15 Of The Best Movies About Women Getting Revenge Right Now


15 Of The Best Movies About Women Getting Revenge Right Now:

In the past few years, there have been a lot of movies about women getting revenge. Most horror movies end with a “final girl,” the babysitter who got away while her companions were scared and killed.

Things have changed now, and dramas and scares are coming up with new ideas about what payback can mean. As time goes on, even the famous “final girls,” like Laurie Strode in Halloween, learn how to kill on their own and want to gain power back from the monsters that haunt them.

When women play these parts, they fight hard for payback or justice, and people admire how strong and quick-witted they are.People definitely have an idea that male action stars such as Liam Neeson as well as Charles Bronson will lead movies about male heroes who want to get payback.

However, there are numerous excellent films where women play the main part of an angry angel. Here was a list of the greatest payback movies with women as the main characters.

Kingdom: Ashin Of The North:

The South Korean zombie historical fiction show “Kingdom” has a feature-length spinoff called “Kingdom: Ashin of the North.” It’s about Ashin, the strange woman Crown Prince Lee Chang’s group meets while they’re looking for the source of the infection.

In the movie, Ashin’s father is the leader of the village of Seongjeoyain in the north. The Pajeowi kills Ashin’s mother as well as the rest of the people, and they also take her father.

Ashin then grows up within the Joseon base, doing strange jobs and being raped by troops all the time. She finds her father, whose limbs have been cut off, when she is told to spy upon the Pajeowi camp. He asks her to kill him, so she does so before setting the camp on fire.

When she gets back to the barracks, she finds proof that the Joseon captain was involved in the killings in her town. This makes her want to get back at the residents of Joseon.


Jennifer Garner amazes in the 2018 movie Peppermint, where she plays Riley North, a mother who wants payback for the grisly murder of her husband as well as daughter. Her playing has a familiar side to it.

The whole family is almost killed at a local fair after her husband gets involved with a dangerous drug lord. Riley wants justice right away because she is the only one who made it out alive.

The system turns against Riley when they are linked to the drug boss or gang. Riley then takes things into her own hands as well as turns into a rogue who won’t stop until she achieves what she wants. She kills a huge number of people and makes sure that justice is done in the end.


Poor Carrie White, “the girl who lives within the creepy house alongside her crazy mother.” She’s both cursed and blessed to be alone in high school as a stranger. Her telekinetic abilities go off in the shower such as a mega-explosion of puberty.

When a senior crush asks Carrie to go to the prom, her crazy Christian conservative mom tells her it’s all the work of the devil, and she’s not far off. Two of the girl’s friends pulled a mean joke on her.

You can guess what happens next: there is blood, death, and cars flipping over. There are a lot of horror movies that show teens’ bodies erupting, and Carrie is one of them. It shows how oestrogen can turn a worm into a wild natural force.

Sweet Girl:

“Sweet Girl,” a Netflix movie directed through Brian Andrew Mendoza, is one of the few movies that combines a smart story with high-octane action. The story is about Ray Cooper, a working-class guy whose wife Amanda and daughter Rachel love him.

Their happy life within Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, falls apart when Amanda is told she has cancer. The family uses all of their savings on her care.

The doctors say that BioPrime’s unique medicine is the best if nothing else works. BioPrime, on the other hand, stops releasing the drug to raise the price before giving it to Amanda.

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After Amanda’s death, Ray wants to get payback and do what’s right. This movie is on this list due to a huge plot twist near the end that flips the whole story on its head.

Hard Candy:

The story of Hard Candy is about a mental chess match between Hayley Stark, 14, and Jeff Kohlver, a guy who is thought to be a child molester. There are themes of trickery, justice, and payback running through this movie’s story.

The plot changes in interesting ways that show how Jeff and Hayley’s relationship is changing. This movie is full of tension and mystery, which keeps viewers interested and on edge.

The lead role is a young girl named Hayley Stark, played by Elliot Page. The character is sophisticated and keeps the viewers interested. Page does a great job with this character, who is defiantly determined despite being young.

Page’s performance as Hayley goes back and forth between being scary and interesting, giving the movie a strong emotional core. With an engaging performance, she makes the audience care about the character and feel a strong link with them.

The movie’s tension comes from real-life scares, not from magical things. The director, David Slade, does a great job of keeping this delicate balance. He avoids needless violence and builds drama through conversation and small, cramped places.

This movie basically flips the usual villain-victim model on its head by giving viewers an exciting journey that makes them think about justice and vengeance.

9 To 5:

When Judy Bernly’s husband left her for his secretary, she needs to find work. She joins the big company Consolidated Companies and learns from Violet Newstead, a widow who is quite good at her job but has been passed over for promotions because she trained the bad guy Franklin Hart.

Franklin spreads reports that he is sleeping alongside beautiful Doralee Rhodes. This makes the three women want to get even with Hart, and since this is Hollywood, they are equipped to do it with guns and bonds.

9 to 5 was a feminist manifesto disguised as a light comedy. It led to Parton’s hit song, a TV show, and a Broadway musical that close in just one week, with Parton writing the music and Resnick writing the book. The property is still alive in the many story devices that The Other Woman used from it.


Julien Leclercq directed the French action movie “Sentinelle,” which is about Klara, who is scarred after seeing a young boy blow himself up during Opération Chammal while she is working as a translator in the French Army.

She goes out with her sister Tania one night after she gets home. After they were separated, someone beat up and raped Tania, and the police told Klara about it the next morning.

Soon, the investigation finds a link between what happened to Tania and the son of a Russian tycoon. Both of them are protected by diplomatic immunity. Klara goes after the son, Yvan Kadnikov, to get justice for her sister. Yvan Kadnikov is sure that he didn’t rape anyone.

When Klara sneaks into the Kadnikov home to look for Yvan, she is caught by security, and Leonid Kadnikov, the father, casually admits that he did what happened to Tania.

The Brave One:

A radio host turned criminal named Erica Bain is the main character in The Brave One. She is dealing with the effects of a brutal attack that killed her fiancé and broke her own heart.

Erica’s change is not praised; instead, it is shown as a way for her to deal with her deep sadness and fear. In a thoughtful story that looks at fear and pain, Erica herself doubts the morals of what she is doing.

Erica Bain comes to life through Jodie Foster’s powerful performance. Foster gives a superb performance, navigating the inner maze of her character. Her change from a scared woman who can’t do anything to a rogue who has to act gives the story depth and heart.

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Neil Jordan’s direction and Roderick Taylor’s script work together to make a thrilling revenge movie that also looks at how people heal from tragedy.

Jordan’s careful pace as well as dedication to detail make the story even more emotionally powerful. Taylor’s writing goes deep into the main character’s mind to show a complex view that avoids simple moral choices.

Fatal Attraction:

Dan, who is married but not quite happy, has a quick fling with Alex, who is single. She tells him she’s pregnant when he seeks to end the relationship. She also calls Dan’s wife Beth, who doesn’t know who she is. She also gets into their house and roasts their daughter’s rabbit, who is six years old.

“Fatal Attraction” raised the stakes on guiltless cheating from “Thanks, hon, I gotta run” to “This fling could kill you,” which was a common worry in the early years of the AIDS epidemic.

It also had an old-fashioned view of women who work. Alex makes people feel sorry for her when Dan threatens her as well as she cuts her wrists, but by the time she cooks the rabbit, she has turned into a crazy monster.

By the middle of the movie, people were pulling against her as well as for her cheating husband who used her. The movie wasn’t looking good when it was being made, but it turned out to be a huge hit, made the cover of TIME, and provided inspiration for other crazy-babe killer movies like Basic Instinct.

Women thought it was a scary story, while guys thought it was the strangest horror movie ever. Not long after it came out, Close met a woman in her mid-40s who was with her husband.

The star remembered, “She liked Fatal Attraction as well as was taking him to see it so he’ll never cheat on me.’ And he goes, ‘Huh-huh,’ this nervous little laugh.'”

Do Revenge:

“Do Revenge” is a teen black comedy directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and co-written alongside Celeste Ballard. Stars like Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams, Rish Shah, as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar are in the movie.

Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s famous film “Strangers on a Train,” the story is about two people Drea, a popular girl who wants to get back at her boyfriend for sharing a private video as well as Eleanor, an exchange student who can’t stop thinking about a scary rumor.

As the two teens work together to get revenge on their tormentors, they go on a deeply comedic trip that weaves a story of revenge and friendship within this gripping teen drama.

The Nightingale:

In The Nightingale, which takes place in Tasmania in the 18th century, an Irish prisoner named Clare is on the hunt for the British soldiers who hurt her as well as her family in horrible ways.

On this trip, Clare faces violence as well as struggle, but there are also times when she shows strength and kindness. Aisling Franciosi’s powerful performance takes Clare to life and shows how strong she is when faced with terrible problems.

Franciosi gives Clare a raw, primal energy that is both deeply moving and deeply disturbing. Franciosi gives the movie a strong foundation with her acting as a character that people will remember.

The Nightingale is a great example of how good a storyteller Jennifer Kent is. The story she wrote is harsh and unwavering, but also thoughtful and kind. Because Kent is so careful, the violence never goes too far and isn’t necessary.

Instead, it brings attention to the terrible things that happened in the past to women and native peoples. The way she handles these important themes with care solidifies her status as a very skilled director.

Thelma & Louise:

Two women upon the run from the law within the rural South. They’re kind of like an updated Bonnie as well as Clytemnestra, except that Thelma, who is unhappy in her marriage, and Louise, who is a free spirit, don’t want to do anything more illegal than have a fun weekend together.

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That changes when the bar lothario tries to rape Thelma; Louise shoots him dead, as well as the two of them go on a joyride that ends up on the police report.

As a form of sexual payback, they blow up a car, and Thelma laughs as she points her husband’s gun at a police officer. “I swear that three days ago, neither of us would have done something like this. But if you met my husband, you’d understand.”

It costs money to play with guns and sleep with a hot stud in an outlaw dream that has the big steel balls to show what fun costs. What’s the point of giving away a 23-year-old movie?

When the police finally catch the women, they drive off a cliff, thinking that killing themselves is a great way to say “screw you.” What if the male lead in a Hollywood movie was in the same situation? Wouldn’t killing himself be seen as a sign of weakness or mental illness?

In this way, Louise and Thelma are not free women; instead, they are like the sad ladies in opera, for whom death serves as a way out and a way to heaven.


The action movie “Kate,” directed through Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, is all about the title character, Kate, who is a high-class assassin-for-hire.

Kate breaks one of the limitations she has in her job by killing someone in front of a child. This rule was set by her boss, Varrick. After that, she tells Varrick that she’ll quit her unstable job after one more task.

Kate finds out she has severe radiation poisoning with just one day to live after the man she sleeps with drugs her with Polonium-204. This makes Kate decide to get revenge on the people who hurt her.

He eventually turns out to be the man who poisoned the man, but she finds out that a yakuza member forced him to do it. The bloody path she takes brings her to Ani, the girl who saw Kate kill her dad.


Carrie, based on Stephen King’s famous book and starring Sissy Spacek, is one of the best movies ever made. Carrie White, who is sixteen years old and lives alone, is constantly picked on by her classmates at school and abused by her mother at home.

Things take a bad turn when something bad happens within the school baths. Christine Hargensen, Carrie’s bully, plans a big bloody joke at prom that will cover her in pig’s blood.

Then, everyone at the gym finds out that Carrie can send and receive energy. Carrie puts them on everyone because she can think of everything and set the gym on fire with her mind.

When she gets home, she also takes care of her hurt mother. Carrie is the perfect fear-and-power dream about a young girl who gets pushed too far and has the power to get back at the people who hurt her.

The First Wives Club:

They married driven guys when they were young as well as pretty and helped them get to the top. Then later models got rid of them. What are three women in their 40s—collagen-preserved Elise, chubby Brenda, and straight-forward Annie to do? If you want to hurt someone, hit him in the bank account.

“Are we talking about getting even?”Keaton tells Midler, “No, I’m talking about justice.” All men who cheat should be very afraid of a woman who has been slighted. And there isn’t a crowd, just a happy group.

In this hit comedy that makes fun of women’s ego, the desire for payback that was Psycho in Fatal Attraction turns into successful group treatment. Rob Reiner plays a plastic surgeon who tells Hawn, “If I give you one more face lift, you’ll be able to blink your lips.”

The song “You Don’t Own Me” by Leslie Gore plays in the background as the divorcee’s Declaration of Independence. As a clear model for The Other Woman, the film looks at Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s recently divorced wife, who tells the three First Wives, “Don’t get mad.” Gather everything.”