15 Of The Saddest Movies On Hulu


15 Of The Saddest Movies On Hulu:

It feels so good to let out some steam when you cry. One of the strongest feelings a person can have is tragedy. It makes sense that Greek artists used it as a good way to tell stories.

These movies show the weakest points, whether it’s through comedy, sadness, a loss of pride, or difficult relationships. But the subtleties of writing have changed over the years, and movies can explore a lot of different styles.

These movies show our weakest sides, like our comedy, sadness, pride, or relationships that are hard to handle. But stories have become more complex over time, and movies are now open to trying new types of movies.

But the subtleties of writing have changed over the years, and movies can explore a lot of different styles. Here is a list of sad movies on Hulu that you might enjoy if you want to watch some.

Three Identical Strangers:

Life itself brings three brothers who were split up at birth back together. This is what people mean when they say “real life was stranger than fiction.” Of course.

Documentary film “Three Identical Strangers,” directed by Tim Wardle, tells the story of how three strangers from New York in 1980 found out that they were identical triplets. Their names were Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland, as well as David Kellman.

Still today, no one knows why they were split up at birth; all that is known is that the parents dug deeper because the adoption agency, Louise Wise, as well as the boys themselves didn’t tell the parents that their adopted children were triplets. However, the sad truth is that some people are being lied regarding their own children.

The Hero:

The Hero is mostly a showcase for experienced players like Sam Elliott from The Big Lebowski and We Were Soldiers. Elliott plays an old Western star who is coming to terms alongside the fact that he is going to die.

It’s pretty sad, like most movies regarding people getting to terms alongside their death. Everyone in the cast, including Laura Prepon, Nick Offerman, Krysten Ritter, as well as Katherine Ross, does a great job. Elliot is especially good.


Also very sad is the love story Endless. They fell in love in high college and have been together ever since. The car crash which alters their lives stops their hopes of being together in the future.

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While Chris fights for his life, Riley feels bad about what happened. Chris and Riley figure out a way to talk to each other even though they are stuck between the two worlds.

After all, it hurts a lot when something bad happens and changes your plans. That’s exactly why the film makes you feel so strongly, even more so if that individual was happy with their life. This is a sad movie on Hulu.

Little Fish:

“Little Fish” is one of the few movies that really does combine science fiction and personal tragedy. This movie is based on a short story through Aja Gabel from 2011. It’s about a young couple named Emma Ryerson as well as Jude Williams who fall in love and get married while a dangerous virus spreads around them.

It’s not COVID; it’s a sickness that makes people forget things. Emma and Jude find it interesting at first to read about the different cases, yet once Jude starts to show signs of the illness, it all becomes too real and present.

Emma has to decide if she wants to stay with the man she adores and watch him go away, or she wants to leave him and keep her sanity.


Even though they have all the tools in the world, many movies still feel so small that they might additionally not exist. Tangerine by Sean Baker, on the other hand, shows how much directors can do with little.

The movie was made on an iPhone and didn’t cost much, but Tangerine is a beautiful, hypnotic story regarding the friendship between two sex workers.

A long day puts that bond to the test, and even though the story is simple, it is very powerful. When Sin-Dee finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she sets out to find his lover.

Alexandra is getting ready for a show at a nearby club at the same time. Tangerine is the best movie I’ve ever seen about Los Angeles. It was shot upon a stretch of Santa Monica that is known as a hub for prostitutes in the city. At the same time, it’s stylish, low-key, and new because it shows real life on the streets.

I, Tonya:

It’s not always easy to be successful. Being famous gets a lot of attention, which may or may not affect your social image. The movie is based on the life of famous figure skater Tonya Harding and stars Margot Robbie within the lead part.

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Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya’s rival, was involved in the 1994 episode. In the sports movie, it’s shown how that changed his personal and business life. Tonya as well as her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly each talk about what happened in the story from their own point of view. Making it hard to figure out what happened.

However, Tonya’s life has been harmed by the scandal, especially since everything she did was for nothing and was forgotten in an instant. There are a lot of sad movies on Hulu.


In every way, “Supernova” is a sad movie that shows how important it is to let go. in the Harry Macqueen movie, Tusker, who has early-onset dementia and has been married to Sam for more than 20 years, starts to see life in a new way after being identified two years ago.

Because of this, they value their time and choose to spend it with those they care about. During this process, they have to face some hard facts about death, love, and life.

A Teacher:

In the news, teachers having bad ties with kids happens all the time, but it’s rarely shown on TV. An adult woman is abusing a teenager within her class, and the teacher has to deal with this tough subject.

A Teacher is an honest look at a type of child abuse that is often ignored, from the start of the relationship to its damaging end.

Although Lindsay Burdge does a great job as Mrs. Watts, Will Brittain truly shines as Eric, a lost kid who slowly comes to terms with the fact that something is wrong. It’s heartbreaking and highly advised.

Boyz N The Hood:

John Singleton’s “Boyz N The Hood” is an emotional tale of struggle, friendship, and persevering through pain, even though it is a crime drama. The movie is about Tre Styles and takes place in south-central Los Angeles. He moves to live with his dad in an area full of gangs.

Tre as well as his friends have a hard time making sense of the years they spent growing up in Crenshaw. They have to deal with violence, grief, and death all the time. The moving story within this well-reviewed piece of art makes it more powerful.

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Minding The Gap:

Minding the Gap was a documentary film directed by Bing Liu that tells the story of his childhood in Rockford, Illinois. Liu, along with his friends Keire Johnson as well as Zack Mulligan, look back at their formative years through the lens of skateboard culture.

The maker of this video wants to show a connection between how a person was raised and how they see manhood.

The three friends lost touch because of different life events, but one thing that all of their paths have had in common is that they all saw harm at home as kids.

So, the documentary that was nominated for an Academy Award deals with tough topics in a sensitive and nuanced way. Are you excited to see the movie? This is where you can do it.

Skeleton Twins:

How did a movie with famous comedians like Bill Hader as well as Kristen Wiig end up only playing in small theaters? That’s how: by being a funny but creepy reflection on unsolved childhood problems.

Maggie is about to kill herself when she gets a call telling her that her brother Milo has cut his wrists.

Maggie wants Milo to move to New York State to live with her as well as her husband. She is in a hurry to see him in Los Angeles. Ensure that you have a box of tissues with you the whole time because Wiig and Hader do an amazing job of making this very sad story funny.

Sophie’s Choice:

‘Sophie’s Choice,’ starring Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, as well as Peter MacNicol, takes place after World War II and is about Sophie, a Holocaust survivor, her husband Nathan, an American Jew who has become crazy about the Holocaust, and a young writer-to-be named Stingo who has just moved into their Brooklyn, New York, apartment.

The writer likes Sophie and gets closer to them as he learns more about them. This lets Nathan’s crazy side affect him while Sophie talks about her horrible past. The movie, which was directed through Alan J. Pakula, is thought to be a gem because of how it deals with pain. Since that’s what we want to do, right?