16 Great Movies About Breakups You Can Watch Now


16 Great Movies About Breakups You Can Watch Now:

Some of us movie fans see movies as more than just stories; they teach us about life and help us figure out what’s important in it. Whenever possible after a breakup, attempt to take your mind off of how sad you are, and movies are a great way to do that.

There are some that make you excited about the future and others that make you miss the past. Happy ends are nice, but even the most romantic people know they don’t always last. If you are getting over a breakup and looking for movies to fit or lift your mood, this is a good choice.

The happy finish isn’t always the end of the story. Sometimes, someone cries into an ice cream cone while sitting on the couch and watching TV, hoping to find something to make their broken heart feel better or at least take their mind off the pain for a while.

That is, sometimes you need a movie about a breakup instead of a love story. There are 31 great breakup movies here that can help you deal with your sadness, work out your anger, or get over it all so you can move on.

Celeste And Jesse Forever:

The movie “Celeste and Jesse Forever” is a love comedy-drama set in the present day. The movie is about Celeste and Jesse, who were childhood sweethearts and are now best friends. They decide to split up but stay close while they figure out their new lives after getting divorced.

Getting used to living without each other shows them that giving up and moving upon isn’t as simple as they thought. Along with Andy Samberg’s performance as Jesse, Rashida Jones gives a stunning performance as Celeste.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Celeste And Jesse Forever on Prime Video.

In an honest and approachable way, the movie does a great job of exploring love, friendship, self-discovery, as well as the difficulties of partnerships.

‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’ deserves to be on this list because it shows how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you still care about deeply through its clever conversation and real performances.

6 Years:

Young loves often break up because they are going in different directions in their lives. In 6 Years, Taissa Farmiga as well as Ben Rosenfield play Melanie and Dan, two college students whose relationship starts to fall apart after six years of being together. Audiences were not pleased with this story, even though reviewers gave it a good review.

It’s very painful to let go of your first love in the movie 6 Years. As Mel and Dan’s journey to become apart starts, they go through highs and lows, but they refuse to give up, even though there are times when they cheat on each other and fight. Should you have had a first love and then lost it afterward or while in college, this movie will make you cry in a bad way.

Where To Watch:

You can watch 6 Years on Netflix.

Runaway Bride:

In the movie Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts tries many times to get married but fails. This woman who never gets married knows all about breakups. We need to remember that the right person was out there, even when it seems like they’re not, because of the movie’s happy finish.

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Where To Watch:

You can watch Runaway Bride on Disney+ Hotstar.

Waiting To Exhale:

Setting a cheating ex’s car upon fire and the calming support of close friends are both present in Waiting to Exhale. It’s a gentle reminder that after all of the suffering and pain, better things are on the way.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Waiting To Exhale on Prime Video.

Leaving Las Vegas:

The dramatic movie Leaving Las Vegas, directed by Mike Figgis, is very moving and breaks your heart. The movie is about a Hollywood screenwriter named Ben Sanderson who plans to kill himself by drinking too much in Las Vegas.

As he falls deeper into his disastrous lifestyle, he meets Sera, a kind prostitute who falls in a relationship with him despite his terrible habits. The performance by Nicolas Cage as Ben Sanderson is outstanding and emotionally charged, and the performance by Elisabeth Shue as Sera is excellent.

“Leaving Las Vegas” looks at addiction, love, and forgiveness through the raw story of two lost people who find comfort in each other’s company while their lives are falling apart.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Leaving Las Vegas on Netflix.

With strong acting and a story that makes you think, this movie deserves to be on this list because it honestly shows how complicated relationships are and how hard it can be to make decisions when you’re brokenhearted.

Someone Great:

Jenn has to go through a painful breakup because of a brave job move. Her best friends get together to spend one last amazing night within New York before their lives change forever.

Jenny has to go through the best and worst parts of her almost 10-year affair with Nate all over again in this touching story about loss and growth. There are a lot of terrible things about the series of memories.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Someone Great on Netflix.

Rodriguez is the movie’s main character, but Brittany Snow as well as DeWanda Wise also play important roles. They teach viewers about friendship and how to let go. Anyone who has recently been through a bad breakup will cry their eyes out at Netflix’s Someone Great.

Call Me By Your Name:

This split is more of a normal part of growing apart, but BOY does it hurt! Either watch this movie to remember how powerful falling in love can be, or watch it to cry your heart out at the final moments. Or, to be honest, both. This is the height of relief.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Call Me By Your Name on Netflix.

Blue Valentine:

It hurts like hell to watch Blue Valentine when you’re going through a breakup. It’s the pain that makes it so good. The movie cuts between the sweet beginning of Dean as well as Cindy’s relationship and its rough end, which makes you cry.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Blue Valentine on Prime Video.

Birds Of Prey:

“Birds of Prey” is an exciting crime comedy directed through Cathy Yan. In the movie, Harley Quinn is shown figuring out her life after breaking up with Joker, her famous ex-boyfriend.

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Harley joins forces with the unusual group of badass women known as Huntress, Black Canary, as well as Renee Montoya to save a young girl named Cassandra Cain from Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask. Harley is on a journey of self-discovery and freedom.

There is a core theme of strength as well as self-discovery for these female characters, who have been overlooked or underestimated in their male-dominated world, that runs through all the exciting action scenes and funny dialogue.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Birds of Prey on Prime Video.

‘Birds of Prey’ shows how to get over sadness while also exploring themes of freedom and forgiveness in the face of hardship. This movie deserves to be at the top of the list of the best HBO Max breakup movies because it has a great story and great acting.

The Best Of Me:

There had to be at least one Nicholas Sparks movie upon this list, despite the fact they are all based on the same plot. Amanda and Dawson were high school sweethearts and meet again in their small southern city after the death of a friend they both had.

Critics really disliked The Best of Me because it’s a double-whammy of a breakup movie because young Amanda as well as Dawson break up in terrible ways and can’t be together afterwards in life, just like in most Sparks movies.

Where To Watch:

You can watch The Best Of Me on Netflix.

When Monaghan and Marsden break up in the late second or early third act, Amanda sobs, “I wanted you to hold me.” This is one of the movie’s most emotional scenes. The Best of Me was a great choice if you can handle a Sparks version that isn’t The Notebook.

La La Land:

La La Land has songs for everyone. It’s rich, flirty, and really sad at the end. But it makes you think about how all relationships, even ones that don’t last, help us grow and become the people we want to be.

Where To Watch:

You can watch La La Land on Netflix.

The Wedding Singer:

Even though breakups aren’t fun, it may assist in recognizing that sometimes they’re even better. Look at Robbie and Julia. They were both engaged to the incorrect individuals at the beginning of The Wedding Singer, but they are about discovering out that they love each other.

Where To Watch:

You can watch The Wedding Singer on Prime Video.

Chungking Express:

A famous Hong Kong director named Wong Kar-wai gives the love crime drama movie “Chungking Express” a hypnotic energy. Are you having a tough time getting over being with your love?

You’d know you’re not the only one who remembers because other people would do anything to remember those times. Cop 223 often buys pineapple cans with the date “Expiration Date” of May 1 written on them to remember the day he would triumph over his ex-lover.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Chungking Express on Prime Video.

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Cop 663 meets a waitress after breaking with his flight attendant girlfriend. At the same time, Cop 223 is busy with his unhappy life and a woman wearing sunglasses walks through the markets.

The neon-colored photography and the moody music help make this one of the most peaceful and calming love movies you will ever see.

500 Days Of Summer:

500 Days of Summer is a famous rom-com that every millennial knows. It’s about a greeting card writer named Tom who has a sudden breakup that makes him remember the time he spent with his ex-girlfriend Summer.

Their love story starts to look very different as Tom’s anger changes the once-happy version of events that he remembers. The 2009 movie creatively shows how Tom and Summer’s relationship is falling apart by telling the story in a way that is not linear.

Where To Watch:

You can watch 500 Days Of Summer on Disney+ Hotstar.

The “manic pixie dream girl” trope was wrongly thought to have come from this movie for a long time. It might not make most people cry, but anyone experiencing a quick breakup will be able to relate to the nostalgic tone and the frustration and anger that run through it.

Annie Hall:

This movie is a love comedy, and it was directed through Woody Allen. The movie is set within New York City and is about a nervous comic named Alvy Singer who thinks about his broken relationship with Annie Hall, who is free-spirited.

The story follows their relationship from the beginning, when they first fell in love, to the end, when they broke up, and it’s honest and funny. The movie has a great cast, including Woody Allen to be Alvy Singer, Diane Keaton to be “Annie Hall,” Tony Roberts, as well as Carol Kane. It deals with timeless issues like love, identity, and growing as a person after a loss.

Where To Watch:

You can watch Annie Hall on Prime Video.

This movie deserves to be on this list because it shows how complicated love can be and because its characters are easy to relate to. People are deeply affected by how honestly it shows sadness, and the subtle use of humor to lighten the emotional weight of parting makes it even more powerful.

The Worst Person In The World:

The Worst Person in the World is one of the best coming-of-age movies for older fans, and it’s also a great different kind of breakup movie. This story is about Julie, who sets out as a medical student in her 20s dating a much older guy. After two breakups, an unplanned pregnancy, and a sad death, Julie may finally know what it implies to be living.

Where To Watch:

You can watch The Worst Person in the World on Netflix.

Julie is unhappy with herself and doesn’t know what she wants from her journey, which shows in her failed relationships. Both of these issues may be too familiar to moviegoers who have had to end relationships they didn’t want to be in. The main character’s journey to understand her many pains leads to a powerful finish that will make people cry.