16 Of Netflix’s Best Scary Home Invasion Movies


16 Of Netflix’s Best Scary Home Invasion Movies:

Lots of us have this OCD habit of always making sure that our home’s doors and windows are shut properly. We make sure that our homes are the best places in the world.

Invasions of homes are scary because of this. When someone with bad plans breaks into the place you think is safest, it turns into living in a nightmare.

And yet, we love to watch the most scary things, don’t we? Most of us are afraid that someone will get into our homes, which makes home invasion movies more exciting than other types of movies. When we imagine ourselves within those situations, we feel scared and excited.

We don’t want to know what would happen if that really did happen to us. In movies, however, houses are turned into battlegrounds where people are tried on how far they are willing to go to protect their own homes.

Normal people are heroes because they protect the people they care about and also to stay alive. This is why horror movies like “The Purge” and “Don’t Breathe” are better than others: they scare and thrill us like nothing else.


“Windfall,” directed through Charlie McDowell, is a crime movie with a large cast that stars Jason Segel, Lily Collins, as well as Jesse Plemons. The story takes place at the vacation home of a tech billionaire.

An unplanned battle breaks out when a man breaks in to take advantage of the house’s empty state, only to find himself facing the cocky mogul and his wife, who have arrived at the last minute for a vacation. This causes an unplanned and tense confrontation.

Velvet Buzzsaw:

The movie Velvet Buzzsaw makes fun of both horror movies in general and the art world. It’s also a bloody good time with famous people making cameos.

According to Velvet Buzzsaw, the newly found art of Ventril Dease, one of the main characters in this movie, might actually blow your mind if you care more about how art is made than how good it is.


Mike Flanagan made some really scary movies a long time before he became a famous name in mainstream horror with movies like “The Haunting of Hill House,” “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” and “Midnight Mass” getting a lot of Netflix views.

Out of these, Hush is the best because it has so many jump-starts as well as nail-biting action. There is a masked attacker who suddenly attacks a deaf and mute writer who has gone into the woods to work on her book.

The attacker enjoys playing with her before trying to break into her home and kill her. In order to stay alive, Maddie has to fight for her life in silence, using everything she can get her hands on.

The Purge:

One of the most well-known killer and horror movie series right now is The Purge. In The Purge, the first movie in the series, the idea that in a different America, there’s a yearly event called “the purge” where all crimes, including murder, are legal and there are no emergency services is first shown.

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During this kind of purge, a wealthy family locks themselves into their home to wait out the chaos. But when their home is broken into, they change their minds about everything they had planned.

There is a lot of violence and excitement in the movie, but everything works out well. The first movie is one of the funniest home invasion movies ever, and each follow-up makes it better.

The Babysitter:

“The Babysitter,” which was directed by McG, is a great home invasion horror movie that keeps people upon the edge of their seats. Cole, the main character, is a boy who finds out that Bee, his pretty babysitter, as well as her friends are part of a scary Satanic group.

It’s a clever way to mix dark humor and intense tension, giving the home invasion genre a new twist. The movie is very scary, thanks to McG’s great direction and the great acting of the cast, especially Bella Thorne as well as Robbie Amell. It’s also one of the best in its genre because it manages to be both scary and funny at the same time.

The Conjuring:

The photography, sound design, lighting, as well as music in director James Wans’s The Conjuring pay homage to old horror movies. It’s just as scary as you’d expect.

The movie is about Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal detectives and demonologists who are asked to look into the Perron home. The family is being tormented by ghosts that are unlike anything they’ve ever seen before because of things that happened in that house.

This movie was the start of a pretty popular horror franchise. The first movie in the series is still one of the scary movies of our time.

Panic Room:

In Twilight, Kristen Stewart played the vampiric Bella Swan, who was a teenager. But in Panic Room, with Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker, as well as Jared Leto, she’s really a kid.

The scary home attack movie Panic Room by David Fincher was one of the best ones out there. When three men break into their freshly constructed residence within the middle of the night, a mother who just got divorced and her diabetic daughter go to the safe room, which was built just for cases like this. The thieves aren’t going to let off easy, though.

Don’t Breathe:

Don’t Breathe is one of the most unusual movies on this list. It’s about three thieves who attempt to break into the home of a blind soldier to steal his money. When they find the body, they don’t expect to find a born hunter who set up the trap in his own home to hide an awful truth.

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Some big names are in the movie, like Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Daniel Zovatto, as well as Dylan Minnette. The most exciting and scary parts of the production happen here, directed by Fede Álvarez. There was even a follow-up in 2021, but it wasn’t as good as the first one.

Gerald’s Game:

“Gerald’s Game” was a psychological horror movie based on Stephen King’s book of the same name. It’s about a couple who need a break and decide to stay in a shed in the middle of nowhere.

Things are going well until the pair chooses to make things more interesting. Gerald, the husband, chains his wife to the bed frame. His heart stops beating all of a sudden, and he dies. His wife is stuck to the bed frame and has nowhere to go.

In this movie, a home attack is shown through the lens of the thought of a person who has been through it. That’s because it shows that your own mind as well as thoughts can sometimes keep you trapped instead of an invader.

If you have read the book, you might have high hopes for the story, which will make the movie less enjoyable. You’ll still get the “Stephen King feels” sometimes, even if you’ve read the book.


Based on Stephen King’s frightening short story, 1922 is a really scary psychological movie in which Thomas Jane gives a performance that changes the course of his career.

When a farmer’s wife says she’s going to leave him and his empty farm for the city, Wilfred (Jane) talks his son into killing her, and they both pay for it.

Funny Games:

The 1997 Austrian version and the 2018 US reboot, both directed through Michael Haneke, are both very hard to watch. A family of three was supposed to have a great vacation at their lakeside vacation home.

But when two young, crazy men break in and start torturing them with violent and cruel games, their vacation turns into the stuff of nightmares. Even worse, they include the audience within the process by looking right into the camera as well as talking with it, making people who don’t want to be a part of their cruel plans do so.

The Collector:

In the scary 2009 movie The Collector, a man named Arkin breaks into the home of a rich couple to steal something valuable to pay off his debts. But when he gets there, he finds that someone much more hazardous and wicked has already been after the family and is now after him.

They learn that this creepy person who breaks into homes and kills people is called the Collector, and he goes after a family as well as kills everyone except one, keeping that person in his crazy “collection.”

The family, Arkin, as well as the crazy Collector, who will do anything to obtain what he wants, fight for the rest of the movie. You’ll be upon the edge of your seat the whole time because the plot is so tight.

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There’s Someone Inside Your House:

The horror movie “There’s Someone Inside Your House” is based on Stephanie Perkins’s book of the same name. It was directed by Patrick Brice.

Makani Young, a high school student, goes from Hawaii to a small town within Nebraska to live alongside her grandma. Sydney Park as well as Théodore Pellerin play in the movie.

She starts going to Osborne High School, where the graduation class is being stalked by an unknown attacker who wants to kill them and find out their dark secrets.

Makani and some other kids her age work together to stop the killer before it’s too late. Their lives are in danger.

Fear Street: 1994:

The Fear Street series has three good movies, but the first one, Fear Street Part One: 1994, is the best. Many years ago, there was a curse that made their town a terrible place to live. The movie is about a group of high school students who have to deal with this curse.

Although the Fear Street pictures are truly scary and exciting, they also do a good job of making fun of the horror movies we’re used to seeing. The first part looks a bit like a horror movie from the 1990s, but it changes things up enough to be interesting on its own.

You’re Next:

The Davisons are a rich family, but most of the members don’t get along with each other. Paul and Aubrey Davison try to make things better by having a party at their weekend home for their 35th wedding anniversary. They bring all of their kids along with their partners.

Tensions rise, but when a group of people in animal masks with crossbows suddenly attack the Davisons’ house, they have to set their differences aside and work together to defend it.

The People Under The Stairs:

The creepy horror comedy The People Under the Stairs, which came out in 1992, is about some crazy guys who break into a house and find more than they expected. A man called “Fool” is the movie’s main character.

He and his friends Spenser as well as Leroy break into the house of someone named the Robesons, who rent to Fool and his family, to try to get them to leave. When Fool and his friends get inside, they discover a bunch of pale, cannibalistic kids locked up in a room that looks like a prison. Quite the mess!

The crazy Robesons kill both of Fool’s friends, and Fool finds more and more secrets within the house. He also tries to protect the kids as well as Alice, a girl he meets within the house, from the Robesons.