16 Great Christmas As Well As Holiday Films To Watch


16 Great Christmas As Well As Holiday Films To Watch:

Everyone has a different opinion on which Christmas movies are the best, but there are a few that are so well-known that they belong with the most influential films of all time.

These are the Christmas movies that continue to enjoy a following because they make people feel good and are fitting for the season. Also not included are movies that take place around Christmas but don’t really focus on the holiday.

Even though there are many great cartoon Christmas movies, the ones that everyone knows are all live-action. Every year, new Christmas movies come out. They used to be big theater events, but now that streaming services are more famous, viewers are also going to them.

There is Noelle on Disney Plus, Spirited on Apple TV, Falling for Christmas on Netflix, and so on. There are a lot of great Christmas movies from the past, and while these new versions are fun, most of the best ones are already well-known.


Anyone wouldn’t want a fairy to be their friend and help them get what they want? Yet what if a full-size fairy that looks like a person shows up in your life and stays with you all day?

Mackenzie, played by Isla Fisher, finally gets her happily ever after after losing her dream of having one when she was ten years old within The Motherland, the kingdom of fairy godmothers. Eleanor, the youngest fairy godmother within The Motherland, finds her.

Because Eleanor wants to spread magic, she ends up in the real world, where she meets Mackenzie. Mackenzie is not the same person she was when she hoped for a happily ever after.

She lost her husband, as well as things are getting tough between her and her two children. The movie is set during Christmas and is about Eleanor trying to show Mackenzie that there still exists happiness within the world as well as her life, even though she knows there are many problems.

The movie “Godmothered,” which was directed through Sharon Maguire, uses a fairy to show that things can get better, however only if we want them to. Our happily ever after was up to us.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas was first shown on TV in 1966. Since then, there have been a cartoon version and a live-action version, but the original is still the most famous.

It’s based upon a 1957 children’s book through Dr. Seuss, and the great Boris Karloff reads the whole thing. In numerous ways, this story isn’t as easy as it seems. People think the Grinch is mean because he hates Christmas and tries to steal it. But when he finds out that Christmas can’t be stolen, he changes his mind.

But the animation brings so much feeling to the story that when the Grinch’s heart rises three sizes, almost no one can hold back a tear.

This movie is also great for the whole family because people of all ages can enjoy it. It also has a lesson that hits home every year: gifts, food, and things you can buy are nice, yet they are not what Christmas is all about.

 It’s A Wonderful Life:

Capra’s post-war tale is a fascinating mix of social and personal urges, as well as the iffy appeals of home. It is the only holiday classic that centers around an attempted suicide.

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James Stewart does a great job as George Bailey, the boy next door in Bedford Falls whose goals are always put on hold by family and national problems. He doesn’t explore and build new worlds; instead, he heads a building company, gets married, and has kids.

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ puts goals for individuals and groups at odds by showing how the main character’s problems and happiness are connected to recent US events.

George is pulled toward group work and putting others before himself because he isn’t given the chances to be an individualist that are typical of American movies about heroes.

However, the movie’s impressive dream scene, which imagines the horribly immoral Bedford Falls that would exist without George, presents the strongest case for the importance and uniqueness of personal choice. This isn’t Battleship Potemkin. It’s funny, interesting, and moving.


Even though it’s not really a Christmas movie, Joe Dante’s fun monster-mash comedy takes place in a snowy town that looks like something from Norman Rockwell during the holidays.

Gizmo is a cute little pet, so who wouldn’t want him under the tree upon Christmas morning? If you failed to feed it after midnight, that is.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol:

Watching your favorite Disney characters celebrate Christmas with your family and friends is one of the best things you can do during the holidays.

‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol,’ a cartoon movie based on Charles Dickens’ short story ‘A Christmas Carol,’ shows Ebenezer Scrooge, who is greedy and cold-hearted and can’t stand the thought of celebrating Christmas.

Lizelle, his wife, left him due to this. If his cousin Fred asks him to come to Christmas dinner, he says no, and when his worker Bob Cratchit asks to take a half-day on Christmas Eve, he gets paid less.

Then the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, as well as the Ghost of Christmas Future come to him and show him what he has done wrong, who he has hurt, and what will happen if he doesn’t change.

The movie, directed through Burny Mattinson, is about how important it is to be kind to others and spend time with your family. It also has a Christmas theme.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

There is still a lot of disagreement about whether this was a Christmas as well as Halloween movie, but there are definitely enough Christmas parts to make it count. It’s just a little confusing that it takes place within two worlds where Halloween and Christmas are the official holidays all year.

This song cartoon by Tim Burton is full of his unique blend of dark humor and sweetness. It’s regarding Jack Skellington as well as his foolish plans to make Halloween take over Christmas.

The best thing about the movie is the music. The songs on the album “Nightmare Revisited” have even been covered by acts like Amy Lee, Korn, as well as The Plain White T’s.

Aside from the songs, the story has stayed popular because it has characters that are easy to relate to: they feel trapped or stuck, they want more from life, they are looking for love, and they find that they are precisely where they should be.

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Die Hard:

It’s right up there with “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” yes, Die Hard was a Christmas movie. The silly online argument “Is cereal a soup?” has been fought so many times that it makes your eyes cross every time it starts up again.

Come on, it’s Christmas Eve. “Christmas in Hollis” by Run-DMC is on the music. Some people have even said it’s really a copy of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

If you want to watch John McTiernan’s action movie any time of the year, you should. But for us, hearing Alan Rickman’s accent, machine gun fire, and C4 explosions is much more welcome in the winter.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

That being said, it’s not the greatest Griswold family story. Still, Christmas Vacation was worth seeing just to see Eddie, Randy Quaid’s cousin, and Chevy Chase’s awkward meeting with a beautiful shop clerk. “I was just browsing while blushing!” It’s a little too far out. To be exact, “nippy!”


What would happen if Santa had kids? “Noelle” looks into this idea in a very funny way. The movie is about Noelle and Nick, who are Kris Kringle, or Santa’s two kids. Anna Kendrick as well as Bill Hader play the lead parts. Nick is the next person in line to take over the job after Kringle dies.

But Nick is under a lot of stress because Christmas is coming up. He chooses to take a vacation and disappears, making everyone in the North Pole worry. Noelle needs to locate her brother, bring him back home and save Christmas in this way.

“Noelle,” directed through Marc Lawrence, is a great Christmas movie to watch all at once. It’s funny and makes you think about how important family and togetherness are and how the first two are empty without the third.

Shirley MacLaine plays Polly, an elf who goes with Noelle as she looks for her brother. Kingsley Ben-Adir, Julie Hagerty, as well as Billy Eichner are also in the group.

The Holiday:

The Holiday is both a romantic comedy and a Christmas movie, but it’s not like other Hallmark Channel movies. Kate Winslet as well as Cameron Diaz play Iris as well as Amanda, two women who have broken hearts and have to face Christmas together.

They decide to swap places for the holidays instead of staying at home. Amanda will stay in Iris’s beautiful LA house, and Iris will stay in Amanda’s small English cottage.

Amanda is interested in Iris’s brother, Jude Law, who plays him, and Jack Black shows that he can handle playing an emotional lead himself to be Miles.

The film is so much more than just a double romance because it has a lot of funny moments, lovely turns of events, and a side story with Iris as well as a retired Hollywood star.

The holiday is enjoyable, sweet, and inspiring without being over-the-top, and of course, it ends with a perfect Christmas for everyone.

A Christmas Story:

In the 1980s, no one would have guessed that this strange slice of life movie from the creator of Black Christmas as well as Fringe would become America’s favorite holiday movie, beating out It’s a Wonderful Life as well as Miracle upon 34th Street.

Bob Clark’s retro comedy has been almost a cult classic for decades, and it’s easy to see why: it’s pretty strange. But it’s weird in the way that most families are, yet not many movies actually show that.

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As a collection of short stories, it’s like watching old home movies after a few eggnogs. You can watch it over and over again, and since it airs on TV every December, you’ve probably seen it so many times that it’s getting harder to tell the difference between your own holiday memories and those of little gun-loving Ralphie Parker.

Miracle On 34th Street:

An older man who works as a Santa at Macy’s says he is Kris Kringle, and he can fool both good kids and people who are very skeptical into believing him.

However, if this were to happen today, he would be arrested and sent to jail, even though there is something sweet about this old favorite.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas:

“Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas” is a TV special based on the popular Ice Age movie series. It stars Sid the sloth, Manny the mammoth, as well as Diego the saber-toothed tiger as ancient friends.

The three go on a journey again, just like in the other movies. This time, it’s Christmas and they end up at the North Pole, where Santa Claus lives.

How, though? Sid messes up Manny’s Christmas routine, so Santa puts him on the bad list. This makes Sid decide to talk to Santa and make things right.

As planned, though, things continue to get worse, as well as the three of them, along alongside the opossum brothers Crash as well as Eddie, have to do anything to save Christmas itself.

Through its director Karen Disher’s “Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas,” the movie makes it clear that being with loved ones is the most important thing in the world, even when bad things happen. It gets better at Christmas.

The Muppet Christmas Carol:

This version of A Christmas Carol stands out from the many others that have been made from Dickens’s book. Kermit, Miss Piggy, as well as the rest of the gang face off against Michael Caine to be Scrooge in this movie based on the famous story.

This show is truly one of a kind and special because it has so many songs, funny lines from beloved characters, as well as nods to the audience.

Long-time fans will sigh with happiness when they see Kermit as well as Miss Piggy together again, and even those family members who didn’t watch The Muppet Show very often will enjoy this cute and bright take on the classic.

Bang Bang, Kiss Kiss:

Small-time criminal This funny crime comedy stars Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer in a famous part to be a private investigator recruited to provide the would-be actor information for a role. It’s hard to understand and funny at the same time, and Michelle Monaghan steals the show in a hot Santa outfit.

A Charlie Brown Christmas:

There are some Christmas movies that just make you feel good. They make you feel warm and cozy with memories. This is that movie for me and I think a lot of you as well.

I would never get tired of seeing those Peanuts youngsters do their herky-jerky dance over and over again. Also, this is the movie that would make you want to buy the saddest tree at the garden without any leaves.