17.3”, RTX 3080 and RTX 3080 for 200 euros less in PcComponentes


One of the best possibilities that the current market offers us to play our favorite video games wherever we are, it is without a doubt with laptops. Thanks to them we can enjoy an experience very similar to that of desktop PCs, saving space and time when configuring our gaming setup.

MSI Vector GP76 12UH-603ES Intel Core i7-12700H/32GB/1TB SSD/RTX 3080/17.3"

MSI Vector GP76 12UH-603ES Intel Core i7-12700H/32GB/1TB SSD/RTX 3080/17.3″

There are a lot of models in the world of laptops, where gaming stands out from the rest due to the large number of benefits that they present to enjoy a quality gaming experience. This is the case of this MSI Vector gaming laptop that currently returns to its historical minimum price in PcComponentes: of the 2,849.01 euros that it previously cost, it can now be ours for 2,699 euros.

The MSI Vector GP76 12UH-603ES is a gaming laptop that features a sleek and lightweight design that you can take with you everywhere to enjoy your favorite video games anywhere in the world. Its 17.3” diagonal and its Full HD screen resolution will allow you to play any video game at 1080p thanks also to its 8GB NVIDIA GeForce 3080 graphics.

Portatil Msi 3d 2

This laptop has a large storage capacity of 1TB of SSD memory, 32 GB of RAM and a 12th generation Intel Core i9 processor. In addition, like any self-respecting gaming laptop, it incorporates an RGB keyboard that will delight the most gamers to experience the best feeling of immersion to do that you play like a true e-sports professional. Of course, it does not come with a built-in operating system, so its installation will be on us.


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