16 Of The Best Disney Plus Movies For Families


16 Of The Best Disney Plus Movies For Families:

Enjoy the magic of family fun with our hand-picked list of the most effective Disney Plus family movies. Prepare for an exciting movie journey that will appeal to both kids and adults.

We’ve gone through all of Disney’s movies to offer you the best movie marathon ever. There are beautiful animated movies that are sure to make your kids’ eyes sparkle and great movies that everyone will quote for years to come.

No matter if you want to read sweet stories, funny plays, as well as epic adventures, our choice is sure to make you laugh, cry, and remember these special times. Get your Mickey ears ready for a movie marathon that will make your time with your family extra special.

There are some great family movies upon Disney+ that will make you feel like you’re in the Magic Kingdom alongside your kids. Keeping the kids in line is like being in a show, and finding the right movie for the whole family to enjoy was such as walking a tightrope.


“Miracle” is a sports movie that was directed by Gavin O’Connor. In the “Miracle on Ice,” the US hockey team beat the highly favored Soviet Union during the 1980 Olympics, despite all chances. This moving movie tells their story.

Kurt Russell gives an amazing performance to be Coach Herb Brooks, who turns a group of young, untrained players into a close-knit team that does something that seems impossible.

“Miracle” is an interesting story about determination, teamwork, as well as the power of believing in the impossible. The movie captures the fierce rivalry and national zeal of the Cold War era.

The Greatest Showman:

For the whole family to enjoy together, a big original show might be the best choice on Disney+. The Greatest Showman is a musical set in the past that tells the tale of P.T. Barnum, an ambitious as well as creative man who brought together and gave purpose to a circus full of freaks and losers.

The real story of Barnum’s circus isn’t nearly as interesting, but the movie is still fun to watch thanks to its star-studded cast, including Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, as well as Zendaya.

Of course, the musical numbers are what really shine. “This is Me,” which was nominated for an Oscar, is a catchy as well as powerful song.

The Little Mermaid:

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel was the latest Disney princess to be turned into a real person. The Little Mermaid is based on the cartoon movie of the same name from 1989. Halle Bailey plays Ariel, the mermaid princess as well as King Triton’s youngest daughter.

Ariel wants to be a part of the human world, yet her father won’t let her climb above the water because a human killed her mother. Prince Eric is in trouble at sea one night, but Ariel saves him.

Ariel makes an arrangement alongside the sea witch because she wants to learn more regarding Eric as well as people. She becomes human for three days as well as gets “true love’s kiss” to stay in that world. If that doesn’t happen, Ursula will take Ariel as her own and she will turn back into a fish.

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101 Dalmatians:

Roger as well as Anita are overjoyed to learn that their dalmatians, Pongo as well as Perdita, are going to have a litter of fifteen pups. The talk gets the attention of Cruella de Vil, a cruel and rich fashion designer who is always on the lookout for new animal furs.

But when the couple refuses to sell her the dogs, she starts a cruel effort to catch them.

101 Dalmatians was a Disney classic that everyone who loves the Magic Kingdom must see. It has been made into a lot of different movies and has been the basis for many more. There’s no better place to begin than with the first post.


“Coco,” a Pixar classic that you can watch on Disney Plus, tells a warm story about family, music, as well as Mexican culture. The story is about Miguel, a young boy who wants to be a singer and goes on a trip to the Land of the Dead to find out about family secrets.

This beautiful cartoon movie not only shows how important family is, but it also shows off the many practices of Dia de los Muertos.

“Coco” is a must-see family movie that promotes love, tradition, and following one’s dreams. It has beautiful visuals, charming music, as well as a message that speaks to people of all ages.

National Treasure:

While people waiting for National Treasure 3 to come out, families can watch the first movie in the fun adventure series again. The movie is like the Indiana Jones movies in that it is fun to look for wealth and it also makes fun of American past.

Nicholas Cage plays a treasure hunter who wants to find a map that was hidden upon the back of the Declaration of Independence. People who are going to see this movie should know what to expect from it based on its crazy concept.

While having fun with its heists and modern-day swashbuckling, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a less intense and violent alternative to the Indiana Jones series.


In Pixar’s Elemental, you can go to the cartoon world of Element City. Different types of fire, air, land, and water live together in the city and stand for different social classes. Two fire elements moved to Element City and had a daughter named Ember Lumen. Ember wants to run the store herself when her dad leaves, which is what her family does now.

Ember has a temper tantrum upon a day when she got to run the shop by herself. The tantrum breaks a pipe as well as floods the basement. Wade Ripple is a city officer who was sent to report the leak. He is a water element.

Wade makes the choice to save the store and help Ember fix the problem. As Ember and Wade spend time together, they fall in love. But outside forces are going to break them apart.

Beauty And The Beast:

Belle is a smart, pretty girl from a small town who wants to live a life other than being a housewife like most young women her age. When a horrible man-beast kidnaps her dad, she makes a deal with it to take his place.

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As Belle gets used to living in the Beast’s fancy castle, which is full of friendly humanoid furniture and glasses, she learns that her kidnapper and his workers are stuck in this horrible state because of a cruel curse.

The spell can be broken if the master is capable of receiving and giving real love from someone else, but this will be very hard for him because he gets angry easily. Beauty as well as the Beast is one of the most famous Disney movies from the “golden age” of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Turner & Hooch:

The family movie “Turner & Hooch,” which was directed by Roger Spottiswoode, is very touching. Tom Hanks plays detective Scott Turner, a neat freak, and a slobbery French Mastiff called Hooch is his unusual partner. When the owner of Hooch is killed, the two work together in a strange way to solve the crime.

It’s funny, scary, and has a touching relationship between a man and his dog in this comedy-drama. The movie is great for the whole family because it has a good lesson about how important friendship is, even in the strangest ways.

The Chronicles Of Narnia:

Even though the Chronicles of Narnia movie series isn’t finished yet, the first movie is still a big-budget, family-friendly hit that you should see.

The movie was based upon a series of books by C.S. Lewis. It’s about a group of kids who find a secret door in their closet that leads to a magical country where they get caught up in the fight between the forces of good and evil.

The timeless story has a huge scope, and its themes and allegories are still powerful after all these years. It’s still a great and exciting way to start this world, even though the other movies didn’t live up to it.

Chang Can Dunk:

Chang, an Asian American junior in high school, is not liked by many people. Chang’s main interest is basketball, even though he is in a band. Chang has a hard time in high school because of Matt, who used to be his friend but is now his enemy.

Chang bets Matt that he’ll dunk a basketball by homecoming after being made fun of at a party. Because Chang can’t dunk, he asks YouTuber Deandre Cooke for help. Cooke films himself dunks.

He decides to train Chang as well as show him how to dunk if Chang helps him with his YouTube movies. Chang wins the bet, as well as his fame goes through the roof. But it costs something, and Chang has to think about what’s most important to him during this coming-of-age story.

Cool Runnings:

Following his failure to make it to the Olympic 100-meter race in 1988, Jamaican runner Derice Bannock is eager to discover a fresh way to reach his sports goals. Bannock seeks to build Jamaica’s initially Olympic sledding team even though the country has a warm temperature all year.

He does this in order to keep his dream alive. Bannock asks past sledding winner Irving Blitzer, whose image was ruined by cheating years before, to help him make his dream come true.

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The two then start to put together a group of oddballs who will help them make history and become famous. Even though it’s only 98 minutes long, Cool Runnings has a surprising amount of emotional depth that goes well with its fun and charm.

Peter Pan & Wendy:

“Peter Pan & Wendy,” directed by David Lowery, is a fantasy adventure movie that is a charming remake of Disney’s 1953 animated classic of the same name. It is based on Sir J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play “Peter Pan, as well as the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up,” and Alexander Molony as well as Ever Anderson play the lead roles.

The story is about Peter Pan as well as Wendy, Wendy’s brothers, and Peter’s best friend Tinker Bell. They go on a magical trip to Neverland. In the middle of their adventures, Wendy goes on a trip that changes her and faces off against Peter’s worst enemy, Captain Hook.


It may not have appeared such as a good idea to tell the story of how a famous Disney character got to be bad in real life, but Cruella showed that with the right actress and a fun method, it could be worth it.

Emma Stone plays Estella, a young London woman who loves fashion and comes up with a plan to fight a mean and dishonest fashion designer.

The movie is a fun as well as colorful live-action Disney story, and Stone really brings the character to life. But it’s also a surprisingly fun heist story, with some smart and enjoyable scenes where “Cruella” plans her crime.


In Enchanted, Giselle, the princess who used to be animated, married Robert Philip and lived happily ever after within New York. It’s not always a happy finish, though. People have been waiting a long time for the sequel, Disenchanted.

In it, Giselle gets injured when her niece Morgan mentally pulls away from her. Robert even says that he is unhappy with their lives, even though they have moved to the suburbs.

Giselle brings some magic from Andalusia to their lives to make them more like stories from fairy tales. In order to make everyone happy. It works too well, because Giselle is slowly turning into a mean stepmother.

Guardians Of The Galaxy:

Peter the “Star-Lord” Quill is a quick-talking and slightly stupid cosmic thief who steals a valuable alien treasure and ends up in a harsh space jail. Inside the facility, Quill finds a strange group of other prisoners, including Gamora, who is thought to be the most dangerous woman in the world.

With the help of his new friends, our anti-hero gets out of the prison and finds a plan that threatens the whole world. It turns out that only Quill & Co. can do something about it. How could something go wrong?

Even though it’s part of Marvel’s huge 23-film “Infinity Saga,” Guardians of the Galaxy by James Gunn is so well-made that it works as a standalone story. As our reviewer said, “The film is a giddily subversive space opera that runs on self-aware smartassery.”