18 Of Bollywood’s Best Scary Movies


18 Of Bollywood’s Best Scary Movies:

Bollywood horror movies are a fascinating and scary place to be. They bring the supernatural to the big screen, giving fear a whole new meaning.

People have been glued to their seats throughout these movies, which have a unique mix of tension, dread, and the unknown. You will visit spooky houses, abandoned hospitals, as well as remote areas on a trip that will show you how deeply people are worried.

The United States as well as the United Kingdom have made some of the best horror movies ever, but India also has a long history of horror movies that can compete with anything from the Western canon.

India is famous for its huge movie business, which makes big movies that can compete with Hollywood movies and big hits around the world like RRR.
Bollywood horror movies have interesting stories that keep people watching until the very last minute, whether it’s because of evil spirits out for revenge or old curses that won’t go away.


The story is about a couple who take a room in a high-rise building. Vishal tells his wife, Swati, that he doesn’t want her to know that the apartment’s low price was due to the mother killed herself after killing her son.

But when Swati finds out about the death, she starts to act differently. Vishal is confused by his wife’s sudden change in behavior, so he takes her to the doctor. But soon after, when she kills the building guards brutally, he gets help from Sarita, an exorcist.

Soon after they start looking into it, they learn that the woman wasn’t murdered herself but rather committed suicide. Vishal comes up with a way to catch the person who did this so that the spirit can leave Swati’s body.

The scary atmosphere and strong acting in Bhoot are well known. Urmila Matondkar, who played a woman possessed through a ghost, especially received praise for her role.

Krishna Cottage:

The best examples of Bollywood’s unique take upon the horror genre are to be seen in its movies from the 2000s. Many people consider Krishna Cottage to be one of the most famous Hindi-language horror movies of all time. It is a cult film with a scary story that follows the usual Bollywood rules.

It has love, desire, jealousy, and a creepy background that perfectly captures the fun and scary feel of scary campfire stories. The story of Krishna Cottage is about a group of college friends led by Manav and Shanti, who are engaged. When the mysterious new student Disha comes into their lives, their happy lives fall apart all of a sudden.

There is a strange link between Disha and Manav that causes problems in his relationship alongside Shanti. Yet the group quickly discovers more significant things to worry regarding when death and magical events happen.


Most Bollywood horror lists will include 1920. It’s about a famous builder named Arjun who wants to marry Lisa, a girl from a different family. When Arjun’s family attempts to murder Lisa because they don’t want them to get married, he gives up being a Hindu and moves away. Arjun is lucky enough to get the chance to fix up a grand old house.

However, Lisa and Arjun are hurt by a mean spirit, which happens in most scary movies set in old manors. The story takes place in 1920, and the movie is famous for its fancy sets and beautiful settings that add to the story.

Fans of old horror movies will also notice some similarities between some scenes and those in The Exorcist as well as The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Three movies came after the first one, but none of them were as excellent as the first one’s music.

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There are times when the mix of scary and funny movies may provide a lot of fun, as well as Stree is one of those movies. The story of the movie comes from a well-known urban tale. It is set in a town where a witch has been stealing men for years.

The story is about a young man who falls in love with a girl but starts to think she might be a witch. The movie has just the right amount of laughs and scares, and the unique and creative story gives it a lot of heart, which helps it stand out from the rest.


This horror movie starring Bipasha Basu as well as Dino Morea has become a cult classic over the years thanks to its memorable cast, scary story, and catchy music.

When Sanjana Dhanraj has an accident, she blames her husband Aditya’s carelessness for making her act so quickly. When they go to Ooty, they hope to give their relationship a second chance, but a confused and evil being has other ideas.

It starts to sound like a woman is screaming, but no one else can hear her. Things get worse when she finds out a truth about Aditya that turns the story on its head.

Woh Kaun Thi?

Woh Kaun Thi? is a single of those old scary movies that people still remember because of the great acting, songs, and plot.

Really, its songs “Lag ja Gale” and “Naina barse rimjhim rimjhim” are very important to everyone. What the heck is this? contains more enigmatic elements than scary ones, but the movie’s ending is so great that you should watch it.

On a wet night, Dr. Anand gives a young woman who says her name is no one a ride. The wipers stop working as soon as she gets in the car, and Dr. Anand doesn’t understand why she’s showing him the way when it’s not clear.

He gets even more scared when she leads him to a graveyard. The gates open automatically, and he hears someone singing within a sweet voice, “Naina barse rimjhim rimjhim.”

He is stunned to find out that his future wife looks a lot like the woman he met at the graveyard. Is she an evil spirit? Who was this girl, as well as why does she continually return back to haunt him?

There is never a boring moment in this movie. You will be on the edge of your seat the whole time. One of the greatest Bollywood horror thrillers, this movie has a lot of big names in it.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa:

The movie is about a young couple named Siddharth and Avni who move to Rajasthan to live in the house where their ancestors used to live. They don’t know it, but the palace is thought to be cursed by the angry spirit of Manjulika, a dancer who was killed by the emperor for having an affair with a courtier.

Someone asks Dr. Aditya Shrivastav, a doctor friend of Siddharth’s, to look into the strange things going on at the house. Doctor Aditya is looking into the mystery and finds a sad past in addition to a web of lies and revenge.

The movie is a mix of comedy, drama, and horror, with a focus on psychological thrills. It looks at things like mental sickness, myth, and how faith can affect people.


India has a lot of regional language film businesses, so cross-language remakes are popular there. Chhorii was a copy of the 2017 Marathi film Lapachhapi, and it did very well with Hindi-speaking audiences.

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Critics praised the movie for dealing with a difficult subject: the pain of women within rural India. At the start of the movie, a couple in a remote town is trying to get away from creditors.

The husband leaves his wife, who is expecting a child, who is portrayed through Nushrratt Bharuccha, within the town before going to get money to pay off his debts. She has no idea that the town is being terrorized by the worst kinds of magical beings that are after her unborn child.


The story is about the demon Ifrit and an evil group that wants to keep the demon’s family alive. The movie stars the famous actress Anushka Sharma. In the movie, a young woman is taken hostage by a demon and saved through a good Samaritan who doesn’t know she is connected to the demon Ifrit.

One of the scariest Bollywood horror movies of recent times, Pari successfully establishes the myth of the Ifrit. It has great acting as well as a story that re-imagines the genre of horror through a completely new, atmospheric mood.


9 is a fun mix of science fiction as well as horror, and it also has some touching parts about father-son ties. The number “9” in the title refers to the number of days that a comet will mess up all modern technology, like phones and power.

The movie is well-shot and has some great special effects, but what makes it really interesting is the bond between Dr. Albert Lewis as well as Adam, who is eight years old. The stars, Prithviraj Sukumaran as well as Master Alok, do a great job in this creative sci-fi horror movie that includes a sad personal drama.

Darna Mana Hai:

Darna Mana Hai is a collection of six short scary stories that tells two stories at the same time. The story is about seven friends whose car breaks up in the midst of a forest and leaves them alone.

To pass the time, they decide to tell scary stories within a campfire. This is how the six shorts come together. But in the present, a protagonist disappears after each story, as if they went back to the car, until the other friends understand they might be in real danger.


This movie only has three actors: Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Bajpayee, as well as Sushant Singh. However, the story and acting are so good that they keep us watching the whole time. A scared girl calls her mother on a rainy night to ask when she will get back home. She turns on the TV and sees that a serial killer is still on the run.

The doorbell rings, and Sameer asks her where Mr. Malhotra is while she watches the news. Since it’s raining outside, he begs her for help and wants her to come inside, but she doesn’t want to because she heard about a serial killer.

He tries over and over to get into the house, though. Will she let him into the house? Does he kill people? You won’t know the answers to these questions until you see this crazy movie.


Time period scary movie This Bollywood movie is one of the most creative takes on the genre. It takes place in the 1880s and is about the chudail, also called daayan, a famous creature from Indian myth.

The chudail is a type of monster in Indian folklore that is believed to spring to life when a woman dies violently, usually at the hands of a man. This scary story is based on the horrible things that women in India go through in real life and is put into popular folklore.

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Tripti Dimri plays a child bride who marries a middle-aged feudal lord in the movie Bulbbul. As she deals with the harsh rules of village royalty, she learns of a magical being that is secretly after the men in her community.

Ek Thi Daayan:

The word “Daayan” in Hindi means witch. Emraan Hashmi, who has been in a lot of scary movies, plays a best magician who is dealing with the pain of his past because he thinks a witch killed his father and sister when he was a kid.

Ek Thi Daayan is a mysterious tale based on the story of the Daayan, an Indian mythical figure who practiced black magic. The movie has many scary moments. The story of the Daayan is built on in a new way, even though Indian viewers already know something about him. The movie is scary, but the story also has some surprising turns.

The House Next Door:

The House Next Door was a scary movie about ghosts and the supernatural. It has a lot of good scares that can both startle and unnerve you. Krish as well as Lakshmi, a brain surgeon as well as his wife, are having a hard time when a rebellious teen and her mom move in next door.

The teen experiences a string of scary supernatural events, which sparks a fight between both sides as Krish as well as Lakshmi try to get rid of the ghosts in their house. It’s a thrilling old-fashioned ghost story that will thrill anyone who likes scary stories about ghosts and the supernatural.

Vaastu Shastra:

Vaastu Shastra is a movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma about an ordinary middle-class family that moved from a small room to a big house. When their young son Rohan starts talking to imagined friends, it worries his parents.

They hired a maid to watch him, but things get even worse when she is killed for no clear reason. While more family members are dying, Jhilmil, the mother, finds a scary tree on the land. This makes her think that Rohan’s friends might not be imaginary after all.

Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche:

After his wife dies, Rajvansh gets married to Anjili, yet she doesn’t love him. She is only after his money. One day, he saves a young woman named Meena as well as takes care of her alongside the help of his devoted workers.

Meena grows to value Rajvansh a lot, but Anjili gets mad at her. In the end, Anjili and her boyfriend decide to kill Rajvansh. Strange things begin to happen after she kills him. On December 39, 1972, Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche came out. It is one of the best Hindi horror movies from the 1970s.


There was a Tamil horror movie called Yavarum Nalam that came out at the same time in Hindi alongside a slightly different cast as 13B Fear Has a New Address. When Manohar and his family move into their new apartment, 13B, strange things start to happen.

The milk keeps going bad, Manohar can’t use the lift, and the camera on his phone takes shaky pictures inside the house. The women within the family love to watch daily soap operas. One day, they begin watching a new show called “Sab Khairiyat” and can’t stop.

In the meantime, Manohar keeps having strange things happen to him. One day, while his entire family is at a party, he watches the TV show “Sab Khairiyat” and learns that the things that are happening in the show are similar to what happens to his family.