16 Of The Best Movies About Serial Killers You Can Watch Right Now


16 Of The Best Movies About Serial Killers You Can Watch Right Now:

There are many scary monsters in movies, but the serial killer is the scariest because you can’t just wish them away by thinking “it’s just a movie.” They might just be truly troubled people, yet there are a lot more of them than skyscraper-sized snakes or devils from other planets.

It’s always possible that someone, somewhere, wants to kill you for no reason other than an unknown psychological force makes them want to. This is true even when you’re watching a work of fiction.

So, a clear question comes up: why would anyone want to see a movie regarding a serial killer? The majority of horror movies don’t have many “fun scares,” but movies about killers do. At least, the good ones do that by showing society as it really is.

When making this list of the greatest serial-killer movies, we focused on ones that don’t rely too much on shocking shocks and instead talk about the things that make serial killers possible. When these movies show the worst sides of people, they make us realize things about ourselves that we might not want to accept.

Even though some of them are fun, going into the depths of the human mind is still a very worthwhile thing to do. You will definitely be shaken when you leave.

The Forest Of Love:

“The Forest of Love,” directed through Sion Sono, is about a con artist named Joe Murata who turns out to be a killer who has killed many people. He ends up killing multiple individuals in very violent ways by lying and tricking them.

The movie is based on true stories about Futoshi Matsunaga, a convicted serial killer. It talks about how he tortured and killed harmless people in Kyushu, Japan, between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. If you like scary movies and are interested in this one, you should see it because director Sono told it in an incredibly artistic way.


What else is there to say regarding Alfred Hitchcock’s classic that hasn’t been stated a dozen times? It was the movie that ended the 1960s film industry by cutting it short. It broke almost every set taboo of the time, including those about violence, sex, planning, and even showing a toilet within use.

It helped create the killer movie, predicted the blood movie, and raised horror to a high art form. There have been many copies and parodies of it, as well as some bad sequels, a TV version, a biopic, a documentary, as well as a remake that matches every scene.

If there is something “new” to say about Psycho, it might be that the movie’s huge effect has made the great performance by Anthony Perkins less noticeable. It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Norman Bates, and the movie would not be the same without him.

The Bone Collector:

Let’s take a short break from real-life serial killers, shall we? A hot cop named Amelia Donaghy and a criminology expert who is paralyzed work together to find a killer who leaves behind small pieces of bone as clues.


This historical crime thriller from director Patty Jenkins stars Charlize Theron as the title character. For this part, she got a lot of praise and became a big name in Hollywood.

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She not only won a lot of praise from the public, but also from critics. For her efforts, she won Best Actress at the 76th Academy Awards. The award has been put forward to her twice more, but she has not won either time.

It doesn’t matter, though. Her part as a prostitute who turns into a serial killer in Monster is more important than any other role she has played. Additionally, when it comes to actors, Christina Ricci and Bruce Dern both give great performances.

There’s Someone Inside Your House:

“There’s Someone Inside Your House,” directed by Patrick Brice, is a slasher movie about Makani Young, a transfer student from Hawaii who moves to Osborne, Nebraska and starts having a series of scary events.

She makes friends with two other kids there, and the three of them work together to try to stop a killer who is after children with secrets.

The movie goes deeper into the mind of people than just showing the scary world of a serial killer as well as the people he kills. It’s not just about murder; it’s also about the people in it. So, it might hit home for you on a more personal level.

The Silence Of The Lambs:

The Academy Award winner by Jonathan Demme isn’t Hannibal Lecter’s first movie role, but it’s the one that most people remember, thanks to Anthony Hopkins’ amazing performance as a psychiatrist-turned-psychopath who knows that a nice Chianti goes best with human liver.

Buffalo Bill is another crazy person within Silence of the Lambs. He likes to skin his victims as well as wear them as masks. It’s kind of like T-rex vs. velociraptor, though. Even though he is in jail, Lecter is the most dangerous monster in this case.

The Talented Mr. Ripley:

A lot of serial killer stories are sad, gloomy, and bleak. The opposite is true for The Talented Mr. Ripley, which is based on the first book in a series by Patricia Highsmith. No matter what, it will make you want to plan your next beach vacation in Europe.

The movie is about a musician named Tom Ripley, played by Matt Damon, who is having a bad time. He is hired to get playboy heir Dickie Greenleaf back from the Italian coastal town where he has been living.

Dickie doesn’t take Tom back to America; instead, he asks Tom to live with him in style. Tom quickly becomes obsessed alongside his new life. Almost everything goes crazy when Dickie does a Regina George as well as tells Tom to go home.

Sweeney Todd:

This is the sixth movie that Tim Burton as well as Johnny Depp have worked on together. John Logan wrote the script. The well-known American actor plays the title part here, and his work has gotten a lot of praise. He was so good that he was nominated for Best Actor at the 80th Academy Awards.

Even though his performance in There Will Be Blood wasn’t as good as Daniel Day-Lewis’s, the title part in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is solid enough to get him on the list by itself.

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But as the interesting idea of a barber who kills people and wants to get payback upon the judge who wrongly convicted him, and as it comes in at number 18, it’s clearly the best.

The Call:

The South Korean psychological drama “The Call” is very scary. It has a complicated story with people interacting through time and a cruel serial killer. In 2019, Kim Seo-yeon, who is 28 years old, goes to the country to see her sick mother. In the broken-down house where she grew up, she discovers a cordless phone.

It looks like a woman calls it and says her mother is beating her. Seo-yeon later finds out that Oh Young-sook has been calling her since 1999. The two women first become friends in different times, and Young-sook saves Seo-yeon’s father’s life in 1999, which changes the other woman’s life.

But Seo-yeon’s life changes quickly for the better when both of her parents come back to life. Young-sook, on the other hand, gets angry about her situation as well as is killed by her mother.

For some reason, Seo-yeon learns about this and tells Young-sook. Young-sook then kills her mother and starts killing other people. This is where you are able to view the show.

The Night Of The Hunter:

Tip: If you only make one movie in your whole life, make it The Night of the Hunter. The only movie that actor Charles Laughton directed was a unique masterpiece that was unlike any other movie of its time.

The mood is like a fuzzy memory of a traumatic event that happened to you as a child, which fits with the narrative of two farm kids who are being chased by a monster. The psychopath in question is a serial killer who dresses up as a preacher, and Robert Mitchum gives an infamously creepy, out-of-character performance as him.

His unnerving calm acting and philosophical view of his own villainy make him a bit of a precursor to Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. His famous “Love/Hate” finger tattoos have been referred to through everyone from Spike Lee to The Simpsons.

Tragedy Girls:

LOL, and you thought your love of true crime podcasts was weird? Meet the “Tragedy Girls.” Their blog about murder isn’t enough to meet their need to write. They really want to kill people. Most serial killer stories are about teenage girls being killed, so this dark and humorous take on the theme really turns things on their heads.

I Saw The Devil:

This is a South Korean action drama directed by Kim Jee-woon. The camerawork is some of the best you’ll ever see. Cinematographer Lee Mo-gae got some of the scariest acts on this list, with stunning Dutch angles and gripping tracking shots.

Jang Kyung-chul is a serial killer who works out of a school bus. Choi Min-sik plays him in I Saw the Devil. But when Kyung-chul kills a woman who is carrying the child of a National Service Intelligence officer, he is chased by a man who is even more dangerous than he is.

People in the United States may not have heard of this movie, but I Saw the Devil is just the first of many foreign movies on this list.

In the eyes of some movie fans, this important South Korean serial killer stent might come out with an even higher ranking today.

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The Chase:

“The Chase” is another action movie from South Korea. This one is about Shim Deok-su, who is a tough owner of several working-class flats and used to be a refugee from the North.

While going to see his renters to demand payment, Deok-su learns that two individuals have been killed within the town. When one of his renters, who used to be a police officer, hears regarding this, he points out that both victims were easy targets. He thinks that the killer might be a serial killer who has been killing the old and weak so far but will soon start killing women.

It’s almost like his words came true when the former cop is killed. After that, Deok-su teams up with the dead officer’s old partner to figure out the complicated string of killings. This is where you can watch the movie.


Fritz Lang’s first talkie created the police procedure, the psychological thriller, as well as the film noir. Its sense of moral uncertainty may be what makes it so popular to this day.

A young girl is killed in a Berlin scene that looks like an Expressionist nightmare. The crime is only hinted at by shadows and an unsecured balloon. It shocks the city as well as its criminal underground, which would rather not have a child killer on the run because it brings attention to their group.

As the crooks and the police close in on Lang, the audience already knows who did it: sad-eyed Peter Lorre. But Lang is brave enough to ask: in a sick society, was a child killer really more horrible than the lynch mob that convicts him?


Whether you think Jigsaw is a serial killer or not is up to you. In a way, he only puts individuals in positions where they have to choose between life and death.

The word we use is “semantics.” This guy is without a doubt one of the worst killers in the history of horror movies, and the way he kills people is the grossest. There are eight Saw movies out now, and the ninth one, Tilted Spiral: From the Book of Saw, is still being worked on and will be out soon.


There are a lot of movies on this list with the same name, so Scream is one of the most famous ones. And for a good reason. It has great pace, memorable plot points, and funny character interactions thanks to author Kevin Williamson’s self-referential writing.

This is an excellent horror movie, more especially a killer movie. But, as was already said, Scream has meta-dialogue.

Its characters talk about horror movies, horror movie tropes, and how the killings in their hometown of Woodsboro are a lot like the movies their friends watch on the weekends while drinking a case of beer.

Scream started a huge series, and a big part of its draw comes from how interesting the Ghostface Killer, the movie’s serial killer and main bad guy, is portrayed. At the very end, there may have been two individuals behind the mask, but Billy and Stu are both on this list.