16 Of The Best Scary Anime On Netflix


16 Of The Best Scary Anime On Netflix:

Horror movies and TV shows have had a big impact on society for many years. You can find a few of the best television programs and films ever in this field.

Regarding anime, the genre is still very important and well-liked by fans. Since a lot of anime fans now use Netflix, we thought it would be fun to make a list of scary shows that anime fans would like.

But we’d like to point out that we haven’t exactly stuck to the genre’s description. We’ve included shows that have other main themes, but the fear as well as shock factor is still a big part of how they tell their stories.

If you want to watch any of the videos we suggested, you can click on the link we gave you at the end. Some of the subgenres that make up anime horror are as follows. Some go into scary alien attacks, while others let loose magical forces on people who aren’t ready for them.

On top of that, there are choices for people who like really creepy body horrors. If you want to watch some scary cartoons, Netflix has become the place to go. There are a lot of scary shows there that you should not miss.

Junji Ito Maniac:

“Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre,” or just “Itou Junji: Maniac,” is a horror anime made by Studio Deen that adapts some of the best-known stories by Japanese horror comic author Junji Ito.

The cartoon looks at a lot of different types of horror, but body horror as well as cosmic horror are the main ones it shows. Each story stands on its own and tells a twisty tale that goes deeper into the dark side of the human mind to show viewers a new world full of scary possibilities.

Folk tales and urban myths are just a few of the things that the show talks about. You can find out more about the show here if you’re interested.

Sirius The Jaeger:

Vampires and scary stories go together, and Serius the Jaeger goes deep into the world of these scary creatures. There was a lot of killing, horrible deaths, drinking blood, and scary jump scares.

This series was a horror fan’s dream, with the standard fight between humans and vampires. The story is mostly about the Jaegers, a scary group of vampire hunters led by the strange Yuliy.

Their job is to find and kill the vampires who turned Yuliy’s hometown into a horrible killing ground. A lot of people liked how scary the show was, but some fans may find it a bit slow.

The Promised Neverland:

The story takes place in and around a school called Grace Field House. The children who live there are very smart and live very peaceful, happy lives with their mother, Isabella.

The kids at Grace Field House love the lovely, open land around it. It gives them a place to explore, play, as well as relax during the day for orphans.

It has three full floors and a very old-fashioned way of life that doesn’t use any current technology. But things are not what they seem to be. Emma, Norman, and Ray are three very smart kids who find out that Grace Field House isn’t a loving place for kids to wait for their forever homes.

They find out that the kids are being raised to be pets by horrible, flesh-hungry devils in a bleak world that has been changed forever by these monsters. Isabella as well as these demons are always after the kids, so they need to use their skills and creativity to get away from their new situation.

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The Promised Neverland is a dark, disturbing, tense, and gripping movie that looks at themes like family, betrayal, survival, and the meaning of life. It also has some horrifying visuals and a new take on the typical future plot.


In a lot of anime, normal people are teamed up with magical partners or even turn into a mix of human and animal.

Parasyte, the motto, on the other hand, was the only one that seems like it might be a loose follow-up to The Thing. The goal of the aliens who have come to Earth is to gradually control all humans.

Hi, my name is Shinichi Izumi, and I’m a normal high school student. One of these parasite monsters bonds with me and lives in my hand. After Shinichi as well as his alien parasite try to find and kill the rest of these predatory species, the story turns into an amazing mix of mystery, action, and constant body horror.

There are a lot of different monsters within anime, yet the threats within Parasyte will really make your stomach turn. In Parasyte, Shinichi as well as the alien who occupies his hand have a bond that is both frightening to look at and strangely intense.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness:

There was an unknown hacking event at the White House, and Leon S. Kennedy was given the job of finding the truth and the people responsible.

In a strange turn of events, though, zombies start attacking the White House. Kennedy meets another detective named Claire Redfield while he is trying to figure out what is going on.

“Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness,” a horror zombie apocalypse series based on a Capcom game, tells an exciting and gripping story of survival and the fight for life. You can watch the cartoon here to see how the story goes after Kennedy and Redfield work together.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress:

The creatures in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress give the zombie idea a unique twist. These monsters are called Kabaneri. Even though they have a different name, these Kabaneri are just like regular zombies in that they are out to kill people and leave a path of fear and death for everyone.

In a world full of Kabaneri, death and suffering are always present. Life is full of mystery, which puts you in a constant state of fear, wondering what horrible thing will happen next. Some people even said it was like Attack on Titan, which goes well with the series. Some fans, though, brought up open questions and asked for more closure.

Devilman Crybaby:

The Devilman series have been around for decades in numerous forms, but Devilman Crybaby, the most recent installment, feels unique and like it wants to do something new with the character. The story of Devilman Crybaby isn’t too hard to follow.

It takes place in a world that could be taken over by monsters. Akira forms a link with a demon that makes him into Devilman. This is the key to stopping the war because Devilman is a mix of a man and a demon. Devilman Crybaby is full of bloody violence, and the series is known for going to extremes.

The famous Masaaki Yuasa is in charge of directing Devilman Crybaby. What makes it so fun is how he plays alongside animation as well as color. It has never looked so good to see monsters and bloodshed.

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The TV show “Trese” is based on the same-named Filipino comic book through Budjette Tan as well as Kajo Baldisimo. It is a crime fantasy horror anime show. The show is heavily based on Philippine folklore, and the main character, who is called “The Investigator,” is in charge of looking into strange crimes that happen in the Philippines.

As the detective gets closer to solving the cases she has been given, she learns about the hard facts of the criminal underground, which, strangely, works together with evil magical beings. This is where you can watch the show.


While Ajin: Demi-Human has been criticized for its CGI animation, it has a loyal fan base thanks to its creepy and frightening plot and truly scary scenes.

You will be surprised by how the action scenes are acted out and how the Ajin’s powers are used. The show is based on Gamon Sakurai’s book, and it has 26 episodes, each one more exciting than the last.

The idea of immortal beings called Ajin is at the heart of Demi-Human. The main character of the story is a high school student named Kei Nagai who finds out he is an Ajin after a terrible accident. As he becomes accustomed to his new powers, he runs away and is being chased by both government agents and Ajin hunts.

Attack On Titan:

Attack on Titan ranks as one of the most popular shows on this list. It’s about people who are desperate to stay alive and people who are naturally good at doing well even when things are bad.

The story mostly takes place upon Paradise Island, where people have built a castle with 50-meter walls that is almost impossible to get through. They did this to keep out the Titans, which are huge humanoid creatures that eat people for no apparent reason.

In this show, the main character, Eren, as well as his companions, Mikasa as well as Armin, see these giants destroy their town and watch in fear as Eren’s mother is eaten by one of them.

Over time, they all work their way up to entering the Armed Forces of Eldia. This is the force that was trained to fight the Titans and protect Paradise Island. There seems to be darkness over every part of this show, even when it’s good.

Anyone who likes scary movies should watch Attack on Titan because of its themes of pure violence and the Titans’ creepy moves and behavior. When it comes to exploring ideas and feelings that make you stop and think, the show does it all.

Neon Genesis Evangelion:

It might not seem like a horror show at first, but Neon Genesis Evangelion has frightening images from the very first episode, and they get worse as the show goes on.

Not only does Evangelion take apart the robot genre, but it also takes apart people. The show does a great job of combining thought-provoking questions with amazing action scenes and heartbreaking character drama.

The cartoon stands out because it has a unique take on monsters and robots, and it also ties faith into all of that. Even though it’s a big project, Evangelion is one of the few cartoons that makes me feel as anxious and scared as it does.

Even though it came out decades ago, Neon Genesis Evangelion continues to be thought of as one of the best and most difficult cartoons. It’s really unlike anything else.

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Make My Day:

The original science fiction horror web cartoon “Make My Day” from Studio 5 Inc. was made by Yasuo Ohtagaki. The movie directed by Makoto Honda takes place on a very cold world where a jail has been set up. In order to punish the inmates, they are made to work in a big mine in horrible conditions.

Their lives are already very hard, but things get even worse when strange creatures show up in the mine as well as start attacking everyone they see. You can watch the cartoon here if you want to see how the story goes.


For a long time, vampires have been a mainstay of horror movies, making our screens more scary. Like other books in this genre, Hellsing has a unique twist: the demon vampire Alucard is the main character and not the bad guy. But even though he plays a hero, Alucard is still a scary and unsettling figure to watch.

The fights he has with his opponents are scary, making for intense as well as spooky scenes. There is a dark theme as well as a scary story in this series that makes it perfect for horror fans.

Even though Alucard looks scary, his skills, the way he talks, and the cruel way he treats his opponents make you wonder again, “Is he really the hero?”

Death Note:

Death Note has been one of the most popular anime shows of the last few decades. This is because, even though the story is a bit over the top, it still tells a story about how interested people are and where that curiosity can lead them.

Death Note is a great way to learn about different points of view because it jumps between killer as well as detective, with the mystery Death Note in the middle. Something very scary about how Light Yagami uses the Death Note’s ability to kill anyone whose name is written in it without any thought is deeply disturbing.

There are some troubling ideas in Death Note, and it’s amazing that it can combine such over-the-top graphics as well as extreme elements into a character study that makes you think. Light makes mistakes right from the start, which adds to the fun of Death Note. He works himself deeper and deeper until he can’t go back.


That being said, “Exception” is another great original science fiction horror show with a unique idea that stays with viewers. The cartoon, which was made by Hirotaka Adachi, is about people trying to find a new home for themselves after being forced to leave Earth.

The spaceship being used for this has a 3D printer named Womb that is used to make each crew member one at a time.

The printer doesn’t work right, though, and one of the team members’ names gets printed wrong. This makes the whole mission a mess. You may view the cartoon here if you want to see how the story goes.

Black Butler:

Black Butler is a delicious meal that combines gothic style, magical mystery, horror and thriller elements, and even some playful humor. The story takes place in Victorian-era England as well as is about a young noblewoman named Ciel Phantomhive.

Because of his trauma, he makes a strange deal with Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal yet clearly evil helper. This powerful duo solves riddles and looks into the dark secrets that lie beneath society’s smooth exterior. Although this is going on, Ciel is still trying to find out who killed his family.