16 Of The Best Chick Flicks You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now


16 Of The Best Chick Flicks You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now:

Are you missing your best friends because of the lockdown? During tough times like these, it’s best for you women to take some time off together to watch a run of movies with happy, understandable plots and strong female characters.

As the perfect way to enjoy a girls’ night in, you could plan a virtual party where you watch all of your favorite chick-lit and romantic movies in one sitting. People have often used the term “chick flick” to refer to romcoms, high school plays, teen relationship movies, or glitzy coming-of-age love stories.

In its simplest form, a chick-flick is a movie that young women will enjoy. When we hear the word “Chick Flick,” we think of a lot of movies, mostly romantic comedies or dramas with hot, beautiful guys, falling in love, and sadness.

As movies have changed over the years, each year brings an entirely novel generation of chick flicks that rule the box office. Now, chick flicks aren’t just about teenage love or sadness they’re about a lot more than that.

You’ll have a great night if you bring your laptop, some popcorn, and a bottle of water as well as wine. From old-school chick flicks from the 2000s to new, smart girl power comedies

The Half Of It:

In many ways, love can be hard to understand. That’s possible why people say love is blind: it doesn’t know which way to go. In “The Half of It,” Ellie Chu, a teenager who stands out in her class, makes friends with Paul Munsky, who is very quiet and shy.

She decides to assist him open up to Aster Flores, the girl he admires, when she realizes he needs help. But as she does, she starts to fall in love with the girl herself. But that’s not all of it. Watch Alice Wu’s movie “The Half of It” to get the whole story.

Falling Inn Lov:

Think of a home makeover show. Add scripts to that home improvement show as well as turn it into a Bachelor spin-off. Now, move that home improvement show that turned into a Bachelor spin-off to New Zealand. Lastly, add some jokes, and you have Falling in Love.

This hilariously crazy story about remodeling is starring Christina Milian as well as Adam Demos. It’s the perfect movie to watch on the couch on a cold afternoon. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, wish you had one of the linen shirts, and glance at the goat called Gilbert.

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Some people have said that Bridesmaids is like The Hangover for women. It’s a very funny movie about female bonds that also has some deep messages about adult friendships.

Annie takes us upon a trip while her closest companion Lillian gets married. In the chaos of the wedding parties, she is competing with another girl to see who is the real closest companion of the bride.

Purple Hearts:

We do things for a particular reason, yet they turn out differently other times. That’s one thing life teaches us you can’t always count on what will happen. And things don’t always go as planned or as badly as we thought they would.

Cassie is a singer-songwriter and Luke is a Marine. When they decide to get married, they see it as a way to get military benefits and cash benefits because it will help them pay off their bills. But a tragedy brings them together on an emotional level, only for another disaster to threaten their “arrangement” to get married.


Netflix’s Holidate, which was directed by John Whitesell, takes the “fake relationship” trope to a whole new level with holiday-themed decorations.

This will-they-won’t-they movie stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as two friends who promise to be each other’s “holidates,” or extras, for times when having a real love partner is the last thing anyone wants.

Of course, these people who don’t love each other start flirting over the dinner table during holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, as well as St. Patrick’s Day.

White Chicks:

It’s hard to believe that this famous movie came out almost twenty years ago. Watch Kevin and Marcus go underground as the white Wilson sisters within White Chicks, a classic chick flick that doesn’t need any explanation.

Get ready to laugh with your girlfriends as the ultimate white girl duo solve a kidnapping plot. And don’t forget to start singing “A Thousand Miles” when the famous scene alongside Terry Crews starts.

The Kissing Booth:

The Kissing Booth was a chick flick at its heart, and it’s one of the newest ones out there. With the idea of a kissing booth at a school fair, Elle can’t help but get closer to Noah, who is the brother of her best friend Lee.

While some critics said the movie was sexist and racist in its views on relationships as well as the stereotypes that come with them, “The Kissing Booth” became popular because of its main characters, how hot they were, and how unclear it is about how teenagers feel about long-term relationships, a topic that is a very real issue on many levels.

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‘The Kissing Booth’ was also sure to be a hit because of how famous Joey King is and how many similar movies she was in when she was younger.

When We First Met:

When We First Met is like a cross between Hot Tub Time Machine as well as Some Kind of Wonderful. It makes you think about the perfect first date again and again.

Adam DeVine as well as Alexandra Daddario play a couple who just couldn’t get it together. Robbie Amell as well as Shelley Hennig also give great performances. The over-the-top plot and sugary tone of this movie shouldn’t work, but they do.

Set It Up:

Set It Up is one of our favorite romantic comedies. It’s about two helpers, Harper and Charlie, who are stressed and underpaid because their bosses are very picky.

The plot of this chick flick is a new take upon the rom-com genre. The two main characters work together to make a big, persistent plan to set up their bosses with each other in order to finally get their bosses to stop bothering them.

Love, Guaranteed:

Nick Evans is still single after going on almost a thousand dates via a dating site. He plans to sue the web page for making false claims. Sue is a lawyer who works very hard and has done too much volunteer work. She needs a miracle right now.

As Nick Evan’s well-paying case falls into her lap, feelings begin to grow between them, which could put everything at risk. The movie idea came from a case against a beer company that said it used “pure Rocky Mountain spring water” to make its beer. The movie was also directed by Rachael Leigh Cook.

Been So Long:

Based on the same-named show, Been So Long is a dreamy look at an unplanned meeting between two people who need a break from reality badly.

From the first words, until the very end, the exciting chemistry between stars Michaela Coel as well as Arinzé Kene will hold your attention.

Always Be My Maybe:

Ali Wong, a comedian, brings more funny material to the big screen with Always Be My Maybe, a sweet romantic comedy about two Asian-American best friends who used to be in love but have since grown apart, ending their relationship for good.

Even though they’ve lived very different lives since then, they are pushed back together as adults, and old feelings may or may not begin to return.

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When We First Met:

Based on the movies “Groundhog Day” and “About Time,” “When We First Met” is about Noah, whose dream girl, Avery, doesn’t want to be friends with him after their first date.

Three years later, though, he has the chance to go back in time to alter that night in order to win Avery’s love. The plot of this Netflix unique movie was a love journey through time.

At first, it is kind, funny, and down-to-earth. Noah tries to find Avery over and over again in different timelines, but he realizes that Avery wasn’t meant to be his. There is sadness in the movie, but in the end, there is a happy feeling to it.

The Lovebirds:

In the incredibly funny movie The Lovebirds, Issa Rae as well as Kumail Nanjiani played a sweet couple who got stuck in a really bad situation. The lovebirds’ date night turns into a race against the clock when they are wrongly accused of a vehicle murder they didn’t do. It’s a great popcorn movie with good characters that make you care about them.

The Other Woman:

As much as we love women supporting each other in chick flicks, we especially love it when these women work together to get rid of a cheating, three-timing man.  In The Other Woman, lawyer Carly is shocked to learn that the man she’s been crushing on is married to Kate, a ditzy but loyal housewife.

When the two women are very angry, they plan to get together with a third, much younger woman who is one of his lovers. Soon, the three women work together to plan a satisfying way to get back at him.

Couples Retreat:

“Couples Retreat” has a lot of things, and one of them is a chick flick. They are all married and know each other very well. They are all going on vacation together.

One couple is going there to work upon their relationship, while the other three couples are there to have fun. That’s what they thought, anyway. Soon, they understand that they need to pay attention to their relationships too. But can they agree with this?

The movie is very exciting to watch, with great performances by Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman, Malin Åkerman, Kristen Bell, as well as Kristin Davis. However, it does have some important lessons.