17 Of The Best Vampire Shows On Netflix


17 Of The Best Vampire Shows On Netflix:

Bloodsuckers have been in movies for a very long time. All of these vampire figures had some things in common with each other, but they were also different in their own ways.

Back in the day, vampire movies were very popular, and new ones came out all the time. But slowly, they got too loud and slowed down a bit. But monster movies aren’t really gone yet.

To pull off a vampire Renaissance, there are some really great TV shows out there. The best part is that you can watch a lot of these TV shows on Netflix. Here is a list of a few of the most popular vampire shows that you can watch on the service.

People were scared of what was in the dark because of the famous figure. Vampires have changed over the years into beasts that feed on blood and may or may not glow or burn in the sun.


“Legacies” is a magical fantasy drama TV show written by Julie Plec. It stars Danielle Rose Russell, Aria Shahghasemi, Kaylee Bryant, as well as Jenny Boyd.

The show is mostly about the Salvatore School for the Young as well as Gifted in Mystic Falls. This school helps young werewolves, witches, as well as vampires control their bad behavior and become better people.

Because these magical creatures know that their enemies could attack at any time, they only use stories and old tales to learn how to fight one-on-one. This way, they have an opportunity to fight when they face their enemies.


The French-language magical horror online TV show Vampires will premiere in 2020. It stars Oulaya Amamra, Suzanne Clément, Aliocha Schneider, Kate Moran, Mounir Amamra, as well as Juliette Cardinski, and was created by Benjamin Dupas and Isaure Pisani Ferry.

Doina is the main character of the story. She is a child vampire who lives alongside her mother Martha and takes medicine to control her vampire urges. It came out on Netflix on March 20, 2020.

“Vampires,” a magical horror internet TV show produced by Benjamin Dupas and Isaure Pisani-Ferry, stars Oulaya Amamra, Suzanne Clément, Aliocha Schneider, as well as Kate Moran. The story is about a teenager in Paris who is half human and half monster.

Dealing with family problems forces the young girl who doesn’t know who she is to face her true self as she learns about her skills. The main character is just starting to understand how powerful she really is when a secret vampire society comes up to her and makes things worse.

The Vampire Diaries:

Based on L. J. Smith as well as J. L. Miller’s young adult books with the same name Two monsters stuck in the bodies of teenagers within the middle of a love triangle. What could be better? Elena is a beautiful teen girl who has just lost both of her parents. Follow her as she falls within affection for a vampire that is 162 years old.

The Vampire Diaries


The word “immortal” gives you a general idea of what the show is about. It’s true that Immortals is about vampires. This Netflix show from another country takes place in Istanbul and is about payback and blood.

It’s about a vampire who wants to find the other vampire who turned her. But she has to earn his trust first before she can turn back into a person before she can finish the job.

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In the middle is a story about a vampire who is looking for something that can make people live forever. The miniseries didn’t get great reviews, but there are many things to like about it.

Van Helsing:


Scientist Abraham Van Helsing was a Dracula hunter in the famous Dracula books. Everyone has heard of him.

There are bloodthirsty monsters hiding in the shadows, and his daughter, Vanessa Helsing, is brought back to life to discover that vampires now rule the world. She may be the only one who can bring peace back to this world.

If you like movies about places after the end of the world, you’ll love this one. Don’t judge this show by its initial few episodes it grows a lot better over time.

Vampire Knight:

If you like anime, you can watch a lot of your favorite shows at once on Netflix. Vampire Knight could be the right show for you if you like vampires and anime.

The show is based on the popular manga about a young girl who recalls being slain by a vampire and saved by another. The present day finds her at Cross Academy, where she has taken charge of the day class.

They watch out for people from the Night Class vampires, in addition to a vampire tracker. People and vampires agreed to work together to make things better between them, but it turned out to be easier said than done.

V Wars:

Ian Somerhalder is back for a new vampire show, but he’s not the vampire this time. He plays Dr. Luther within V Wars on the Netflix show. The scary science fiction show is based upon a collection of short stories and a comic book through Jonathan Maberry.

There are a lot of famous themes in the show, like monsters, germs, and climate change. When the ice melted because of climate change, a dangerous virus came out and changed people into vampires.

There were rifts in society because of the spread, which might soon give rise to a nasty war between human beings and vampires. V Wars was ended after one season, even though it got good reviews.

I Woke Up a Vampire:

I Woke Up a Vampire is a comedy-drama show created by Thomas Lynch. It has a TV-PG rating, which means it’s safe for kids over the age of 7. There is a girl named Carmie Henley in the story, and when she wakes on her 13th birthday, she finds that she has transformed into a vampire.

She wants to show off her skills, but she knows that doing so will make enemies, including a kid called Dylan Helsing who hunts people like her. On top of that, she is going through puberty and going to school.

The show follows her as she tries to figure out who she is now while dealing with all of these things. Look no further than this vampire show if you want to have a good time alongside your kids.

The Originals:

The American fantasy magical drama TV show The Originals made its debut on The CW on October 3, 2013. It’s a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and the first TV show in the brand to be inspired by its parent show.

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Klaus Mikaelson, a vampire-werewolf mix, and his family get caught up in the magical politics of New Orleans’ French Quarter in this show.

“The Originals” is a spin-off of “The Vampire Diaries” that sometimes does better than the original show. The story is about the Mikaelson brothers from “The Vampire Diaries.” On the show, they are called “the Originals.”

They go to New Orleans to fight a threat that includes their oldest brother Klaus, who is married to a monster and is having a child with her.

There are many bad forces that are going to do everything they will to hurt the baby, so “the Originals” are going to battle them all to keep the baby safe. Our show is amazing, and it’s definitely one of the best on this list. Vampire TV shows are an excellent choice for people who like them.

First Kill:

“First Kill,” based on Victoria Schwab’s short story of the same name, is about a teenage vampire named Juliette Fairmont. She comes from a long line of vampires that goes back to Lilith, who chose to be bitten by the serpent instead of living in the Garden of Eden.

Now that she’s 16 years old, she needs to kill her first animal to become an adult. That being said, Juliette finds it hard to believe that she has to drink human blood. When she meets Calliope “Cal” Burns, a girl from a family that hunts monsters, her life starts to change.

They are meant to be deadly enemies, but both of them can’t deny how much they want the other person. ‘First Kill’ was dropped after one season, even though reviewers mostly liked it.


Dracula is a good choice if you want to see a show that plays with the original Dracula character from the book but adds a dark and scary twist to it. A short, three-part drama-horror show on Netflix that looked at Dracula in an interesting way.

The show takes place in both the past as well as the future. The story shows how Dracula came to be and how he met his enemy Van Helsing over the years. But don’t think this series will have a lot of blood and guts. A lot of people wouldn’t have thought it would be so strange and dark.

Netflix defines the show to be “The Count Dracula legend transforms with new tales that flesh out the vampire’s gory crimes while bringing his vulnerability into the light.”

Vampire In The Garden:

There is a Japanese cartoon miniseries called “Vampire in the Garden” that shows how humans and vampires can live together in addition to the bond we have seen between the two.

Fiine is a queen vampire, and Momo is a female fighter for humans. They become friends because they both love music, even though humans and vampires are at war.

Then, the two decide to run away to the plane where the two species live together, but they don’t know if the place is real. But even then, their trip is dangerous because both species are after them. The thing we find out is if they can get to the “paradise” they want to find.

From Dusk Till Dawn:

It’s pretty clear that From Dusk Till Dawn is based upon the well-known Quentin Tarantino movie with the same name. Stories from the movie, the direct-to-video movies, and the comics are used in the show to make it its own unique bloodsucker show.

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A lot of the renowned plot points from the movie are shown in the beginning of the show. The FBI wants the Gecko brothers to take a family hostage and transport them to a strip club within Mexico.

What they don’t know is that the club is home to bloodthirsty animals that look like snakes. They need to make it through the night. The plot from the movie is taken much further in the show, making it an interesting series.

Tooth Pari:

‘Tooth Pari: When Love Bites,’ an Indian Hindi-language show created by Pratim D. Gupta, is a loving take on the vampire theme that shows how love between a vampire as well as a human can go wrong in many ways.

After missing a tooth, Rumi goes to see dentist Roy. The treatment not only fixes her tooth, but it also starts a romance that, as expected, doesn’t go over well on either the human or vampire plane.

Even though Rumi and Roy are both having problems, they can’t help but feel drawn to each other. Are they going to be able to meet? “Tooth Pari: When Love Bites” has the answer.


Castelvania is a good vampire-themed cartoon that you can watch on Netflix. The anime show for adults is based on a Japanese video game with the same name. It was supposed to be a movie at first, but there were a lot of problems with it before it became a Netflix monster show.

The well-known figure Count Dracula is in the show. When his wife is wrongly accused of witchcraft and sets herself on fire, he vows to get even.

He lets out a bunch of demons that make the people in the country afraid. Along with a wizard and Dracula’s dhampir son, an outcast monster hunter rises to beat him.

The Kirlian Frequency:

It’s not true that every episode of The Kirlian Frequency is about vampires, but they do show up sometimes. Before it came out on Netflix in 2019, the Argentine show was first shown on the web on YouTube and Vimeo.

The show is about a radio station that solely plays shows at night and often reports on strange happenings. Each show tells a different story, but “Masters of the Night,” the second one, is all about vampires. It’s simple to watch if you want to avoid committing to anything.


“Supernatural,” a show with a cult following that was created via Eric Kripke, isn’t just about vampires, but they play a big role in the story. As the show’s title suggests, Dean and Sam Winchester are brothers. They carry on their lost father’s work of killing vampires and demons and keeping people safe.

But their story is more complicated than that. It involves a mother who was killed by a bad spirit, Sam’s magical abilities, the Devil, as well as the end of the world.

Jensen Ackles plays Dean, Jared Padalecki plays Sam, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Jim Beaver, as well as Alexander Calvert play the boys’ father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Misha Collins.