15 Of The Best War Movies On Hulu


15 Of The Best War Movies On Hulu:

In movies, “war” is a big genre that includes romance, spies, action, as well as mysteries, among other things. But what makes war films so interesting is that the setting is a war that shows people at their worst, while the story is about the positive side that still remains.

Even though bad things happen to us, there is still hope, and we hold on to it with all our strength. This is because the movie works better the more we stick to it. But we shouldn’t forget about war movies that are based on real events, even if they don’t always have good things to say. There are a lot of great military films on Hulu.

There are a lot of military films on the platform that show some of the most important events in history, like the last few months of the US’s 20-year war within Afghanistan or the terrible events that led to the Srebrenica massacre throughout the Bosnian War.

Hell Hath No Fury:

The thing regarding war movies is that they make sure to show even the smallest details to make us remember that we are watching something big. This movie through Thomas J. Wright, which was made throughout World War II, is about a French spy called Marie and her events.

Her people have kicked her out of the country for being a spy, and now she has to assist in helping the American troops and rescues find the gold that is kept in the secret grave of her lover, the German officer Von Bruckner.

But while they look for the wealth, she additionally has to help them keep the Nazis away. What the movie is about is whether she can get her hands upon the gold. Nina Bergman, Daniel Bernhardt, Timothy V. Murphy, Sean Murray, Louis Mandylor, Dominique Vandenberg, as well as TJ Rotolo are all in the group.

Enemy At The Gates:

The movie “Enemy at the Gates” stars Jude Law to be Vasily Zaitsev, a Russian soldier sent to fight in the 1942 Battle of Stalingrad. Hundreds of German soldiers have been killed by him alone because he is a skilled shooter.

So, the Germans sent Major Konig, one of their own shotgunners, to kill him. Vasily is a hero to the Russians, so the Germans hope that killing him will bring them down and make them lose the battle.


We know that war movies are scary because they show horrible violence to tell stories about a long time ago. In WarHunt, on the other hand, real horror is mixed alongside the genre through following a US military scout team during the Second World War as they fight more than just enemy troops.

In Germany’s Black Forest, their plane crashes behind enemy lines. The men then go deep into the forest to find a way out. But soon, they meet a mysterious being that can change its form and is following them through the dark woods.

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While that is going on, Maj. Johnson sends a brave group to find top secret information. This new mix of rough war action and scary horror makes for really tense visuals to be the soldiers attempt to figure out what’s going on.


“Benediction” is a good choice if you want to see a film about war that gives you more than just war adventures. The film is based upon the life of Siegfried Sassoon, a British soldier as well as war poet who fought in World War I. It was directed by Terence Davies.

It looks at different parts of Sassoon’s life, from his time within the war to his criticism of it to the fact that he was gay to the fact that he got married to find peace and comfort in his life.

By writing poems about how he feels, Sassoon goes beyond war as well as puts into words the thoughts of a disturbed man who is desperately trying to find a way out but doesn’t know how.

Jack Lowden plays Sassoon when he is young, and Peter Capaldi plays Sassoon when he is old. Other actors in the group are Tom Blyth, Kate Phillips, Calam Lynch, Ben Daniels, as well as Geraldine James.


The World War I movie “1917” is about two young British soldiers, William Schofield as well as Tom Blake, who go on a dangerous journey into enemy country.

They have to bring an important word that could alert the enemy and protect 1,600 men. But there is only one day left till the British are supposed to fight the German army, so they have to work quickly to save their friends, including Tom’s brother Joseph.


Petr Jákl, the director, makes a brave and violent movie about the ups and downs of Jan Žižka, a Czech hero and warrior from the early 1400s, that shows how the idea of “power” came to be.

The movie was shot on location in Czechia and has beautiful photography, but it doesn’t stay true to the facts. It takes us into the dirty battles, passionate love stories, as well as political betrayals of the time.

Ben Foster gives the character a sincere performance that helps us understand how bad it can get when rulers and brothers fight.

Even though Medieval makes the time period seem real and raw, you can’t ignore the comments it makes about violence as well as how it leaves deep scars even after you’re free.


The story takes place during the South African Border War, which happened in Namibia, Zambia, and Angola from 1966 to 1990. Nicholas van der Swart is a white South African teenager who has to fight the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia as part of his two-year military service in the pro-apartheid South African Defense Force.

The movie shows Swart’s terrible physical and mental experiences over the course of two years, with a focus upon his relationships and hiding the fact that he is gay in a place that smells like toxic masculinity.

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Oliver Hermanus directed “Moffie,” which is based on André Carl van der Merwe’s personal book with the same name. The cast includes Ludwig Baxter as Nicholas van der Swart, Ryan de Villiers as Hilton Pelser, Christiaan Schoombie as Martin Munro, and Stefan Vermaak.

12 Strong:

The movie “12 Strong” is based on Doug Stanton’s 2009 book “Horse Soldiers,” which is about a Special Forces unit that was sent to Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks and became famous for riding horses after the Taliban.

Chris Hemsworth plays Mitch Nelson, the head of the ODA 595 team, who was based on the real-life senior officer Mark Nutsch. Hearing about the Twin Towers’ fall on TV made Mitch want to take charge of the mission in Afghanistan.

Riders Of Justice:

Riders of Justice is a silly but funny action comedy movie starring Mads Mikkelsen to be Markus, a soldier who has been sent away and has to go home to his daughter after his wife dies. Everyone says it was due to a terrible train accident, but one person who lived through it says it was murder, which leads Markus to solve a very interesting story.

As always, Mikkelsen throws himself into the part of a sad man who is looking into the accident that killed his wife. However, he can’t do it alone and needs the assistance of a group of strange people he gathers for his big payback.

The movie is full of dark humor as well as stylish action, but it always stays focused on how the characters interact with each other. This movie makes it clear that the main character comes from war, even though he is driven to get payback by loss and pain.


Rangoon is an Indian Hindi movie with Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan, as well as Shahid Kapoor within the lead parts. The movie is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj.

The movie takes place during World War II and is about a movie star named Julia who is forced to go to the Indo-Burma border by her lover and director Rustom “Rusi” Billimoria to entertain as well as charge up the troops there. While there, she falls in affection for Jemadar Malik, a war prisoner who is supposed to protect her.

There are also other stories going on, and when you mix them with the great acting, you have a very interesting and fun movie to watch. Besides the players already named, Richard McCabe, Lin Laishram, Surendra Pal, Amruta Khanvilkar, as well as Saharsh Kumar Shukla are also in the group.

The Last Full Measure:

The real-life war hero William H. Pitsenbarger gave his life to save the lives of men who were down during the Vietnam War. This was the idea for the film “The Last Full Measure.”

Sebastian Stan stars Pentagon worker Scott Huffman in the movie. Huffman is on a mission to give Pitsenbarger a Medal of Honor after the fact.

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As Huffman learns more regarding the soldier’s life, he finds out about a plot involving a US politician who has something to do with the mission that killed Pitsenbarger.

Official Secrets:

This great movie is based upon The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War, a book by Marcia and Thomas Mitchell that tells an amazing true story. It’s about a British intelligence worker named Katharine Gun and what she did to stop the Iraq War.

It’s 2003, and Gun has just learned from the NSA that the US has been spying upon UN Security Council members to force them to vote for war.

Gun takes a huge risk by giving the memo to the press. Keira Knightley is unbelievably beautiful in her fight for honesty. She puts world peace ahead of her own safety because she is a good woman. In Official Secrets, we are literally in the midst of the stress and tension that comes after a brave choice.

The East:

“The East” is a Dutch movie directed through Jim Taihuttu. It takes place during the Indonesian War of Independence as well as deals with the age-old problem of duty versus morality, which has been the subject of many other movies.

Johan de Vries, a Dutch fighter who is 20 years old, and his group go to Indonesia to put down a revolt. As soon as they become targets, though, de Vries is faced with a very tough moral choice.

Martijn Lakemeier plays fighter Johan de Vries in the movie. Marwan Kenzari, Pras Teguh, Jim Deddes, Denise Aznam, Joenoes Polnaija, as well as Jonas Smulders are also in it.


A personal video called “Retrograde” shows how American troops left Afghanistan after 20 years of war. The movie shows the last nine months of the war as well as follows a young Afghan general called Sami Sadat as he fights to protect his country with the help of his men and US Special Forces units.

It’s also told from the point of view of the US Green Berets and the people who are desperately trying to leave their country, which the Taliban have taken over.

The Book Thief:

Author Markus Zusak’s best-selling book is turned into a moving and beautiful movie by Brian Percival. Like the book, the movie shows how terrible WWII was through the eyes of a German girl who has lost her parents and finds comfort within books she steals from the mayor’s office.

Young Liesel lives in the basement alongside her brand-new foster parents as well as a Jewish guy who is not part of the family.

It’s Death, who tells the story of the movie, who helps us connect with the complex characters as well as their quiet opposition to the Nazi government. WWII was a terrible time, while there are many personal stories that need to be told. One of these stories gets extra attention in The Book Thief.