17 Of Netflix’s Best Game Shows


17 Of Netflix’s Best Game Shows:

Game shows add new fun to TV. A lot of people who watch or play will never forget the embarrassing moments that happen during plays or games. No matter what, Netflix has a lot of different shows where players win fame, money, and sometimes love. All of this, plus some great characters, makes this genre a lot of fun to watch.

You can watch any of them because they are all different and entertaining in their own ways. There’s no doubt that some are better than others. So don’t waste your time watching dull game shows. Instead, check out these funny and entertaining Netflix shows.

Many homes are glued to the TV because of how exciting and suspenseful game shows are. Netflix has made this easier by making it easy for users to get to their favorite shows.

“Truth or Consequences” was the initial game show to air upon legally allowed TV. “CBS Television Quiz” came in right behind it.

Within the past 40 years, the format of the game show has been constantly changing and adding new elements. There are many types of game shows today, from survival shows to cook-offs.


“Survivor” was a long-running reality TV show that puts players to the test in a rural, empty area, testing their physical and mental toughness. The show was created through Charlie Parsons, and Jeff Probst is known for hosting it.

The contestants form groups and fight in different tasks. Each week, one player is voted off until only one is left. The show is known for having plot turns and relationships that you can’t see coming. The big prize is $1 million.

“Survivor” has been a cultural phenomenon for over twenty years, showing how resilient people can be, how smart games can be, and how to survive in the wild.

Sing On:

This is a singing competition that is put by the famous singer Titus Burgess as well as shown online. Six people are following the show as they try to win up to $60,000 through singing five popular tunes.

A voice coach utilizes a point system to compare each contestant’s performance to the original artist’s and then gets rid of each one one by one. Its average streaming length of 35 minutes was long enough to please the show’s loyal fans. Only eight episodes of the 2020 show have come out so far, and they’re all good.

The Circle:

“The Circle,” a reality competition show hosted by Michelle Buteau, puts players against each other in a strategy game. Everyone who is taking part has to live in a different room and can’t talk to each other directly.

But instead of normal ways to talk to people, they are provided with a social stage where they can change how other people see them to get a better rating. People who make better strategy decisions become leaders, while people who get low scores could be forced to leave the game.

Wheel Of Fortune:

When it comes to the greatest game shows ever on TV, Wheel of Fortune is the best of the best. The long-running show has been hosted by Pat Sajak as well as Vanna White for more than forty years, and they are still doing a great job as the show heads into its forty-first season. For those who are interested, the show has aired over 7,000 episodes since then.

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That being said, Wheel of Fortune isn’t as flashy as some of Netflix’s other great game shows. However, its simple idea and short length make it a great show to watch after a long day at work or school. Since Netflix has four seasons of Wheel of Fortune, there should be enough to keep people busy for a few weeks of evenings.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown:

“The Big Family Cooking Showdown” is a BBC show where teams cook. Two groups of three family members battle each week in three tasks. Giorgio Locatelli, a Michelin-starred chef, and Rosemary Shrager, a cooking teacher, judge the teams.

The winners of each of the 8 heats move upon to more events until there is a clear winner. Angelica Bell, a host and winner of Celebrity Masterchef, will co-host as well as judge the second season, which has 14 shows, along with Tommy Banks, a chef with a Michelin star.

Love Is Blind:

People, mostly single people, watch popular dating television shows because they want to find love. Love is Blind has been on for five seasons, so there are a lot of shows as well as stories to pick from.

Nick as well as Vanessa Lachey lead this show regarding single people looking for love. The setup is speed dating within random pods. First, people who are taking part in the dating project spend their time in pods, where they may get to know each other.

They would be locked into various rooms and could talk on the phone without ever seeing each other. If they choose to proceed to the next phase to become involved, the players are going to be able to meet within person. Their behavior and looks may help them make a good impact. Sometimes stories have happy ends, and sometimes hearts are broken.

Supermarket Sweep:

People love the reality show “Supermarket Sweep” because of its fast-paced grocery-themed competitions. The show, which was created through Al Howard within 1965 and then brought back, has players answer knowledge questions and race through a grocery store to fill their bags with expensive things.

The idea is simple: in a certain amount of time, grab as much as you can. The show’s appeal comes from the mix of general knowledge and shopping tips.

The contestants want to win the grand prize of a thousand dollars by spending the most on groceries. ‘Supermarket Sweep’ continues to fascinate viewers with its unique mix of shopping and entertainment, thanks to its lively show and exciting tasks.


Awake: The Million Dollar Game only had one season, but it’s still a great show that you should watch. Contestants on the show have to count quarters for 24 hours straight before being asked to guess how many they counted. The person who counted the fewest quarters and the person whose guess was the most off are both immediately eliminated from the competition.

Then, the five contestants who are still alive have to do three tasks while getting very little sleep. The number of contestants was slowly cut down, and those who are still in it are given the option to quit for cash prizes as well as risk going home alongside nothing.

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The last person left in the running has a chance to win a million dollars, but it won’t be easy. The show was a lot such as a Mr. Beast video, but the contestants are much worse.

Ultimate Beastmaster:

The American competition reality series “Ultimate Beastmaster” has twelve players who run an innovative obstacle course called “The Beast” in each episode.

The winner of each show is named “Beastmaster.” From the nine shows, these “Beastmasters” move on to a final course where they try to become the Ultimate Beastmaster.

Starting with Season 3, each show had nine contestants, one from each country. The two contestants with the best scores in the final round move upon to one of the two semi-finals.

Finally, the top three contestants from each semi-final go to the final show to compete for the title of “Ultimate Beastmaster.” It keeps the foreign feel of the game show by having different hosts for each country. Notably, Sylvester Stallone, star of several hit movies, led the first season of “Ultimate Beastmaster.”

Nailed It:

Many interesting and similar food competition shows can be found on cable TV. Nicole Byer as well as Jacques Torres lead Nailed It! Nailed shows amateur bakers competing for a $10,000 grand prize through creating exact copies of hard candies.

Watchers see them stumble and stutter at their cooking stations as they try to figure out what they need to do in so little time that it wouldn’t even be sufficient for a professional.


The Netflix original variety show “Busted!” was made with the help of SangSang, a Korean production business that also made “X-Man,” “Running Man,” and “Family Outing.”

The show is Netflix’s first original show with an all-Korean cast. It’s about seven star detectives who find out they are part of a plan called Project D and have been injected with a chip that contains the DNA of great detectives from history.

There is a South Korean actor named Ahn Nae-sang who plays “K” on the show. He hires the contestants as private detectives as well as gives them a new case every episode. The seven contestants are all trying to figure out the secret behind Project D at the same time.

Each show has a celebrity guest star, and many of them play roles based on themselves that are either directly or loosely connected to the murder riddle.

Floor Is Lava:

“Floor Is Lava” is a reality TV game show made by Megan McGrath as well as Irad Eyal. It is based on a children’s game with the same name.

The host of the show is Rutledge Wood, and the episodes are about a group of contestants who have to race through a tricky obstacle course that is full of bright red goo that looks like hot lava.

The competitors who do everything they can to make it to the end will face off against each other in a final battle. The winners could get $10,000 and a lava lamp to be a prize for their hard work.

Blown Away:

Fans of reality TV shows will love “Blown Away,” which takes fans deep into the fascinating world of glassblowing. The story is about skilled glass artists who are in a tough race to make the most beautiful figures and complex works of art. Throughout the series, the contestants are given tough tasks that test their technical and artistic skills to the limit.

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Using liquid glass as their material, they make detailed designs, sculptures, and works that show how much they love and are good at this fascinating art form. True art lovers as well as reality TV viewers alike can’t get enough of the show’s mix of imagination, skill, and competition.

Too Hot To Handle:

People who like reality shows like Love Island or those where the goal is to find true love or just watch hot people stay in a house within the sun for a few weeks will love Too Hot to Handle.

Watch as a group of beautiful people try to remain away from each other for four weeks on this dating game show. Even though it might sound dull, once you watch this game, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. That being said, this is less about people trying to discover love and more about how people think and feel.

Because the contestants on Too Hot to Handle can’t make real connections with other people, the show tries to assist them discover them by making them avoid any sort of physical contact. If these rules are broken, the cash prize for the whole group goes down.


The show, which is hosted by actors Desiree Burch, Lloyd Griffith, as well as Seann Walsh, asks brave contestants to face their worst fears and stay calm.

In the middle of nowhere, players have to go through a number of scary and funny stunts that test their nerves and drive. What’s the catch? There are penalties if they flinch, their heart rate goes up, or they act.

To win the cash prize, contestants have to get through a lot of surprising tasks, like being doused within freezing water and shocking shocks. ‘Flinch’ is a unique mix of scary and funny scenes that will get your heart racing.

Is It Cake?

It’s a fun cooking competition show called “Is It Cake?” that was created by Dan Cutforth as well as Jane Lipsitz. The show is hosted by the charming Mikey Day.

In this one-of-a-kind cooking competition, skilled bakers try to trick a group of famous judges by making cakes that look exactly like everyday items.

The winners of each show get $5,000 and have the chance to win even more money by having to figure out the difference between real cash and cake cash.

The series gets its ideas from the popular internet joke and offers a tasty mix of imagination, candy, and money.


“Alone” is an interactive survival competition show that follows the daily struggles of ten people who are trying to stay alive in the woods with very little survival gear. In their race to stay alive, these players are cut off from all human touch except for medical check-ins. They try to beat each other.

They can “tap out” whenever they want, or they could be taken away for medical reasons. ‘Alone’ is a real test of how tough people are and how well they can survive in the desert. The winner gets the prized big prize of $500,000.