15 Of The Best Movies And Tv Shows About Prison


15 Of The Best Movies And Tv Shows About Prison:

Even though jail might not seem such as the best place for a story, it is the setting for many comedies, plays, and occasionally reality TV shows. The best prison shows have interesting stories and complex characters, even though they are very different.

A lot of shows about prisons are dramas that aren’t for people who want to watch something lighter.

For a show to take place in a long-term jail, the inmates must have bad reasons for being locked up and must sometimes do violent things to stay locked up. That’s especially clear in shows like Oz and Wentworth that do well.

a few of the best prison-themed TV shows are based on true stories as well as are even films that show the lives of people who are in jail. From time to time, a show about jail can also be funny, but that doesn’t happen very often on the best prison shows upon TV.


The reality TV show “Jailbirds” is about the women who work at the Sacramento County Jail and have to compete for power and love in a place where nothing is easy.

As they go about their daily lives, the women in prison face many problems. Since there aren’t many chances for their lives to get better, they don’t think twice about using any method to receive what they want.

A place where everyone is so competitive naturally leads to fights because everyone is doing what they can to make their own lives better.

60 Days In:

60 Days In is a new kind of prison documentary. Volunteers spend two months within jail pretending to be real crooks so that viewers can see what life truly entails behind bars.

There are interesting stories about what goes on behind the scenes of 60 Days In that might take away from a few of the excitement of the show, but there are still lots of good things about the six-season show.

A lot of what the show really shows is how complicated power structures can be in prisons and how important jail gang politics may be. Some people might find the show’s idea scary, but it shows some of the really bad things that happen in jail.


The name of this old British sitcom comes from the slang word for jail time. It’s about a man named Norman Stanley Fletcher who has been given a five-year prison term. People think of Fletcher as a “habitual criminal,” but his cellmate, Lennie Godber, has never been to jail before and needs to learn how things work.

As you might guess, putting these people with a bunch of other prisoners and jail staff, including one very trusting guard, leads to some funny situations. At the exact same time, the television series made social comments about the British jail system, which helped it become known as one of the best British comedies.

Inhuman Resources:

Based on Pierre Lemaitre’s book “Cadres Noirs,” “Inhuman Resources” is a crime action show with Eric Cantona, Suzanne Clément, as well as Alex Lutz as the main characters.

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The show is about a senior executive called Alain Delambre who has been out of work for six years and is ready to do anything to secure a job and live a good life.

So, when the chance he’s been waiting for comes up through a well-known group, Alain doesn’t think twice before hitting his son-in-law, taking from his girls, and making his wife dislike him.

Sadly, things don’t go as planned when the company invites him to a role-playing game before they hire him.

The fact that Alain is desperate for a job makes him willing to do whatever is asked of him, but in the end, it’s his lack of perspective that gets him in trouble. This is where you can watch the show.


Lockup, an interesting documentary show that ran for 12 years as well as 25 seasons as well as showed some of the harsh facts of life in jail, continues to be one of the best real-life prison shows.

The MSNBC show is at its greatest when it focuses on a few of the more famous prisoners and shows how they connect with each other every day. Some of the individuals that the show follows are seen getting visits from family and friends and going to court meetings, which makes it easy to care about them.

Fans will be happy for a long time, even though the show ended a few years ago, there is so much material available, including the remainder of the Lockup TV brand.


This British drama-comedy jail show is about Lee Kingley, a guy who was locked up for violence and gun crimes, no matter how justifiable those crimes may have been.

While Kingley is in jail, he has to deal with problems like prison violence, graft, and bullying. Kingley has to learn how to ascend to the top of the jail chain in order to stay alive, which is bad for his moral character.

People liked the show because it showed how real life is in prison, and it even won the award for Best Drama Series at the BAFTAs. This was probably because it paid attention to character growth and showed how claustrophobic life can be in jail.


The Brazilian thriller, which was originally called “Irmandade,” is about a lawyer named Cristina Ferreira who finds out that her separated brother Edson is in jail within São Paulo leading a group of criminals. Once the police find out, they force her to join the group as an informant.

She sees a side of herself she didn’t know existed, even though it’s painful. Everyone in this room knows that jail time makes us more aware of our true selves, for better or worse.

Will Cristina have the ability to stay out of trouble while getting used to the new world? There is an answer in “Brotherhood.” This is a good place to watch the show.

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Prison Playbook:

Prison Playbook acts as more of a dark comedy, even though it is officially a drama within South Korea, where it was made and first aired. The show is about a famous baseball player who gets a year in prison for killing a man who was trying to attack his sister.

Even though the show deals with important issues, it lightens things up with running jokes like Kim Je-hyuk’s messy life outside of baseball.

It’s one of the few shows that actually got more fans as it went on, making it one of the most-watched shows on Korean TV. Police Story: Prison Book was up for Best Drama at the Asian TV Awards as well as won that award at the Korean Cable TV Awards.

Breakout Kings:

Nick Santora as well as Matt Olmstead, the creators of the hit show “Prison Break,” are the minds behind this drama. In it, U.S. agents form a task team to catch ransomed prisoners.

In order to do this, the guards work with prisoners, who get free time in return. On the other hand, if those prisoners try to flee, they will get twice as long of their original term, which makes sense.

But even with these terrible results, authorities dealing with thieves still cause the problems that were expected. “Breakout Kings” only had two seasons because it got mixed reviews, but it did a good job of building drama as fans watched the team try to catch the escapees.


Some people have a terrible time in life, and Kalief Browder was one of them. Kalief was imprisoned to Rikers Island Prison for three long years after being charged with a crime he did not even commit. He was only sixteen years old at the time.

He was charged with attempting to take a backpack, as well as his family couldn’t pay the $900 bail. Because of this, he served three years within jail for no reason of his own. The charges were finally dropped, and Browder killed himself soon after getting out of jail.

There are exclusive talks with people who were part in the documentary series. It shows how the system has a few really big holes that let the innocent suffer.

Two years after that, he killed himself. His story is still told, and it shows that he was an American hero who never gave up. The show was made by Jay Z because he wanted everyone to know about Kalief Browder’s story.

Girls Incarcerated:

Netflix has a lot of great films, which has helped bring back the documentary form. However, Girls Incarcerated is a great show that Netflix made that doesn’t get enough attention. Over the course of two seasons, it follows the lives of teens who are locked up in two Indiana centers for youth.

Of course, the show does end up talking about some bad things, and it might not be fun to watch. But it additionally includes some touching and memorable parts that can only happen in real life and stay with the watcher for a long time. Even though it wasn’t picked up for a third season, Netflix users were really interested in it.

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Bad Girls:

This British show showed what life was like in a women’s jail a long time before a certain Netflix show did the same thing.

Due to its broad subject, the show was able to include a large ensemble cast, including many prisoners throughout its eight-series run. These included Yvonne Atkins, who was jailed for conspiracy to murder, as well as Shell Dockley, who was jailed for life for murder.

Although some of the stories in “Bad Girls” were funny, others were very serious, like those about drugs and abuse. The show was a ratings hit thanks to its gritty as well as intense content and acts.

When They See Us:

This true-crime drama series, “When They See Us,” was created as well as co-written through Ava DuVernay. It tells the story of five innocent Harlem teens who were wrongly accused of beating a white woman in Central Park in 1989.

The fascinating show shows how deeply racist things were at the time and raises some questions that are still pertinent in today’s world. ‘When They See Us’ can be seen here.

For Life:

For Life is one of the best jail-based shows of the last few years. It is a legal drama based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., a man who was wrongly sentenced to life within prison before mounting his own legal battle and later becoming an attorney.

The show’s two seasons do an outstanding job of showing a man who is on the receiving end of a broken justice system, even though it wasn’t picked up for a third.

For Life’s 23 episodes cover a lot of ground. They show Wallace’s ties with other prisoners as well as a few of his worst times, like the times he was locked up alone for long periods of time. It may have been cancelled because not many people watched, but many of those who did became loyal fans of the show.

The Prisoner:

“The Prisoner” is a show about a secret agent who is kidnapped and taken to a nice vacation town. It has elements of spy stories, science fiction, fantasy, symbolism, and psychological drama.

We think it sounds good, but there is a catch: the people holding him are very interested in him and want to know why he quit his job as a spy. Even though it’s not set in a real jail with locked rooms, the spy played by co-creator of the show Patrick McGoohan quickly learns that he can’t get out and no one will help him.

Even though “The Prisoner” only had 17 episodes, its strange setting as well as psychological themes of the individual vs. the group had a big effect on many other shows that came after it.