15 Of The Best PG-13 Movies On HBO Max


15 Of The Best PG-13 Movies On HBO Max:

Most of the time, PG-13 movies are great for the whole family. If you want to watch PG-13 movies on HBO Max, we’ve picked out some of the best ones the service has to offer.

PG-13 films are often some of the greatest interesting and fun movies ever made. Ratings like this usually mean that kids should watch these movies with an adult because some of the content is mature and might not be appropriate for younger viewers.

But the grade also lets filmmakers show the movie’s themes in a raw way or just add sexually explicit or violent scenes that are needed to show how the story makes people feel.

Draft Day:

“Draft Day” was a sports drama movie that Ivan Reitman stars in. The movie follows Sonny Weaver Jr., the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, as he deals with the NFL Draft.

Sonny has to balance his work duties alongside his personal life, which includes his relationship alongside his girlfriend as well as his tense relationship alongside his mother. He is under a lot of pressure to arrive at the right decisions for his team.

Sean Penn, Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary, as well as Frank Langella all play lead parts in the movie. The movie looks at leadership, making sacrifices, and the stress of being in professional sports.

Searching For Sugar Man:

In the 1970s, American folk singer Sixto Diaz Rodriguez made two albums in Detroit. He played live shows all over the city to promote the albums, but neither the records nor the singer himself were a big hit.

He quickly quit being a musician because he was unhappy. He then bought an old, run-down house in Motor City and worked as a building worker. From what we can tell so far, it sounds a lot like the life story of many artists who were skilled but never quite made it.

But something strange took place. By the mid-1970s, his records were getting a lot of attention in places such as Australia, Zimbabwe, as well as South Africa during the Apartheid era. He was quickly seen as a musical voice upon par alongside the Beatles in those places.

He did not mean to become famous upon the other side of the world while living alone in Detroit, Michigan. This interesting and beautiful documentary through the late Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul shares his story as well as explains an interesting part of the history of music around the world.

Touch Of Evil:

Not sure what movie to watch? Touch of Evil might be a good choice. The movie came out in 1958 and lasts for 1 hour as well as 35 minutes. Orson Welles directed it and Charlton Heston, Orson Welles, as well as Janet Leigh are in it.

Miguel Vargas, a special prosecutor from Mexico, as well as his American partner Susie are enjoying their vacation when Rudy Linnekar as well as his girlfriend are killed by a time bomb that was put in a car.

Vargas decides to look into the case and quickly learns that the local government, police captain Hank Quinlan, and his assistant, Pete Menzies, were planning to frame and implicate a Mexican who wasn’t guilty. He quickly learns that the wrongdoing and corruption go far beyond the case he is working on.

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Weathering With You:

“Weathering with You” is a Japanese cartoon fantasy drama movie that was written as well as directed by Shō Shinkai. The story starts with a high school student named Hodaka running away from his home island to Tokyo, where he meets an orphan girl called Hina who can change the weather.

In order to bring some sunshine to Tokyo, which is always raining, they plan to use Hina’s skills. But they quickly learn that what they did had results, and they need to face the truth of their position.


What a great movie! If you thought Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, as well as True Detective were the best Matthew McConaughey movies, wait until you see this one! Mud is a beautiful story about love, loss, and growing up. It was written and directed by Jeff Nichols and takes place in the American South.

In search of Mud, a man upon the run wanted for murder, two kids named Ellis and Neckbone find him. The kids are scared of him at first because he seems strange, but they end up wanting to assist him and keep him safe from those who are after him.

The movie is about a very human problem seen through the eyes of children. It is a love story in the end, and it draws from American adventure stories and the heat of the South. Mud is beautiful, scary, sad, and exciting all at the same time. At the same time.

A Separation:

There are Payman Maadi, Leila Hatami, as well as Sareh Bayat in the lead roles of the 2011 thriller film A Separation. A skilled group of people work on it, including Asghar Farhadi, Mahmoud Kalari, as well as others. For the movie, IMDb gave it an 8.3 rating, and Metacritic gave it a 95 rating out of 100.

They live in a flat within Tehran with their daughter Termeh and their wife Simin. Even though Simin wishes the family to leave Iran as well as has already set up their visas, Nader wants to stay and take care of his father, who has Alzheimer’s.

Simin is angry and files for divorce, but her application is turned down. She then moves back in with her parents while her daughter stays alongside Nader. Their lives take a bad turn when Nader recruits Razieh to take care of his father.

The Phantom Of The Opera:

“The Phantom of the Opera” is a musical love drama movie directed by Joel Schumacher. It is based upon Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 musical of the exact same name and tells the story of Christine, a young singer who becomes obsessed with the Phantom, a singing genius who is scarred.

As Christine’s guide and helper on her way to fame, the Phantom, she has to choose between her love for him as well as her love for Raoul, her childhood friend.

Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson, as well as Miranda Richardson are all in the movie. Love, passion, as well as the power of music are some of the things that the movie is about.

I Am Not Your Negro:

This film gives a stunning and lively introduction to James Baldwin, a black thinker, author, and social critic. It also goes deeply into the American mind and racial past. It tells the tale of America through the story of “the negro” in America.

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It’s based on a book Baldwin was planning to write about the famous killings of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, as well as Martin Luther King, Jr., three of Baldwin’s friends. Before he died in 1987, he wrote approximately thirty pages. Raoul Peck, a Haitian activist and director, took on the project and turned it into a movie.

He was nominated for an Academy Award for his work. The narration in I Am Not Your Negro is done by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, who also brings out Baldwin’s intelligence, unique lyricism, and the beauty of his soul as a person.

Baldwin’s attacks are still felt today, 50 years after they were written. This is a sad truth. In this way, this movie makes you realize how far America still has to go.

The Dark Knight:

Even though it cost $185,000,000 to make, this hit movie made an amazing $1,006,234,167 at the box office. This movie, which stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, as well as Aaron Eckhart and was directed by Christopher Nolan, should be seen by everyone.

Lieutenant James Gordon as well as Harvey Dent, who is now the new district attorney of Gotham City, decide to catch all the crooks that are causing trouble in the city. They are successful until a villainous character called “The Joker” shows up and causes more chaos and disorder.

To stop the Joker’s plans, Batman needs help from Gordon as well as Dent. He also needs to cross the line between being a hero and a criminal. Batman is going to win some as well as lose some. Which one will it be?

Little Shop Of Horrors:

There is a musical horror comedy called “Little Shop of Horrors” that was directed by Frank Oz. The story is about Seymour, who works as an assistant at a florist and finds a strange plant. He calls it Audrey II after his crush at work.

It feeds upon human blood and grows into a huge plant that talks and eats people. This makes Seymour famous and rich. As the plant’s hunger grows, though, Seymour has to make tough decisions to keep it fed.

Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, as well as Steve Martin are all in the movie. The movie looks at what people are willing to give up for fame and success, as well as what happens when people make risky decisions based on their own wants.

It writes smart songs that are catchy and make you think, with words that go deep into these themes. This cult favorite is a must-see for anyone who likes dark humor and musicals. It brilliantly blends comedy, horror, as well as romance to make a memorable movie experience.


This story is based on real events and is about an old Irish woman who is trying to locate the child she had to give up many years ago. Steve Coogan helped write the script, and even though the main story is sad, his signature brand of very subtle, wry wit can be seen in every line of speech.

Judi Dench acts the mother who kept her “sinful” past a secret for fifty years. Since she’s Judi Dench, I don’t need to say how talented she is; allow it to say that she’s utterly charming in the part.

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As always, Steven Frears directs with skill and keeps the story interesting scene after scene by making the feelings in each one stronger, whether they are sad, funny, or outright angry.

Someone brave and smart made the decision to let Steve Coogan change the story, and the cast and team have worked together to make a great and important movie.


“Amour” is a great work of theater. You will be blown away by how well Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, as well as Isabelle Huppert play their parts. The movie that Michael Haneke wrote and directed is a great work of art. It became a cult hit after being praised by both critics and fans when it came out in 2012.

Anne as well as her husband Georges used to teach piano together. When Anne has a stroke and her right side is crippled because of a bad surgery, their lives change.

She loses her mind and can’t speak straight after a second stroke, so Georges has to take care of her completely. Since Anne won’t go to care, Georges has to take care of all of her needs, which wears him down. He then makes a sad and heartbreaking choice.

In The Heights:

“In the Heights” was a musical drama film directed through Jon M. Chu that is based on the same-named stage play by Quiara Alegría Hudes as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s about the people who live in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan, New York City, and how they try to reach their goals in life.

The singing numbers in the movie will stick with you right away, and the characters’ stories will touch your heart. The movie is also one of the best stage-to-movie versions of the past few years, and both the direction and the music have been praised.

Moonage Daydream:

Forget everything you be aware of the movie about the musician. Monada Daydream isn’t the type of movie that has one-on-one conversations, a story told in order, or quiet times with the subjects.

David Bowie isn’t your average pop star, and neither is this documentary regarding him, which was directed by Brett Morgen. Instead of the usual plot points, it has some unique and fun ones.

Moonage Daydream is a concert, a light show, and a lesson in how to edit collages perfectly. It’s a sensory overload, a wonderful neon fever dream that uses old videos, interviews, and shows to paint a picture of Bowie within his own words.

The Social Network:

Not sure what movie to watch? The social network might be a good choice. It came out in 2010 and has a running time of two hours. Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, as well as Justin Timberlake play in it, and David Fincher directed it.

After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Mark Zuckerberg, a junior at Harvard University, makes a website for the school that lets people rate how attractive female students are.

Because the site was so popular, Zuckerberg made Facebook and asked his friend Eduardo Saverin to invest within the idea. Mark fired Saverin from the company because of Facebook’s success as well as Napster co-founder Sean Parker’s billion-dollar plans for it. Saverin plans to sue Mark for this.