16 Of The Best Dog Movies Upon Netflix


16 Of The Best Dog Movies Upon Netflix:

No one has ever said, “People are better than dogs.” Dog lovers are the only ones who can really understand what pure love is. A dog film comes out every once within a while. Dogs are amazing, and these movies show why they are called “a man’s best friend.” Some movies are action-packed, and others are about a family.

When you cuddle with your dog, it’s like having a furry best friend by your side. But what’s even better is when you watch a movie with your dog while cuddling with another furry friend. It makes you understand how lucky you are to have such a blessing within your life.

The interest in dogs within movies made sense when you think about how many people around the world have dogs. In September 2022, Health for Animals said that one-third of all homes have a dog.

There are people who want a dog but can’t adopt one because of other things that this number doesn’t list. But for these people, watching dogs within movies might be an option. With Netflix’s continued growth, there are bound to be great movies available to those who want to watch fluffy dogs go on fun adventures.

Pets United:

“Pets United” is an animated action movie that was directed by Reinhard Klooss. A sassy stray dog named Roger and a well-cared-for house cat named Belle work together to safeguard their city from a robot takeover. As a disaster is about to hit their city, Roger and Belle collaborate with other creatures to get past problems and fight the shared enemy.

The movie’s beautiful animation and exciting scenes will make people of all ages laugh and get scared. It also deals with themes of unity among different people and stresses the importance of working together to solve problems.


Benji did what many people do: he brought back a popular brand for a new group of fans. This movie is about a stray dog named Max who tries to rescue two kids who have been taken.

The 2018 version of Benji is very similar to the 1974 movie in terms of story, which is fun for fans of the original. However, the new version stands out because it is much darker, faster-paced, and has some touching moments.

Overall, it’s a fun movie. However, because Benji deals with serious issues like kidnapping as well as animal abuse, parents may want to maintain these tips in mind if they plan to watch it with their kids.

Dog Gone:

One of the fresh films upon our list is Dog Gone. In this 2023 movie, a father and son must work together to find their son’s lost dog upon the Appalachian Trail. The movie is based on a true story.

This touching movie, starring Rob Lowe, is not only about finding your lost dog, but also about doing what you can to help and love your family.

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Homeward Bound:

Homeward Bound has been pulled off of Netflix, but you can still watch it on Amazon. One funny and touching movie called Homeward Bound is about three pets who go out into the desert in search of their owners.

This really does make you feel good it has all the feels. As a child, this was my favorite movie of all time, and this is the only VHS tape I viewed so many times that it was worn out. Homeward Bound was a remake of The Incredible Journey, a Disney movie from 1963. The Incredible Journey was based on a book by Sheila Burnford in 1961.

Vicky And Her Mystery:

Vicky and Her Mystery, directed by Denis Imbert, is a family drama movie about loss and getting through hard times. Stéphane was a young man who recently lost his wife as well as is dealing with the mental problems that come with it.

He decides to move to the mountains to be at peace alongside Vicky, who has sad stopped talking to him overall. She gets a dog as well as names it Mystery without telling him. Vicky, on the other hand, keeps her pet a secret from everyone else. As the movie goes on, the two become very close.


Under the direction of Mark A.Z. Dippé, this cartoon adventure-comedy movie is about a cute but awkward Great Dane named “Marmaduke.” The popular comic strip by Brad Anderson as well as Paul Anderson is turned into a movie that brings the Great Dane’s funny adventures to the big screen.

We are taken on a fun journey with him and his cocky enemy Zeus, a cream-colored Afghan hound, as they get into different mischief in their suburban neighborhood. There are funny and touching moments that remind us of the pros and cons of having a big dog like “Marmaduke.”

It’s voiced by Pete Davidson as the title character, J.K. Simmons as Zeus, and David Koechner as Phil Winslow, the head of the Winslow family as well as Marmaduke’s loving owner.

Mr. Peabody And Sherman:

In Netflix’s dog flicks, dogs are portrayed as people, like Mr. Peabody. There is a book called Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It’s about a clever dog named Mr. Peabody who takes in a boy named Sherman.

Sherman, Penny, Mr. Peabody, and he all go on a big trip through time with the “WABAC machine.” The movie Mr. Peabody as well as Sherman has an 81% rating upon Rotten Tomatoes, which means that reviewers liked it.

Putting a fun spin on history, the three primary protagonists jump from one big event to another. It’s not just the crazy and funny language that makes people laugh; Mr. Peabody as well as Sherman also has a great company.

A Dog’s Purpose:

In 2017, the movie A Dog’s Purpose was made based on the best-selling book of the same name. In this action movie, a dog dies and comes back to life as a different breed for new owners. The dog meets and talks to the young boy who saved him within the 1960s many times in many lives. This touching movie is about deep things like loss and friendship.

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A Life In The Doghouse:

There are some good dog movies upon Netflix, and Life within the Dog House was one of them. The movie follows Ron as well as Danny’s rescue and shows how they have a unique way of helping dogs in need.

This movie opens your eyes and teaches you some important lessons, but it might not be an ideal choice for kids or people who are easily offended. What makes this movie even more special is that both their work and the effects they have upon dogs in their area are based on real events.

A lot of different types of dogs, of different sizes, personalities, and breeds, have been saved by their determination and hard work. Come along with Ron as well as Danny as they adopt as well as save cute and innocent little friends.


“Trouble” is a touching cartoon adventure comedy movie that was directed through Kevin Johnson. This movie is about a dog named Trouble who gets into trouble but is also very cute. When his beloved owner dies, his easy life within the lap of luxury is upended.

‘Trouble’ goes on a trip through the busy city streets and meets new people who become friends with him while he’s there. The movie takes viewers on a fun adventure full of laughs, thrills, and touching moments thanks to its gripping story and charming picture of a man’s best friend.

Xico’s Journey:

Xico’s Journey, a cartoon movie from Mexico, is one of the best dog movies upon Netflix that you might not have seen.

This movie is about a girl named Copi who goes on an adventure with her best friend Gus and her dog Xico to protect their home from a greedy company. They quickly learn that Xico is the key to rescuing their mountain town.

The story of Xico’s Journey is based on Mexican culture and myth. Beautiful pictures of ghosts and other supernatural beings can be found in 2D animation.

The story is pretty easy, but it has a strong message against business and fracking. There is a very rare 100% review for Xico’s Journey on Tomatazos, which is the Spanish form of Rotten Tomatoes.

Rescued By Ruby:

Rescued through Ruby was a historical drama movie coming out in 2022. It’s about a state cop named Dan who wants to join the K-9 rescue and search team. He has less than a year to make this dream come true before he turns 30.

Dab saves a Border Collie mix that is restless and hard to control from being put down. The story then shows how he tries to train her so that he can become a K-9 officer, which is his dream.

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Arctic Dogs:

The cartoon comedy Arctic Dogs by Aaron Woodley has voice artists like Heidi Klum, Jeremy Renner, John Cleese, as well as James Franco who do great jobs. Swifty, the fox, knows right away that he needs to come up with a plan B when he learns that Otto Von Walrus is going to dig holes in the Arctic surface to melt the ice.

There’s an excellent likelihood that other animals as well as his friends who are living there peacefully will die suddenly if he fails. In order to stop Otto from succeeding, he teams up with a pair of otters, a polar bear, a scatterbrained albatross, and a fox before it’s too late. This way, Otto will be punished for his dishonest plan for good.

White Fang:

“White Fang” is based on Jack London’s famous and classic book of the same name. It is about a wolf dog who lives with three different owners and the crazy things that happen to him. Over the years, the story of White Fang has touched many people’s lives, and it will always do so.

There are beautiful pictures and music in this movie version of the story that make you feel like you know the main character. “White Fang” is a movie that is good for both kids and adults. By the end, it will almost make you cry.


In the movie Seventeen, Héctor sneaks out of the youth detention center where he is being held to find his service dog, Sheep, who has been adopted. As Héctor plans this trip, he asks his brother Ismael to help him.

The Spanish movie shows a strong bond between a boy as well as his dog, but it also has a fascinating side story about how Héctor’s connection to his brother Ismael grows while they work through some problems together.

The ideas in Seventeen are too adult for younger viewers, so it’s not truly a family movie. However, it got good reviews, and it has a solid 88% upon Rotten Tomatoes.

June And Kopi:


November Santosa directed, co-wrote, and produced the family comedy “June & Kopi.” Acha Septrias, Ryan Delon, as well as Makayla Rose Hilli are in the movie. The story is about a lost dog that meets Aya, a graphic artist, by chance while running away from a group of naughty kids who are torturing her for fun.

After Aya saves his new dog friend, she brings it to her house, where it meets Kopi. Aya’s husband sends the dog back to the shelter at first, but she has to bring her back after a series of events. The lost dog is later given the name June. With Aya’s help, she slowly learns to deal with her new surroundings and her stress.