15 Of The Best Scary Movies You Can Watch Right Now


15 Of The Best Scary Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

In Halloween by John Carpenter, legendary Sheriff Leigh Brackett once said, “It’s Halloween.” I guess everyone deserves a good scare now and then. Yes, that’s a good line. But one scary thing? Is it just for Halloween? What a cheapskate! People here at Empire like to believe that they can scare you to death any day of the year, any number of times.

We promise you that you’ve come to the right place to discover your next sleepy night, whether it’s classic slashers, creepy killer clowns, or arthouse horror films that break society’s most scary taboos and make your heart race and your cheeks clench.

We can always count on the best horror films of all time, whether we’re die-hard fans of the genre or just want to try something new. And the holidays are the best time of the year to curl up under the covers with a hot drink and a scary story.

Because there are so many subgenres within the horror genre, it might be the most biased in the movie business. There are different things that each person thinks make a scary movie great or bad. Some movie fans love body horror, while others can’t stand strong possession movies.

The Shining:

Of course, Stephen King doesn’t like it. Critics at the time were not very enthusiastic. The movie’s first-week box office numbers were average. The Academy Awards didn’t even mention it. Unbelievable as it may seem, Stanley Kubrick was even up for a “worst director” award at the first Razzies.

Everyone agreed that it wasn’t fun to shoot either. Some scenes had to be filmed 127 times, which, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is a record.

The well-known “Here’s Johnny!” It took three days, as well as sixty doors, to finish the scene. Both of the lead players were tired and angry when they left the set. How different things look now that we look back on them.

As with a lot of Kubrick’s work, time has helped make it blindingly clear that The Shining is a unique masterpiece: exact, painstaking, bizarre, visually stunning, and a glistening study of a fall into crazy.

The Exorcist:

Even though it’s been out for 50 years, William Friedkin’s classic is still one of the most talked-about horror movies. But see The Exorcist to know why. This is the story of Regan, who plays an ouija board in the basement one day while her mother is working as a successful actor elsewhere.

If you ever wondered why your parents don’t let you play with this toy that doesn’t seem dangerous, it probably has something to do with Linda Blair when she was younger. Using the Ouija board as a doorway, an unwanted guest takes root within the little girl, and the rest, as the movie’s title character, is history.

These movies, like The Shining, are not safe. This movie, which is based on the simplest of ideas, is unpredictable, raw, and primal. Even at its best, it is very scary.

As the production took on an almost magical quality, William Friedkin insisted on “authenticity,” resulting in his players being frozen within a refrigerator, pulled across sets to demonstrate the monster’s strength, and, of course, sprayed with warm pea soup.

The result is a scary movie that you’ll probably never say you really enjoy, but you’ll watch it again and again just to feel how scary Friedkin’s fight of good vs. evil is in all its frightening glory.


There is no doubt that Psycho is one of the best films ever made, as well as one of the best movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock, who was a real master of tension and suspense, made a memorable scary movie with a small cast and even a smaller budget. Like a lot of great horror films, Psycho scares you more than it should.

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As the movie goes on, we meet Norman Bates, an old man with a crazy mother. When the young woman arrives at the remote Bates Motel, a knife-wielding killer takes her life. Before the real secret about the Bates family is revealed, a few more people meet their demise. Psycho isn’t as frightening now as it was when it came out in 1960.

Girls are stabbed to the shower all the time in current horror movies, after all. But the fact that Psycho is still a tight and nerve-wracking experience shows how good of a director Hitchcock was.

The killing of Janet Leigh’s character, as well as the music by Bernard Herrmann that goes with it, is one of the most famous scenes in Hollywood history. Psycho was such a classic in its genre that it led to a 1998 remake that copied every scene word for word. Additionally, the story of Psycho inspired follow-up books and a TV show.

The Pale Blue Eye:

When you talk about suspense thrillers as a genre, you have to talk about Edgar Allan Poe, who is known as the “grandfather” of horror. The Pale Blue Eye is based on a 2003 book by Louis Bayard, not one of Poe’s stories. It takes place in the 1830s and is about a made-up Poe.

Christian Bale, the lead agent, is sent to the US Military Academy to investigate a series of killings on its grounds. Edgar Allan Poe, a young soldier, is one of the suspects. The historical story is full of turns and turns, living up to Poe’s name as it speeds to a satisfying end.

The Conjuring:

When James Wan’s The Conjuring came out in 2013, it was a big hit. It’s one of the best movies ever about haunted houses. Due to its popularity, the movie spawned eight more films set in the same world.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are the stars of all three Conjuring movies, which follow their ghostly activities. The first movie in the series, “The Conjuring,” is sure to scare you for a long time after the credits roll.


Scott and writers Dan O’Bannon as well as Ronald Shusett make it look easy to make a movie that is one of the best in both the horror and science fiction genres.

Getting everything to work together on a small budget wasn’t easy, but the effects are all there on the screen. While it may seem like the Nostromo is the most likely place for horror to occur, the reality is that space itself is dark, cold, and inherently terrifying.

The scary level went up with Giger’s gross creation. Oh, and the cast is great. Sigourney Weaver is great to be Ellen Ripley, one of the best movie characters ever. Anyone can hear you scream at home or in the movie theater.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

Some movie names aren’t very clear, so you have to figure out what they mean as the story unfolds within your vision, including a delicate flower within tea. The dark and sweaty horror movie by Tobe Hooper comes next.

There’s nothing light about this. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a clumsy tool of horror, but the title weapon needs to be sharp. Five teens leave the security of the world behind as well as travel through dusty America in this violent masterpiece.

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When they go into a house to get gas, they find so much death and evil that the film is still a frightening endurance test after all these years. The funny thing regarding the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that there isn’t much blood. There is humor here; it’s just not clear on the first watch.

There’s the famous Leatherface, whose rubbery face was based on Ed Gein’s, as well as a death scene with a hook that makes you look down to make sure your body remains there, but not much else. The gore is a topic that you think about a lot as you try to deal with the horror on screen, alongside the screams of pure fear and the famous frightening music.

There have been many copies of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre over the years, including a Michael Bay-produced shiny cash cow version. But none of them can match the film’s despair and brutal honesty. It’s almost risky to try.


Psycho is often thought of as the first horror movie, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a big part of its growth, making things more intense. But Halloween really set the standard for this type of horror movie, and it has been the basis for a million sequels, rip-offs, copies, and tributes.

Halloween and all subsequent movies feature a well-known holiday, a terrifying, silent, relentless masked killer, and a resilient, resourceful heroine.

But John Carpenter made the movie tense and suspenseful in a way that few others could. As we watched Michael Myers stalk Laurie Strode from a distance before he went on his inevitable killing spree, they were able to do it better than anyone else.

To me, Michael is a great bad guy. He wore a blank, lifeless mask that perfectly captured the dark soul of someone who just killed and killed and killed, no matter what you did to him.

It’s easy to see why Michael grew into a horror hero and why fans were upset that he wasn’t in Halloween III. After all, Michael Myers’s association with both the movie and the holiday of Halloween is undeniable.

Crouched down in a room, Laurie Strode tries to hide from Michael Myers. Even though she ties the door shut, Michael starts breaking it in, letting light in, and revealing his scary mask to Laurie, who is understandably scared.

El Conde:

Both Jackie and Spencer by Pablo Larrain are about girls who are about to die, but they are not really scary movies in the usual sense. His most recent movie, about the tyrant of Chile, Augusto Pinochet, is a pure horror movie.

In his stunning black-and-white bloodbath, Larrain reimagines some of the most cruel leaders in history as vampires who are always looking for money, power, and blood, going from one society to the next.

El Conde was unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and putting these monsters up against a group of nuns who hunt vampires takes things to a whole new level. But don’t watch while you eat.


In 1996, Scream brought new life to the horror genre by giving fans something new to watch in the killer genre, which had become stale. Ghostface is one of the greats of horror, right up there with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

It’s not a surprise that people on Reddit think Scream is one of the best horror films ever made; it just is. The very meta content, use of common horror tropes, and one of the best ending girls in horror movies are enough to give any movie the power that Scream has.

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The Thing:

You can trust these people. What changes the amount of anxiety when you need other people to stay alive? That’s the key to John Carpenter’s very cold thriller, which takes place at a faraway study station in Antarctica.

A finding from another world leads to blood, guts, body horror, and a twisty plot, all held together by Kurt Russell’s charm and Rob Bottin’s great effects work.

It will creep you out with doubt, and the bloodier scenes will make you shudder. The thing should have been given a better chance when it first came out. Thankfully, it has become a cult classic since then.

The Silence Of The Lambs:

This scary movie stars Jodie Foster as well as Anthony Hopkins as a young FBI agent who is after serial killer Buffalo Bill, as well as a prison cannibal who is brought in to help her.

The film directed by Jonathan Demme won “the big five” Oscars that year: the best picture award, the best director award, best actor, best actress, as well as best adapted screenplay. It also allowed people who wouldn’t normally watch horror movies to explore the scary side of movies.

In turn, author Robert Harris’s Hannibal Lector became one of the most recognizable bad guys in movies thanks to Hopkins’s confident and wonderfully campy performance, and Foster’s Clarice Starling was one of the best and most interesting female stars we’ve seen.

The Bride Of Frankenstein:

On the IGN team, there were people who said this James Whale classic should have been higher on the list, maybe even number one. But because collaboration is what it is, directors James Whale, Colin Clive, Boris Karloff, and the others had to be happy with fifth place.

When it comes to quality, the movie is the best in the Universal run of great monster movies. Instead of making a cheap copy of the initial Frankenstein, Whale chose to, uh, make the story and people in the first one more interesting.

With this, Karloff gave his most famous monster the ability to talk, make friends, and even love. It was his second time playing the monster. In addition, Bride of Frankenstein is both a joke movie and a scary movie.

The movie was over 80 years old, but people still love and talk about it. It has great supporting characters and sometimes scary images. “It was our only weakness,” to quote Doctor Pretorius.

Bird Box:

In Bird Box, Sandra Bullock plays Malorie, a pregnant woman who has to become a survivor when mysterious forces wipe out most of the world’s people. Your eyes become cloudy and wet when you consider these things that we never see; consequently, you lose all reason to live and attempt suicide in any way possible.

Malorie and her unborn child arrive at a house where other people who have also managed to avoid the outbreak have discovered safety. This is after they survive a chaotic early scene with a lot of death and damage. Netflix set new records with Bird Box, which is still one of their biggest hits ever.

Evil Dead:

From movies to TV shows, the Evil Dead brand remains one of the most popular in its field. It’s the darker idea that drives the 2013 remake, which takes the series to a place it hadn’t really been before.

Fans have strong memories of The Evil Dead, which is famous for the 50 gallons of fake blood that were used for the famous rain scene. Some of the greatest dead ends in the series are in this movie, which really surprised everyone.