16 Of The Best Movies On Netflix About Schizophrenia


16 Of The Best Movies On Netflix About Schizophrenia:

“Don’t feel down!” That is without a doubt the worst advice anyone alongside a mental illness has ever heard. People often have the wrong ideas about mental health issues or don’t want to talk about them.

People who are going through it are then pushed to the edges, attacked, as well as left to deal with it on their own. Friends and family of people with mental illness can’t help because there isn’t enough knowledge and conversation about mental health.

Talking about mental health in public has been frowned upon for decades, but things are starting to change. Because of books, TV shows, and movies that have touched on these topics, people are more likely to talk about them.

For those who are interested, here is a list of Netflix movies that deal with mental disease or mental health in some way. There really was a movie for every event on Netflix these days because it has so much material. There are a lot of Netflix movies about mental illness. This list has the best of them.

6 Balloons:

“6 Balloons,” starring Dave Franco, is about a woman who discovers that her brother has become addicted to heroin again. She gets within her car late at night along with her two-year-old child and him to look for a rehab center.

While this video can get boring at times, it is worth watching because it is based upon real events and the players make sure that you have a very real experience.

At first, the movie’s sweet conversation will win your heart. But as it goes on, the story takes a very dark and scary turn that will remain with you long after the movie is over and make you think twice regarding trying heroin yourself.

Strange Voices:

This movie follows a person alongside schizophrenia from the time they are diagnosed to the time they are told they won’t get better. A person has a hard time coming to terms alongside the fact that they have the disorder.

As the movie goes on, we see how Nicole’s family goes from denying to resenting to finally accepting her mental health. That decision also sheds light on what it means for the person and those who care about them, whether they choose to accept or refuse treatment.

The path to acceptance is sad, and those who care about Nicole have to show kindness, strength, and awareness.  Because of the treatment’s effects, people are also thinking about how mental health issues have been dealt with in the past as well as whether we continue to encounter the same problems and issues.

To The Bone:

An eating problem is not a joke. In the Netflix movie To the Bone, Ellen is a young woman who dropped out of college and is now dealing with anorexia. Ellen meets Dr. William Beckham on her way to getting better, and he lets her join his patient program.

Ellen has to face her fears there alongside the assistance of her fellow patients, one of whom is a nice dancer called Luke.

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But her path to health isn’t smooth; she has to go through a few rough spots before she can finally choose health. There are times when it’s hard to watch To the Bone, but it shows a lot of important facts about eating disorders.

Brain On Fire:

In 2016, the movie Brain on Fire came out. It was based on Susannah Cahalan’s book Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness.

The book is about Cahalan, who had a strange illness as she worked for the New York Post. Doctors gave her the wrong diagnosis, and she was almost sent to a mental hospital, where she would have probably died.

Chloë Grace Moretz plays Cahalan in the movie. She fights to figure out what’s wrong with her, which turns out to be encephalitis. She got the help she needed after being found out, and she wrote her book to show other people that hope was possible.

Basic Instinct:

The story by Joe Eszterhas did very well at the theaters. Sharone Stone plays Catherine Tramell, and Michael Douglas plays Detective Nick Curran. The story is about how the two of them play a game of cat-and-mouse to be Catherine becomes the main suspect in a murder.

The reason this movie is on this list is because of the character Catherine, who shows signs of psychopathy.

Catherine writes crime novels, and the killings she is thought to have done are based on the details in her books. People also praise the movie for its “groundbreaking depictions of sexuality,” even though it has caused a lot of controversy.


This historical story is about a news writer named Christine Chubbuck who is depressed. Rebecca Hall plays her. She is having a hard time because her personal and work life has come to a stressful stop.

Christine’s boss pushes her to find scarier stories to get more people to watch their channel, and she gives it her all because she might be getting promoted soon.

Personally, she seems positive when her coworker George Ryan pays attention to her, but things don’t go as planned. The most important part of the movie is what she does next.

The Perfection:

If you like movies like “Whiplash” and “Black Swan,” you’ll really like “The Perfection.” Allison Williams, who was great in the scary movie Get Out, is at her best to be Charlotte Willmore, a brilliant cellist who has to quit Bachoff music school to take care of her dying mother.

When she comes back years later, she meets Lizzie, who was her replacement, and plans to get back at her. Charlotte gives Lizzie drugs, which make her want to cut off her own hand. Charlotte is first blamed for what she did because she is jealous, but things are more complex than that. You’ll never see the crazy turns in this movie coming.


The most recent mental health movie on Netflix was Stutz, which came out in 2022. It was a documentary. The documentary, which was made by Jonah Hill, was about his own doctor, Dr. Phil Stutz, and his life and work.

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A lot of the movie is made up of chats between the characters, in which they talk about their lives and mental health. Stutz also talks about how he does therapy and how he interacts with his patients.

A perfect score of 10/10 on Rotten Tomatoes shows that critics really liked the Netflix original. Not only is it regarding Stutz as well as his work, but it’s also regarding Jonah Hill’s own mental health problems and questions.

Bottom Of The World:

The movie was directed and co-produced by Richard Sears. Jena Malone plays Scarlett as well as Douglas Smith plays Alex. This movie is about the crazy things that can happen to a person’s mind when they can’t understand or deal with how bad something is.

Story is about a young couple taking Route 66 to get to Los Angeles. The girl, Scarlett, goes missing at a motel off the route. The most interesting thing about the movie is that, except for Scarlett, none of the other characters are based upon real people. You will understand what we mean if you watch the movie.

God’s Crooked Lines:

“God’s Crooked Lines” is a psychological horror movie from Spain directed by Oriol Paulo. It is based on Torcuato Luca de Tena’s 1979 book of the same name. The story is about a private investigator named Alice Gould who pretends to be paranoid in order to check herself into a mental hospital.

The reason for this is that it’s part of her research into the death of one of the prisoners. However, as the days go by at the hospital, she becomes subjected to things that make her question whether or not she is crazy.

Carmen Bárbara Lennie plays Alice in “God’s Crooked Lines.” Other actors in the show are Federico Aguado, Pablo Derqui, Francisco Javier Pastor, and Loreto Mauleón.

As Good As It Gets:

Meet Melvin Udall. He has obsessive-compulsive disorder and is a misanthrope. From that, you’d never guess that he’s also the author of several best-selling relationship novels.

It seems like Melvin eats at the exact same diner every day and talks to the same waiter, Carol, whose son has severe asthma. When thieves almost kill Melvin’s friend, he has to take care of his dog, Verdell.

A lot of new things happen to Melvin when he takes care of Verdell, and this makes him want to follow Carol more directly. With help from others, this movie shows that someone can get better from a mental illness while maintaining a full life.

All The Bright Places:

All the Bright Places was a movie based on a book that came out on Netflix in 2020. Elle Fanning and Justice Smith both play Theodore Finch, a character who has a mental disease that isn’t called but has a lot of signs that are reminiscent of some people alongside bipolar disorder.

Fanning’s character also shows signs of mental illness that are sometimes linked to stress. The movie does a great job of showing how lonely and hard it is to live alongside any kind of mental health problem, even though it doesn’t focus on mental disease specifically. The movie looks at how important it’s to talk about mental illness in a normal way, whether it’s caused by being a teen, grief, or abuse.

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This one isn’t really trying to bring attention to mental illness and went a little too far alongside it. The movie “Clinical” is a horror film that was made just for fun.

In it, one of the female patients of a therapist attacks her very badly. She is very upset about this, so she seeks to take her mind off of it by giving her full attention to her new patient.

But things receive much worse for the psychologist when her new patient, a man, starts to look into his own story and realizes he may have ties to the terrible event from before.

The movie starts out well, but then it goes off in a different direction, leaving you asking where you were going.

Horse Girl:

In this movie, a young woman quickly falls into a deep psychic hole because she can’t tell the difference between her memories and her fantasies.

When she has a break in time and place, she doesn’t know what she does. Because her family has a past of mental illness, she is finally taken to a mental health center.

The movie was directed through Jeff Baena as well as co-written by Alison Brie. It’s based on Brie’s own experiences with paranoid schizophrenia and sadness in her family. When Allison Brie talks to Deadline, she talks about “how terrifying it can be to not be ready to trust your own mind.”


Sam Worthington plays the lead role in this psychological movie about a man who loses touch with reality after a very traumatic event. Their daughter Peri has an accident and falls into a pit. Ray as well as his wife Joanne rush her to the hospital to get medical attention.

Ray falls asleep within the waiting area while Joanne and Peri go into the hospital room. Things get strange when he wakes up.

The hospital tells Ray that they don’t have any records of his family staying there. Ray does everything he can to find out the truth. Things aren’t what they seem to be, though, and the ending will give you chills.

The Fundamentals Of Caring:

This comedy-drama movie stars Paul Rudd as well as Selena Gomez as a recently divorced man who is depressed and takes care of a crippled teenager. The two become friends in a strange way.

The Fundamentals of Caring was mostly regarding this relationship as well as the things Trevor has to deal with as a man in a wheelchair, but it does a great job of showing how each character deals with mental health issues.

After losing his daughter and getting divorced, Paul Rudd’s character goes through a lot of sadness, and Trevor has nervousness because of his inability.