16 Of The Best Indian Tv Shows You Can Watch Online Right Now


16 Of The Best Indian Tv Shows You Can Watch Online Right Now:

Indian movies are some of the oldest within the world. From the very first frames, you can tell that Indian film is pure and sometimes innocent, bright and rhythmic. Another way to describe watching an Indian show is like taking a trip to a faraway place where everything is quite distinct from what we are accustomed to.

It’s not a surprise, then, that the streaming giant works hard with Indian makers to keep their local content coming out. It all began with original movies like “Love Per Square Foot” and “Lust Stories.” Then came “Sacred Games,” the first truly important Indian Netflix series.


‘Choona’ is a great show for people who like heist stories where the characters plan complicated schemes to get things that most people can’t seem to get.

At the beginning of the show, a group of individuals find that the only thing they have in common is that a single man, a powerful leader, killed loved ones.

They can’t do anything on their own, but when they work together, they can make a plan that will get them justice and so much more.


A fresh look at the old books by Indian author Satyajit Ray The four parts of the miniseries are based upon stories written in a wide range of styles, from comedy to psychological tales.

A rich businessman with a strange memory who can’t remember a mysterious woman, a shy prosthetics maker who wants to be a makeup artist, a famous singer with a secret past, and a famous actor who hates being a good-looking man are the main characters in this smart movie project.


Gurnam Singh is a police spy who we follow in “CAT.” He had left that life behind, but when he asks a police officer to help him save his brother, the officer asks him to do something in return. The police officer wants to break up a drug ring, and this puts him within the middle of it.

Gurnam is initially completely focused on his goal. However, when he learns that the police officer he works for has a connection to the passing away of his parents, he changes his focus.

Delhi Crime:

This powerful, multi-episode movie shows the world what India is really like: dirty, poor, and occasionally very dangerous. A woman named Vartika Chaturvedi is the police chief of one of Delhi’s districts. She puts together a group of top agents to solve a high-profile crime.

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A girl and a boy’s bloody bodies were found upon the side of the road early in the morning. The girl had been raped many times and then died. As a mother and a woman, Vartica sees this case as the most important and important part of her work.

Bard Of Blood:

Espionage tales with lots of action and well-written characters let us be spies from the comfort of our own homes. One big reason we love them so much is this. ‘Bard of Blood’ on Netflix is another good horror show in this type. It’s about Kabir Anand, who teaches literature after being kicked out of the RAW.

In the dry land of Balochistan, however, four Indian spies are caught by the enemy. RAW sends him out on a secret mission to free them. What happens next makes it hard for Kabir to not only complete the task but also deal with the ghosts of his past.

As with many spy movies, “Bard of Blood” is full of spy clichés. Fans of spy classics such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan as well as James Bond will quickly notice how much the movie is based on those movies.

Still, the show’s allusions to real events, its portrayal of global issues, and its general performances are sufficient to keep the majority of viewers interested.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin:

Virat Chavan, a police officer, loves a girl named Pahi as well as wants to marry her. But Chavan has to marry Sai, his mentor’s daughter, because that is what he has asked him to do before he dies.

The police officer’s soul is tormented by broken relationships and unmet vows. How long will it take Virat to forget his initial love? How long will it take Sai to love the man who married her?


‘Typewriter’ takes place in Goa and is about three kids (later joined by a fourth) who start a Ghost Club for fun and even go on a safe trip to look into a supposed ghost activity in the area.

They have no idea that their search will finally bring up the town’s dark, hidden secrets. The sets in “Typewriter” are beautifully designed, which makes the perfect cozy atmosphere.

And since Sujoy Ghosh did something similar alongside “Kahani,” it’s not a surprise that the show’s set design goes well with its dark themes.

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‘Typewriter’ has a charm that works for people of all ages, but don’t be fooled by its magical premise it’s not scary at all and is more of an interesting mystery story.


It is a battle for power within the Indian kingdom of Hastinapur between two lines of the strong Kuru family. The Kauravas are the embodiment of evil on earth, while the Pandavas are the embodiment of heavenly birth.

When the oldest and smartest Pandav becomes king of Hastinapur, the evil Kauravas come up with a clever way to get rid of him.

Stories By Rabindranath Tagore:

“Stories by Rabindranath Tagore” by Anurag Basu is a secret gem. It’s based on a collection of short stories by Rabindranath Tagore, who won the Nobel Prize.

With strong women at the center, the collection series pulls you in by drawing similarities between Bengal in the 20th century, before it was divided into parts, and today. The show’s portrayal of progressive women might not be a big deal for fans today.

But it’s important to remember that Tagore wrote these stories more than 150 years ago, when India was much more rigid. His works were ahead of their time. Also, Radhika Apte plays the lead role in the initial episode of the show, and as always, she does a great job of carrying herself with style and charm.

Call My Agent Bollywood:

In this show, the bad sides of Indian Bollywood are shown. Following the sudden death of the owner of a talent agency, four managers decide to save his business from going bankrupt.

To keep the managers from being taken over by angry fans, they try to get along with old and sassy actors and bring back the careers of long-forgotten film actors.

Indian Predator:

Each episode of the true-crime show “Indian Predator” focuses on a different crime. “The Diary of a Serial Killer” is probably the scariest of them all.

It starts with the murder of a reporter as well as the capture of the killer. It appears that the case is solved at first, but then the killer’s diary is found, which shows that the reporter wasn’t the only person he killed. The story that follows is very scary and will stay with you for a long time.

Radha Krishn:

Radha and Krishna were the earthly forms of Goddess Lakshmi as well as God Vishnu. Their love story is told by Radharani, who had to be born again as a human.

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She brought Krishna into the world of matter. Their second meeting was within the Indian village of Vrindavan. Krishna had to show the world and her lover what real love is.

House Of Secrets:

If you like true crime shows, you should watch “House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths.” This documentary, which has three parts, tries to figure out what happened when eleven people from the same family were found dead within their home.

Everything was looked at in the Burari family case, which was one of the scariest in the country, to try to figure out why the family members make such a bad choice. To give the story some background, the documentary talks about their family past, but the questions still stay.

Siya Ke Ram:

Sita and Rama’s love story will live on forever. Rama was the seventh human form of the god Vishnu and one of King Dasharatha’s four sons. A form of the goddess Lakshmi that lives on earth, Sita is also the king’s adopted daughter.

When it was time to find Sita a groom, Rama beat everyone else and married the pretty girl. There will be many hard times for the happy pair, but they will always be the model of a great family.

Little Things:

When “Little Things” first came out on YouTube alongside only five shows, it became a huge hit right away. The low-budget show became a big deal when it came out on Netflix in 2020 because of how popular it was. The show shows the daily ups and downs, both good and bad, of Dhruv Vats as well as Kavya Kulkarni, a young pair who live together.

The show’s engagingly honest look at relationships and love makes you feel a wide range of feelings, even though the idea is very simple. When you watch it, the strong bond between the two main characters hits you, and the silly but fun comedic tone never gets old.

Your Honor:

The son of a powerful judge, Bishan Khosla, is responsible for a car accident that kills the son of a local crime boss. The dad knows that his kid needs to be saved. There is nothing the judge won’t do to get his son out of the danger. When all the legal options are exhausted, Bishan Khosla turns to illegal ones without giving any thought to the effects.