15 Of The Greatest Latin American Tv Shows You Can Watch Online Right Now


15 Of The Greatest Latin American Tv Shows You Can Watch Online Right Now:

You have no reason to dislike Latin American soap shows. Modern telenovelas from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela aren’t just about cheating loves, cousins who fall asleep, getting payback for honor crimes, and long conversations.

Soaps in Latin America today have cool, pretty characters, stories that are shockingly twisty, and they don’t cover any taboo subjects. There’s a list of Latin American shows that are sure to have your favorite project on it.

Every year, there are a growing number of shows with Latinx stars and women, whether you watch them on TV or your favorite online service.

A-list actors in Hollywood today, including Wilmer Valderrama from NCIS, Gina Torres from 9-1-1: Lone Star, America Ferrera from Superstore, and Julio Macias from On My Block, are happy to show their Hispanic cultures upon screen and share their unique points of view.

Here is a sample of what you can watch upon Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, as well as other services right now if you want to watch a Spanish-language show with your family or a Latinx-themed show to learn more about other cultures.

La Mujer De Judas:

A captivating drama made in Venezuela The priest Sebastian was killed twenty years ago. Altagracia del Toro, his beautiful fiancée, was blamed for the priest’s death.

The girl was caught and sent to jail while the wedding was going on. Altagracia thought about how to get back at her enemies while she was in jail. Now, many years later, she is free.

At the same time that she comes back, several people are killed in the town, and each one is a bride within a white dress. People in the area have called the killer “Judas’s wife.” Has Altagracia moved forward with her evil plan?


Selena Quintanilla, a Mexican-American singer who died in 2018, will always be remembered as a famous Tejano singer within the 1980s and 1990s.

Jennifer Lopez played Selena in the biopic film Selena, which came out in 1997, after her sudden death within March 1995.

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Today, Selena fans of all ages can learn more about the Tex-Mex singer in a Netflix series coming out in 2020. The show stars Christian Serratos as the singer.

Bom Dia, Verônica:

Veronica Torres works as a murder detective within São Paulo, Brazil. Veronica has been looking for a man who targets single women upon the Internet as of late.

The bad guy sleeps with his victims and then posts private pictures of them online. A woman agent is pulled to a married pair where the woman is being horribly abused while the investigation is going on.

The Baker And The Beauty:

For a short time, The Baker and the Beauty had only one season. It was a new take on the standard telenovela. The drama is about Daniel Garcia, who tries very hard to make his Cuban family happy.

But when he meets Noa Hamilton, an Australian beauty and fashion mogul, his attention suddenly changes. They start dating quickly and quickly become in love, which makes everyone talk.

Entre Caníbales:

The most certain way to do right is to get revenge. Four guys raped Arianna Mendoza, who was 17 years old at the time. The woman has been after her attacker for twenty years, and now her time has finally come.

Rafael Valmora is the mayor of the city and wants to be president of the country. He is Arianna’s major offender. The bad guys’ inner group is broken into when a woman gains a job at the mayor’s office. They are going to fully answer for their wrongdoing.


Fans of the original magical fantasy drama Charmed said goodbye to the show ten years ago. In 2018, the second “Power of Three” was introduced: Mel, Macy, and Maggie. Like the first season of the popular show, Charmed is about three sisters who find out they are witches when they get back together after their mother dies.

Pasión De Gavilanes:

Their sister is called Livia, and they live in a poor area with their boys. Livia falls within love with Bernardo Elizondo, a guy who is older than her. The girl is honest and believes Bernardo when he says that he is going to get married soon.

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She doesn’t know that her lover already has a family. Soon, Bernardo will die, and Livia will find out she is pregnant. The girl kills herself out of despair. They promise to get revenge for the death of her only sister on her grave.


It might not seem like there is much happening behind the scenes of a store, but NBC’s comedy Superstore shows that there is. In addition to trying to assist customers, Cloud 9 workers also have to deal with getting along with each other outside of work. Alum of Ugly Betty There is a female lead played by America Ferrera, who additionally serves as an executive producer.

O Negócio:

A series of stories about the work lives of girls who don’t have much social responsibility Karen, an old goddess of love, plans to use new marketing ideas in the personal business.

As a helper, she works with Magalie and Luna, two smart people in the same line of work. Together, the girls are ready to change the greatest job in the world.

Roswell, New Mexico:

The main character on the CW sci-fi show is played by Cuban-American actor and 2009 winner of So You Think You Can Dance Jeanine Mason. Liz finds out that her crush, Max, was an alien when she gets back to her hometown. Max, the town’s deputy sheriff, now trusts her alongside his secret. Things get more difficult when more aliens show up, though.

Verdades Secretas:

They are drawn to the attention of girls from big cities like butterflies to light. Arlette wants to work as a model in Sao Paulo. The pretty girl in the city thinks she will be successful quickly, so she goes straight to a modeling agency. She doesn’t know she’s stuck, though. She really has to work to become a maid for rich people.

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Mr. Iglesias:

Gabriel Iglesias, the performer best known as Fluffy, plays a good-hearted public high school teacher at the school where he went to school. The first episode of the three-season sitcom finds Gabe in a classroom going over a year’s worth of American history alongside funny pop-culture references and thought-provoking questions. While the kids are about to go on summer break, there is still a lot planned for them and Gabe.

Rebelde Way:

Four teens go to the elite Elite Way School, and this is their story. In Argentina, there are both children from wealthy families and children from average homes who are very good at learning.

That’s how Manuel Aguirre got into the school. In college, he had friends who were the kids of powerful politicians and businesspeople. The boys form a group that they call the Rebel Spirit. But Manuel doesn’t tell his friends what he really wants.

George Lopez:

Based on his own childhood in southern California’s San Fernando Valley, comic George Lopez plays a fiery but loving Hispanic dad in the hit 2002 comedy.

Fans can still remember the show’s theme song as well as funny lines, such as “Ta loca!” Plus, Constance Marie, who plays Selena, stars in it.

Caer En Tentación:

A broken heart can sometimes lead to love. A poor engineer named Santiago and a mother named Raquel both find out that their partners are cheating on them.

A wealthy businessman named Damian, Raquel’s husband, had a car accident, as well as Carolina, Santiago’s wife,’s things are found in his car.

How are you going to deal with this news now? Also, where is Carolina’s body? The people in the Mexican soap show need to answer these questions.

Devious Maids:


There are four housekeepers in Beverly Hills who help each other out after one of their friends was killed. It turns out that the players are Marisol Duarte, Rosie Falta, Carmen Luna, as well as Zoila Diaz while they are trying to figure out how she died.