15 Of The Best Indian TV Shows On Hotstar


15 Of The Best Indian TV Shows On Hotstar:

The shows on Disney+ Hotstar are some of the best within the Indian OTT space, and people really like them. There are a lot of different types of shows on the streaming service, from crime stories to family comedies as well as action tales to spy shows.

It can be hard to decide which show to binge when there are so many great ones to choose from. Here is a list of the 20 best Indian shows upon Disney+ Hotstar that interested people can watch.

The tool is great because it can appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests. Hotstar has something for everyone, whether they like shows from their own country or shows from around the world.

There are both original shows and licensed shows from some of the biggest companies and production houses in the world on the site. Eclipse, Special Ops, Aarya, and other web shows are some of the most-watched ones on Hotstar. Check out our full list of the best web shows on Hotstar, based on how they rate on IMDb.


“Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya” takes place in the made-up village of Shilashpura within Rajasthan. The village is said to have been cursed through a witch doctor named Ridhiyakan a long time ago.

The people in the village think that the wizard remains tucked up in a pile of stones, and that Ridhiyakan will destroy everything if anyone goes near it.

At the same time, Avni Raut, a shamed IAS officer, is given the job of helping a mining company and the locals come to an agreement that will change the life of the village.

This horror show combines mystery and magical elements with modern settings and great acting through Tisca Chopra, Saurabh Shukla, as well as Rajesh Tailang. It’s a great show to watch all at once.

Criminal Justice:

Criminal Justice is a Hindi TV show on Hotstar that stars famous Bollywood actors such as Jackie Shroff, Pankaj Tripathi, as well as Vikrant Massey. The thriller TV show has a story that is very similar to HBO’s “The Night of

Also, the story is the same as the initial season of Criminal Justice, a BBC show that aired in 2008. In a way, this is like a Hindi version of both of those shows. Aditya is a taxi driver who has a one-night stand alongside his client Sanaya. This is what the Hotstar version of the TV show is about.

He stays the night with her, yet when he wakes up, he’s within a pool of her blood. Soon, the police believe that he killed Sanya. It’s up to his lawyer, Madhav Mishra, to obtain him released from his charges.

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal:

An ordinary school that reopens after a long break and runs into a number of problems is the focus of the story. The kids need to work together to preserve their school now. Twelve kids are split into two groups at school in this story.

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The story shows how these two groups are competing with each other and what happens as a result. This show shows normal things that happen to students, such as healthy competition, family issues, fights, hate, love, and friends.

Aashik Gopinath, Sandy Master, Kalaiarasan Harikrishnan, Aravind Seiju, Deepika Venkatachalam, Teja Venkatesh, Bharath Kumar, Raja Vetri Prabhu, Irfan, VJ Sangeetha, Vishwa Mithran, Kpy Tsk, Akshathaa Ajit, Pranika Dhakshu, Parvez Musharaf, Aegan, Deepika Damu, as well as VJ Kalyani all gave great performances.

 Aar Ya Paar:

“Aar Ya Paar,” which stars Ashish Vidyarthi, Aditya Rawal, Patralekha Paul, as well as Sumeet Vyas, is an action-thriller show about a tribal man named Sarju who is very good at shooting. To keep the people in Sarju’s group safe from the crooked financial and governmental systems, he fights them.

He starts doing illegal things because of this, and finally he turns into a dangerous hired killer. The show is very interesting because it looks at how the old and new worlds collide and how greed and power work.

Special Ops:

This Hindi spy movie on Hotstar is about a RAW agent who thinks that a single terrorist is responsible for a string of terror strikes. He is being investigated, though, because he used government money too much.

As the series goes on, Menon talks about how he chose and taught a group of special agents to catch the anarchists who were behind a few of the worst terrorist acts in India as well as the world. The eight-part show was a bit long, but Menon maintains the mood going, so it’s still a good watch all around.


The story takes place in 1984. We see a sweet love story end because of the riots against Sikhs. The year is 2016, and Amrita Singh, an IPS officer, finds a truth that links her past to her present.

Amrita Singh is sick of politics getting in the way of her work, so she decided to wed her longtime companion in Canada. That’s when she finds out that her Sikh father, Gursevak Singh, was one of the main suspects within the 1984 anti-Sikh riots within Bokaro, Jharkhand, a quiet industrial town.

She makes up her mind to find out the truth. As she looks into it, a touching story of love, trust, deception, and suffering comes to light. We get to see the beautiful old-world marriage between Rishi as well as Manu, a Hindu boy and a Sikh girl in 1984.

As the show goes upon, secrets from the past regarding people’s names and relationships come to light. Also, some strange and scary connections exist between 1984 and 2016.

Aaryaa Sharma, Sukhwinder Chahal, Abhinav Pateriya, Neelu Dogra, Kapil Tilhari, Sudhanva Deshpande, Sanjeev Srivastava, Abhishek Tripathi, Wamiqa Gabbi, Teekam Joshi, Namrata Varshney, Satyakam Anand, Sahidur Rahaman, and Saharsh Kumar Shukla all gave great performances.

Escaype Live:

“Escaype Live,” which was created via Siddharth Kumar Tewary, is about six people who enter a live-streaming app game with the promise of instant fame as well as a prize of three crores for the most famous player.

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When the contestants enter, their normal lives are completely turned upside down, and they start to go through big changes in their daily lives. The rules and morals of the game begin to change as the lines between the real world as well as the fake world become less clear.

Thanks to Siddharth, Jaaved Jaaferi, Shweta Tripathi, as well as Waluscha De Sousa’s powerful acting, the thriller series shows how far people will go to get what they want.

Out Of Love:

Out of Love was a two-season show on Hotstar that is based on Doctor Foster on BBC One. The lead parts are played by Purab Kohli as well as Rasika Dugal as Meera and Akarsh, a husband and wife.

They are happy together until Meera finds hair from a woman on Akarsh’s scarf. So she starts to look into things to see if Akarsh is seeing someone else.

She goes crazy and makes a lot of bad choices when she finds out that he is seeing someone else. Eventually, she has to choose between forgiving, forgetting, or fighting alongside her better half.

You’ll be hooked on the TV show because of how well the actors play their parts. Click the button below to start watching the show. There are two seasons to go.


Aarya’s whole world goes upside down all of a sudden. Will she turn into what she hates? How far is she willing to go to keep her family safe? Aarya loves her family and is a good mom.

She is, however, very ignorant and doesn’t know that her husband is involved in an illegal business. Tej Sareen, Aarya’s husband and a drug baron, is killed for no clear reason, and things start to go badly for their family.

The drug gang and criminal groups want to kill the whole family. Aarya joins the group. The show shows how she turns into a crime queen and gets back at the people who killed her spouse while she was taking care of her three kids.

Sushmita Sen, Ankur Bhatia, Vikas Kumar, Virti Vaghani, Viren Vazirani, Jayant Kripalani, Sikander Kher, Namit Das, Maya Sarao, Sohaila Kapur, Pratyaksh Panwar, Alexx O’Nell, Priyasha Bhardwaj, Gargi Mangesh Sawant, Jagdeesh Rajpurohit, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Aakash Khurana, and Geetanjali Kulkarni all gave outstanding performances.

November Story:

This Tamil-language show is called “November Story,” and it’s about a famous crime writer with Alzheimer’s who is accused of murder.

Ganesan, the author (played by GM Kumar), is found out of it next to a dead woman by his daughter Anuradha (played by Tamannaah Bhatia). A good hacker named Anuradha, who is very good at looking at “breadcrumb trails,” decides to prevent her father from being arrested.

In her search, she asks her friend Malarmannan as well as Ganesan’s maid, Chithra, for help. I really liked how the crime thriller series changed the way murder mysteries are told. It kept me interested all the way through.

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In this crime drama Hindi TV show on Hotstar, four masked men hold a doctor’s family hostage the night before she’s supposed to operate upon a very powerful and important leader. Either she saves her patient or her family, yet she picks to fight back against the people who are hurting her.

Tisca Chopra, Ronit Roy, Parvin Dabas, Aashim Gulati, and Mohan Kapoor are some of the most famous TV stars in Hostages. Even though this TV show’s story isn’t very interesting, it moves swiftly and keeps you upon the edge of your seat until the very end.

1232 kms:

Of course, the COVID-19 lockdown hurt everyone, but the workers had to have been the ones who felt it the most. There were many times when people walked thousands of kilometers to get home.

The narrative of this show takes place a few weeks after the national COVID-19 lockdown. Seven migrant workers who are about to go hungry decide to go back to their town, just like a lot of other people. The story is based on the problems they face along the way. Look at the world through the perspective of someone who comes to work every day.

City Of Dreams:

In “City of Dreams,” which takes place in the middle of Mumbai, the Gaikwad family’s rough trip through the city’s politics and crime is shown. Ameya Gaikwad, played by Atul Kulkarni, is the charming and driven lawmaker at the heart of this story. Her goals lead to a deadly attempt on her life.

Poornima Gaikwad, his daughter, played through Priya Bapat, is set on getting revenge for the attack and keeping her family’s name alive. When the political drama gets into the dark world of Mumbai politics, it shows how complicated family ties and power battles are, which keeps viewers upon the edge of their seats.


Want to make things better? Then you should watch PariWar upon Disney Plus right away. The comedy show is about a group of argumentative family members who get together in their hometown to try to receive a valuable piece of land. They have no idea that the estate is just a trick the family father set up to bring them back together and settle their small arguments.

Anger Tales:

The story is about a young man who’s bald as well as has low self-esteem because everyone around him makes fun of him and doesn’t care about him. There’s also a meatless family whose female character has been told by her doctor to eat meat for health reasons. For a religious man, this doesn’t make sense.

On the other hand, a married pair is fighting because their spouse picks up fights with a bothersome neighbor woman. The last song is about a grumpy kid who leads a group of movie fans who yell slogans and fight another group of bullies.