15 Of The Best Werewolf Tv Shows You Can Watch Right Now


15 Of The Best Werewolf Tv Shows You Can Watch Right Now:

We should not forget about werewolves, who are vampires’ sworn enemy and get a lot of attention within the news. Werewolves, which are half-human and half-beast, are an important part of the best TV shows about them.

But the shows on this list are both those that are about werewolves and some important shows that have werewolves in them. You likely thought of Teen Wolf first when you read the title of this list. Teens were really into the MTV show, and the charming lead actor Tyler Posey was a big part of that.

That’s why there’s Paramount’s Wolf Pack. The show brings Sarah Michelle Gellar back into the world of teens and the supernatural. Bitten and Wolf Lake are two more great shows upon this list.

With Teen Wolf: The Movie as well as Wolf Pack, the Teen Wolf world came back to life this month. Last week, the Norwegian werewolf story Viking Wolf additionally made it to Netflix’s top 10. This movie brings back one of our favorite characters.

Werewolves don’t get as much attention as ghosts as well as vampires, but they’ve been the inspiration for some great movies and TV shows over the years. And now that some new shows have been so popular, people want to see the beast come out on screen more than ever.

The Order:

A college student joins a secret order, which leads him to a world he had never heard of before. In this world, there is already a war going on between werewolves as well as individuals who are good at black magic.

At first, you’ll roll your eyes at the show because everything is so normal. But slowly, everything just keeps getting stranger and stranger. That’s when things get better and the story starts to go deeper. The artists are also very good at playing their parts.

There are also not many werewolf shows out there right now, so you’ve only missed season one up until now. Before the next season starts, you can still catch up on this one. It gets better all the way through.

Teen Wolf:

Right after Twilight’s success, the early 2010s were full of magical love stories for teens. Scott McCall gets bitten through an alpha werewolf in the made-up town of Beacon Hills.

He now has to find a way to be a teenager and protect his town from magical threats at the same time. Teen Wolf is based on the 1985 movie with Michael J. Fox in the lead role.

MTV chose to make a version that was darker, sleeker, as well as sexy. The producers got some ideas for the show’s look from Guillermo del Toro’s creatures within Pan’s Labyrinth.

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True Blood:

To the young Sookie Stackhouse, life changes when vampires “come out of the coffin” as well as show themselves to everyone in a small Louisiana town. Bill, her friend and a 200-year-old vampire, is interested in her because she is more than meets the eye.

Once she starts getting involved in the shady side of the supernatural, werewolves quickly start to appear out of nowhere. This is a great book for people who like dangerous and steamy love stories.


When ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ ended, the CW added a new show to the TWD world called ‘Legacies.’

A show called “Legacies” is about the next generation of witches, werewolves, hybrids, and vampires who all go to the same school in Mystic Falls to learn the magical arts.

Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of the first vampire Klaus as well as werewolf Hayley, is at the heart of the story.

Alaric Saltzman’s twin girls, Lizzie and Josie, are one of the show’s many well-known characters. It also has some great new ones. “Legacies” is a show about coming of age with magical beings that we adore.


Eric Cord is a werewolf, and to get rid of the curse on his family, he has to kill the person who made him. At the same time, Eric has been chased by his own bounty hunter.

Eric is shown on the show to be a traveler who looks for shelter in different places as well as does odd jobs to make extra money. He appears to have no memory of these events when he changes, but he still only hurts “bad guys.”

The show was very interested in werewolf mythology. Blood transfers and bites were used to spread the disease, and the only ways to die were through suicide, a silver blade, or another werewolf. Although Werewolf is a lot of fun, the show stopped before Eric was able to find his way to heaven.

Wolf Like Me:

A young, single father is in a car accident with a strange but nice woman. He falls in love with her as he tries to figure out why she is always moving from place to place.

He quickly learns that she is more than just strange because every full moon she turns into a bloodthirsty werewolf. Will they be able to keep their friendship going?

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina:

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is about a witch named Sabrina Spellman who has to make the hardest decision of her life on her 16th birthday.

Sabrina quickly learns that handling her half-witch, half-human nature isn’t as easy as it seems when she has to decide whether to join her family’s fantastical world of witches as well as stay within the human world alongside her friends.

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Also, Sabrina utilizes her power to protect the people she loves because evil from the witch world is after her family as well as the friends she grown up with.

There are a lot of other magical creatures on the TV show. For example, Amalia, the werewolf, has to face her fate after meeting the young witch.

Wolf Lake:

Wolf Lake on CBS only ran for one season. In fact, only five of the nine episodes were shown before the show ended in 2001. It’s possible that people weren’t ready for a monster story just yet.

The show is about a police officer who goes to the small town in the Pacific Northwest where his late fiancée grew up. He learns that the people who live in Wolf Lake are split into two groups: werewolves and humans. The werewolves are treated better than the humans.

People today are sad that the potential show was canceled too soon and have said that Wolf Lake was like a mix of The X-Files, Twin Peaks, as well as The Howling.

Werewolf By Night:

Werewolf by Night is the first time the creature shows up in the MCU. This is a special take on the Marvel recipe.

After the death of their boss, a group of experienced monster hunters get together at his house for a race to see who will lead the group from now on.

As the monster hunters look through a maze, things are not what they seem to be for two of the guests. If the ending wasn’t exciting enough for you, you are hopeful that the characters are going to show up again in the MCU.

Wolf Pack:

When two teens find something they have in common, they get together. During a very bad California blaze, a monster bit them. Sixteen years ago, two other animals were bitten in the same way and were later taken in by a park worker and cared for.

All four kids have now come together to figure out what happened with their bites. The show is based on Edo van Belkom’s 2004 book with the same name.

Hemlock Grove:

A string of killings has shook the sleepy Pennsylvania town of Hemlock Grove, and stories start to spread about the strange studies going on at the town’s medical research center.

People think Peter, who is an outsider, killed the recent people because they think he is a monster. He goes on a journey with Roman Godfrey, who is the son of a rich and powerful family, to look into the killings and expunge his name.

Being Human:

One of them is a ghost, one was a werewolf, as well as one was a vampire. All three of these things try to hide what they really are while they live their lives.

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They have to deal with their special illnesses within a way that doesn’t hurt the people around them or put the group at risk of being exposed when they are faced with exposure.

Every month, George, our werewolf, has to change into a different animal so that he doesn’t harm anyone or pass on his curse. Being Human played in Britain in 2008, and over the course of 5 seasons, it was the right mix of spooky and buddy humor.


She is just a girl named Elena Michaels trying to make it in the big city. The only other werewolf in the world is male, though, so she has to go home when her pack is attacked. In order to protect her pack, she gets back together with an old flame while they fight the strange being that is threatening their way of life.

The Vampire Diaries:

The Vampire Diaries was the most watched show on the CW network until Arrow came along and beat it. Elena Gilbert, a young girl who falls in affection for an old vampire, is the main character of the show.

As the series goes on, different plots focus on other people who live in the town. In The Vampire Diaries, being a werewolf is passed down through genes. A werewolf must have at least one parent with the werewolf gene.

The gene also needs to be “triggered” by killing a person or a magical being. On the show, Ansel, Lana, as well as Mary Dumas stand out as monsters.

Penny Dreadful:

This psychological thriller is named after old English short horror stories. It’s full of dark turns and turns as it explores the spooky underground of Victorian London and brings back some of the most famous characters from the horror genre.

The drama starts when Vanessa finds out that Dracula has taken her childhood best friend. People from dark stories, like Dorian Grey as well as Victor Frankenstein, show up on her quest to save her friend.


Wolfblood isn’t really about werewolves; it’s about people who can turn into wolves whenever they want. They do change without being able to stop when the moon is full, and they are also weaker when the moon is new.

In the initial season of this British show, Maddy Smith as well as Rhydian Morris try to live their lives to be wolfbloods without telling anyone about their secret.

Wolfblood is targeted at a fairly young audience, and the second season even had a wildlife-themed side show. The sequel was called Wolfblood Uncovered, and it showed scenes from the show compared to real wolf scenes.