15 Of The Best Westerns On Hulu


15 Of The Best Westerns On Hulu:

The Western is an important part of American society. The movies told both true and false stories about a time long ago. They showed vast landscapes and exciting fights against an area that used to be wild.

Over the years, the genre also gave us a lot of film actors whose names became linked to characters who were not like real people. People’s tastes in entertainment and their ideas about the past changed over time, so things had to change.

From the 1980s on, the number of movies in the field started to go down. Never quite happy with going out, the Western came back with movies like “Unforgiven” by Clint Eastwood and “Tombstone” by Kurt Russell.

Since the narratives are set within a small town upon the edge of society, it’s hard for the government to reach and make sure everyone is treated fairly. As a result, the people who live there have to do what’s best for themselves.

Over the years, movies that look at the Western scenery have grown into their own genre. Creative filmmaking shows how harsh nature is and how still people’s lives are in the West.

The Drover’s Wife:

This movie, which was directed through Leah Purcell, is based on Henry Lawson’s famous short story “The Drover’s Wife,” which was published in 1892. Even though the character’s name isn’t given in the story, the film makes sure that we movie fans will remember it for a long time.

The Australian Outback is where Molly Johnson lives alongside her kids. Her husband moves animals for a job, so he is often gone for months at a time before coming back.

The movie looks at how worried she is about her children and how her daily life makes her worry. Leah Purcell plays the lead role, and Rob Collins, Jessica De Gouw, as well as Sam Reid are also in the group.


Australia by Baz Luhrman was an epic set in Australia. It was a big story about greedy farmers at the start of World War II. An English aristocrat as well as a Drover who work together to save the English aristocrat’s ranch add to the tension between native individuals and rich landlords.

Nicole Kidman as well as Hugh Jackman play the leads, respectively. All the chaos going on around them doesn’t stop the two odd friends from falling in love.

Many people really liked the movie because it had great acting, beautiful photography, and some very moving themes. Even though this one didn’t happen in the United States, it has a lot of Western themes as well as a style that makes it seem like it did.

No Country For Old Men:

Looking for a film that has done well at the box office and has been praised by critics? No Country for Old Men is the only book you need to read.

The movie came out in 2007 to a lot of praise. It was directed by Ethan and Joel Coen and starred Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, as well as Josh Brolin, among others.

It also did very well at the box office, becoming a single of the biggest hits of its time with $171,627,434 in sales. Hunter and Llewelyn Moss, a welder, find the bodies of several drug runners within rural Texas.

He puts the pieces together and figures out that something violent happened between them all of a sudden. He sees two million dollars sitting around as well, but he doesn’t tell the cops about it.

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Soon, Anton Chigurh, a psychopath killer, finds Llewelyn to get the blood money. Being able to see how he gets to his target was sufficient evidence that this psycho doesn’t care about people.

At the same time, the rising murder spree is being looked into by a blasé sheriff called Ed Tom Bell. Ed still doesn’t understand how complicated this case is.

Murder At Yellowstone City:

What could be more interesting than a murder within the desert? “Murder at Yellowstone City,” which was directed by Richard Gray, is a great movie about that subject.

Robert Dunnigan, the person who just recently found a gold mine, was killed. This renders Cicero, a slave who just came in Yellowstone City, the main suspect.

It’s not until more deaths happen that Sheriff Jim Ambrose understands what he needs to do to find the killer and stop the bodies from piling up.

High Ground:

The story of High Ground, which shows how sad border wars are in Australia, was called a “revisionist Western.” Based on a real story, the movie is about a man named Travis who used to be a shooter in World War I and now works as a police officer.

He loses control of an operation, which leads to the deaths of a group of Yolngu Aboriginal people. Travis’ bosses try to hide what happened, which makes him angry and forces him to leave.

After more than ten years, he comes back when there is a new threat and attacks on the native people begin again. Travis steps within to help this time.

When his links to the old killings are made public, however, Travis is suddenly considered the enemy and is being chased. The movie got great reviews when it was first shown at the Berlin International Film Festival, and critics have given it an 89% grade.

The Searchers:

John Ford directed the adventure-drama movie The Searchers. John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, as well as Vera Miles play important parts in it. The movie, which ran for 1 hour and 59 minutes, came out in 1956.

Ethan Edwards, who served in the war, goes back to West Texas to visit his brother Aaron after eight years. Because he used to fight for the Confederacy, he is asked to swear loyalty to the Texas Rangers, yet he refuses.

Soon after, the Edwards farm is set on fire, killing everyone except their two girls, Debbie as well as Lucy, who are taken away. Ethan decides to go after the girls, but when he gets there, he finds Lucy dead and raped badly.

He is determined to find Debbie no matter what, so he sets out on a long, boring trip to find Scar, the infamous leader of the Nawyecka band of Comanches. He has Martin with him, who is Debbie’s adopted brother.

The Old Way:

Don’t you think that Nicholas Cage is a good representation of how slightly crazy and strange the West is? Cage plays shooter Colton Briggs in Brett Donowho’s “The Old Way.” Briggs is involved within a game of payback.

When the child of someone he killed before comes back and kills Brigg’s wife, Brigg chooses to put an end to the game for good. He brings his daughter with him because she shares his desire for justice. ‘The Old Way’ is a great choice if you want to really experience the West.

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How To Blow Up A Pipeline:

How to Blow Up a Pipeline is a neo-western book that deals with some very important current issues and ideas. It takes place mostly in Texas and is about a group of radical environmentalists who plan to blow up an oil pipeline.

The movie deals with some touchy subjects, like environmental action vs. environmental terrorism, because of where it takes place and the people it portrays.

It has an amazing 94% grade from critics, and it has a great young cast. Based on true writing that says destroying property is a good way to fight climate change, the movie shows something that happens every day.

As the debates continue, the movie is strongly based in reality. Protests against climate change have been in the news for burning expensive works of art and getting in the way of major sports events.

Hell Or High Water:

The crime thriller Hell as well as High Water came out in 2016 and was directed by David Mackenzie. Taylor Sheridan, Giles Nuttgens, Malgosia Turzanska, and other people are on its team.

The full-length movie made over $37,999,675 at the box office as well as won awards from the AARP Movies for Grownups, the AFI Awards, USA, and the Detroit Film Critics Society.

Two Texas Midlands Bank locations are broken into by brothers Toby and Tanner. Their mother died, leaving them with a lot of debt on their ranch from a reverse mortgage from the Texas Midlands Bank. If the debt is not paid off, the ranch will be foreclosed on.

Hamilton and Parker, two Texas Rangers who are close to retirement, are given to the case of the thefts and keep a close eye on them at all times. They soon see a pattern in the thefts.


Olivia, the wife of former Arizona Sheriff Roy, dies in “Frontera,” which takes place in the dangerous area between Mexico and Arizona. A man named Miguel came to Arizona illegally from Mexico at the same time as this event. He is only a suspect at this point.

Roy and Sheriff Hunt, who is now in charge, start looking into a case that is connected to and shows how difficult the relationship is between the U.S. and Mexico, which is right next door. Michael Berry is in charge of making the movie.

The World To Come:

Even though it takes place in the West, The World to Come is not at all like other movies in the same genre. The film had its world premiere at the 77th Venice International Film Festival. Casey Affleck, Vanessa Kirby, and Katherine Waterson in the lead roles.

It’s about a sad couple who live alone in the country as farmers and deal with their sadness after their daughter dies. Abigail and Tallie, two women from the other couple who doesn’t have kids, quickly become close friends after they move in next door.

By telling each other about how their relationships have become unhappy, they quickly find comfort within each other and start seeing each other romantically. Their husbands notice their time together and become more and more jealous and angry toward them.

Being a rare LGBT-themed western with a strong story, the movie was a critical hit because it took on this role with courage.

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3:10 To Yuma:

3:10 to Yuma was an action-crime movie that came out in 2007. It stars Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, as well as Ben Foster.

The crew is made up of skilled people like James Mangold, Halsted Welles, Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, Phedon Papamichael, as well as others. The movie got a score of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb and a score of 76 out of 100 upon Metacritic.

Bad guy Ben Wade as well as his gang are robbing a stagecoach in Arizona in the Wild West in 1884. A poor rancher named Dan Evans as well as his two sons catch sight of them.

Wade takes their horses as well as says he will tie them up “on the road to Bisbee.” He then gets caught and sent to Yuma Territorial Prison.

Evans has been paid to take him there, but Wade’s group is set on freeing their boss. They face ambushes, gunfights, as well as betrayal on their way to the train station, which leads to an exciting and surprising ending.


The Old West was a very different place, and movies and TV shows have been making it more interesting for decades.

Butch Cassidy is one of the tales that it says it owns. He was a bank and train robber who led the Wild Bunch, which is thought to be the most successful train-robbing gang within history.

People think that Cassidy died when he was 42 years old, but “Blackthorn” makes up a story about him as a senior citizen on his way home who has changed his name to James Blackthorn.

However, if you have a “happening” past, it will always find you in strange ways. Sam Shepard, Eduardo Noriega, Stephen Rea, as well as Magaly Solier are in the movie “Blackthorn,” which is directed by Mateo Gil.

Hostile Territory:

Westerners often painted pictures of times that were known for how hard life was back then. Hostile Territory shared the sad story of a prisoner of war (POW) who was trying to get back to his family. The movie showed how quickly children had to grow up after the Civil War.

Jack Calgrove is heartbroken to learn that his wife passed away after going through a lot of trouble to get home. Even worse, his kids were sent away upon an orphan train because they were thought to be alone.

Calgrove tries desperately to stop the train before it’s too late with the help of a group that includes a slave, a former soldier, and a group of Native Americans.

Wind River:

This huge hit movie made an amazing $44,202,682 at the box office, even though it cost $11,000,000 to make. This movie, which stars Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, as well as Graham Greene, is a must-see for all movie fans. It was directed by Taylor Sheridan.

The death of a young Native American woman on the Wind River Indian Reservation within Wyoming is being looked into by Cory Lambert, a wildlife officer. He works with Jane Banner, a new FBI agent who is sent to help with the case.

As the probe goes deeper, Lambert’s sad past comes to light, which makes the present events more relevant. Lambert and Jane work together to find out about a dark and scary world of murder and crime on the tribe.