” which is coming out soon, Yorgos Lanthimos has become a very interesting director. The Lobster, one of his earlier movies, had a strange but deep love story that helped show off his unique sense of humor.

Colin Farrell plays a man who is lonely and joins a matching program that has a unique way of getting people to work hard. Those who don’t find a partner through the conclusion of their time will transform into an animal.

Farrell and the rest of the skilled group, which includes Rachel Weisz, Ben Whishaw, John C. Reilly, as well as Olivia Colman, do a great job with the dry sense of humor.

In its own strange way, it’s funny, and it raises some interesting questions regarding love as well as what society expects from it. The Lobster’s ending solidifies its view of real love, which is a mix of sad and happy.

500 Days Of Summer:

People are deeply in love when they keep track of the days they’ve spent together. Also, Tom falls within love with Summer as well as Summer falls in love with Tom.

But she breaks up with him after 500 days of getting to know each other. Tom now has to press the “replay” button within front of his friends as well as go back 500 days to figure out what went wrong, where it happened, and when it happened.

“500 Days of Summer” doesn’t follow a strict timeline, but it does show how Tom deals with his breakup while telling his friends and fans about his love life.

With this, both of us learn that holding on to things only slows us down and that we should accept them and move on. Marc Webb directed the movie, which stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Matthew Gray Gubler, Geoffrey Arend, Clark Gregg, as well as Rachel Boston.

Garden State:

Garden State, directed by Zach Braff, is not a great movie. It’s about a young actor who is having a hard time and goes back to New Jersey to be with his family after his mother dies.

The script was written by Braff while he was depressed and was based on his own emotions of numbness. The movie questions things like mental illness, medicine, growing up, and falling within love, sometimes getting the feelings right and sometimes not.

The romance comedy was a surprise hit when it came out in 2004, even though it had some problems. This was due to the movie’s great music, truly sick cast, and appeal to a group of young people facing adulthood.

The movie’s main character is played by Braff, and Natalie Portman plays his strange and constantly dishonest love interest, Sam. The movie is frequently compared to The Graduate, but it is still its own unique romance comedy that makes you feel something.


Ghost is a great example of how romance movies can be a mix of many types of movies. It’s a sad movie because Patrick Swayze plays a guy whose perfect marriage is shattered when his husband is killed.

As a ghost, he has to find a medium to help him keep his wife safe from the person who killed him. It looks like the movie won’t have much time for a love story with that plot.

But the romance is the aspect that most people remember regarding Ghost, and it’s what makes the other parts work so well. The plot of Ghost is good enough that even though people know the romance can’t end happily, they still enjoy the story.