16 Great Witch Movies To Watch Now


16 Great Witch Movies To Watch Now:

If you like scary movies, you’ve probably seen more vampires, werewolves, zombies, as well as serial killers than you can count. It’s about time that the witches of movies got the praise they earn. A great witch film is always interesting because it’s about someone, typically a woman, who doesn’t want to act the way society expects them to.

But what makes witch films so interesting as a whole is how different their themes and tones are. If you like movies that are fun for all ages, like Hocus Pocus, or scary movies, like Black Sunday, there was a pointy hat as well as broomstick that will fit you just right.

The Witch is a scary movie coming out in February about a Puritan family in the 1600s who slowly loses their minds and their powers through black magic. Robert Eggers’s first movie as a director, The Witch, got good reviews at Sundance, and it looks like it will build on that with a big opening this week.


There is a scary movie called “Bulbbul” with Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary, Paoli Dam, as well as Rahul Bose in the lead roles. The movie takes place in the Bengal presidency in the late 1800s and is about Bulbbul, who married Thakur Indraneel, who was 20 years old, as a child bride.

She met Satya and became friends with her, but her jealous husband Indraneel sent her away, leaving her all by herself. Once Satya comes back after many years, Bulbbul is a different woman who doesn’t need any guys in her life.

The locals talk about a scary being that is killing individuals while Satya chooses to find out what turned her this way. What the movie tells us is whether and how these two stories are linked.


This scary Swedish-Danish silent movie is both a historical look at witchcraft as well as witch hunts in the Middle Ages and a dramatic reenactment of those events. The scary and bizarre images in Haxan are still hard to forget after all these years thanks to its innovative utilization of stop-motion animation, double exposures, and additional effects.

People in the U.S. didn’t like seeing witches make unbaptized baby stew as well as kiss Satan’s behind, so the movie was initially banned there because it had sexual material.

Ben Christensen, who writes and directs the movie and also plays the Devil as well as Jesus, sees witch hunts to be a widespread social crime caused by ignorance that hurts people the most, especially the mentally ill.

The Witches:


That’s why The Witches is at the bottom of this list: it’s not really a scary movie. Why, it’s just a kid-friendly show! But try telling your kids that when they are crying because they saw how scary the witches really are.

The Witches has a lot of good points. The movie was based on a book for kids by Charlie as well as the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl. There is a great history of storytellers like Dahl who like to scare kids instead of cuddle them.

The famous Jim Henson carefully created witches’ truly horrifying looks. He already showed how creepy puppets can be within the movie Labyrinth as well as the TV show The Storyteller.

Anjelica Houston does a great job as a Grand High Witch who hates kids. Nicos Roeg directed David Bowie in the 1976 sci-fi movie The Man Who Fell to Earth. He also directed The Witches.

My Village People:

“My Village People” was a dark comedy movie that was directed through Niyi Akinmolayan. The movie is set in the magical world of African tales and follows the adventures of a prince who gets involved with witches in a love triangle.

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Prince is played by Bovi Ugboma, who has many skills. The story of love, witches, and sea spirits is told in a very complex way, with a great ensemble cast that includes Nkem Owoh, Rachel Oniga, as well as others.

As both the writer and director, Bovi Ugboma shows that he is more than just a comedian. The movie skillfully mixes magical elements like those in big-budget Hollywood movies with stories from Africa.

Its deep cultural impact and interesting magical story make it a real treat for moviegoers who want to try something new.

The Wizard Of Oz:

A clear choice, but there’s a good reason for it. Margaret Hamilton’s performance as the Wicked Witch of the West is the most famous witch in movie history. She got second- and third-degree burns while filming the part, and she had to wear green makeup that contained copper oxide, which is poisonous.

Hamilton made being bad look such as a lot of fun, even though he was going through a lot of pain. We almost failed to enjoy this picture of evil, though. In the L. Frank Baum books, the Wicked Witch of the West isn’t very important. She doesn’t have a broom and isn’t green.

Even the movie version of the character was supposed to be fancy at first. Actress Gale Sondergaard was cast as an Evil Queen like Snow White, dressed in black sequins and false eyelashes longer than the Yellow Brick Road.

Today, Hamilton’s purposely unattractive weirdo is exactly what we think of when we thought of a witch. When kids dress up as witches for Halloween, they’re really copying her.

Though Wicked is fun, changing the past of the Wicked Witch is enough to make you root for her. “Only bad witches are ugly,” says Glinda, who is really a jerk. We disagree. Good witches are boring to be hell.

Season Of The Witch:

Today, Season of the Witch was mostly interesting because it was directed by George A. Romero, who is famous for making scary zombie movies. The movie is scary and is about a woman named Joan who lives in the suburbs and is wed to a cruel man named Jack.

When Joan meets Marion, her new neighbor who is a witch, she starts to use magic to get the attention of Gregg, her daughter’s boyfriend. After that, though, Joan starts having scary dreams.

Romero’s movie, which has also been called Jack’s Wife as well as Hungry Wives!, still splits reviewers forty years after it came out.

The majority of them say that Season of the Witch has poor production standards, dull plot, slow pace, and bad acting. Others like the movie and compare it to movies like “The Stepford Wives” because of how strong and even extreme its feminism is.

Fear Street Part 1: 1994:

This is a killer movie called “Fear Street Part 1: 1994,” which is based on a set of books by R. L. Stine. The tiny town of Shadyside is at the center of the Leigh Janiak-directed movie. The town is getting a lot of media attention for a string of brutal killings that have shocked many people.

A brave girl and her friends go on a mission to face the dark forces that have been causing trouble in the town for hundreds of years, even though a lot of people are scared of the unknown.

I Married A Witch:

This funny screwball comedy, along with Bell, Book, as well as Candle, was one of the sources of ideas for the TV show Bewitched. In Salem, Jennifer as well as her father are burned at the stake to be witches, but not before she curses Jonathan Wooley, the Puritan who accused them, and his children and grandchildren to have bad marriages.

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After many years, the souls of the two witches are freed, and Jennifer decides to personally cause Wallace, the newest man in the Wooley family and candidate for governor of Massachusetts, a lot of pain. Wallace is also about to get married.

She takes on human form as a bubbly, banister-sliding seductress and tries to ruin his life and steal him from the woman he wants to marry. She loses her way when she drinks the love potion she meant for him by accident and becomes deeply in love with her enemy.

Her charms are already hard to resist, so she doesn’t need any magic to make them stronger. The romance was sweet, even though Veronica Lake and Fredric March are said to hate each other in real life.

The Witches:

The Witches is a 1966 British horror film made by Hammer Films. It’s regarding an English schoolteacher named Gwen who, after a traumatic event in Africa, takes a quiet job teaching in rural England.

But when strange things start to happen around her, Gwen learns that witches still exist and starts to wonder if she is crazy.

The book The Devil’s Own by Norah Lofts was used as a basis for The Witches. Nigel Kneale, an experienced British scriptwriter who was great at writing stories with horror as well as science fiction elements, particularly in his Quatermass series, turned it into a movie script.

The Witches, directed by Cyril Frankel, was Joan Fontaine’s last movie role. She got an Oscar for her part within Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion and additionally played the lead in Hitchcock’s only Best Picture winner, Rebecca.

The School For Good And Evil:

“The School for Good and Evil,” based on the same-named 2013 book by Soman Chainani, is about Sophie and Agatha, two childhood friends who live in the town of Gavaldon.

Sophie has heard of the school with the same name. All the great heroes as well as monsters from fairy tales used to go there. Agatha doesn’t want her to go there, but she really wants to.

Because of events, they end up at the school. To their shock, Sophie is sent to the school of evil and Agatha is sent to the school of good. An old evil shows up and goes after Sophie while the girls are attempting to figure out how to live in their new worlds.

Bell, Book And Candle:

In this romantic comedy starring Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart, a witch in Manhattan casts a love spell upon her neighbor to keep him from marrying her annoying college rival.

However, the plan goes horribly wrong when she falls deeply in love with the guy, even though witches lose their powers when they do this. Just to see Jack Lemmon play a wizard who plays the bongos is worth seeing.

The Lords Of Salem:

Rob Zombie is a goth rock singer and cult director. His early horror movies, House of 1000 Corpses as well as The Devil’s Rejects, made him famous. In The Lords of Salem, a story regarding Heidi, a recovered drug user who works as a DJ at a radio station within Salem, he writes about witchcraft and Satanism.

When she gets a record from a band named The Lords of Salem one day, it puts people in a trance as well as gives them scary images. Lots of the time in movies about witches, everything is part of a big plan to bring about the end of the world.

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The Lords of Salem

One of the initial three movies that Haunted Films made was The Lords of Salem. The other two were Paranormal Activity as well as Insidious. People had different thoughts about The Lords of Salem. Some critics liked how scary it looked, but others didn’t like how it had a weak story, a slow pace, or any real scares.

The Old Ways:

The Old Ways is a horror-thriller movie directed by Christopher Alender. It’s about a Mexican-American writer named Cristina Lopez who goes back to her hometown near Veracruz to look for a story about witchcraft.

He follows Cristina’s love to the nearby woods, where she is taken by locals. The strange bruja, or witch doctor, there is sure that the reporter is controlled by devils and could hurt the people there.

For Cristina, looking for a story has turned into a fight for her life, and she has to give up everything and fight until the end.

Black Sunday:

It was heavily edited after it came out, and in the UK, it was simply banned. The important work by Mario Bava is shown in stark but beautiful black and white.

In a scene full of castles, graves, and blood, a witch who was put to death a long time ago comes back to life, determined to get payback. Even now, the images are shocking, if not plain horrifying.

Not everyone should watch this movie. In the beginning, a spiked mask is smashed onto the head of star Barbara Steele. Later, scorpions crawl out of her horrifying, mostly intact face.

Night Of The Eagle:

Night of the Eagle is a 1962 horror movie regarding a college professor named Norman Taylor who finds out that his wife Tansy uses witchcraft to help him get ahead in school. In the US, it was released under the title Burn Witch Burn!

Norman gets mad at her and makes her destroy all of her charms. But soon, other witches start to try to get what they want at Norman and Tansy’s cost in this dark and fantastical take on college politics.

The British director Sidney Hayers was in charge of making Night of the Eagle. It came from Fritz Leiber’s horror novel Conjure Wife. Leiber is an American author of sci-fi, horror, as well as fantasy books.

The book was turned into a movie script by Charles Beaumont as well as Richard Matheson, two horror and sci-fi writers who worked upon Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone. Leiber’s book was also the basis for at least two other movies: Weird Woman (1944) and Witches’ Brew (1980), a dark comedy.


“Nightbooks” was a dark fantasy movie produced by Mikki Daughtry as well as Tobias Iaconis. It was based on the same-named children’s book by J. A. White. The movie by David Yarovesky is about a young boy named Alex who gets locked up by a bad witch.

The boy who loves scary stories figures out that he is almost certain to die and is able to persuade her to tell him fresh tales every night to avoid a painful death.

Will they be able to reach their lofty goal when Alexwitch’s helper, Yazmin, who also doesn’t want to stay alongside her, starts to plan a way to escape and save their lives? You can watch the movie below to find out.