18 Of The Best Movies About Serial Killers You Can Watch Right Now


18 Of The Best Movies About Serial Killers You Can Watch Right Now:

Serial killer movies such as Hannibal, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, and Halloween, as well as others, are very popular because they show how interested people are in stories about psychopathic killers and the eerie.

Even though serial killer movies can be sickening or upsetting, there is something appealing about seeing these crazy killers target their victims over and over again while giving illogical reasons for their actions.

To put it mildly, movies about serial killers are interesting. This is interesting not only because of the stories they tell but also because they are so famous, even though the main characters are usually very bad.

No matter where the killers came from or why they go on killing sprees, many of us get hooked on these movies because they keep us on the edge of our seats and make us wonder what the killers will do next while additionally making us feel bad for the innocent victims.

People don’t watch these weirdos because they agree with them, but they find it interesting to watch these horrible things happen from the comfort of their own homes.

Mrs. Serial Killer:

Mrs. Serial Killer is a crime movie with a unique twist. It’s about the wife of a supposed serial killer and how far she will go to protect her husband. This Indian crime movie is a collaboration between Bollywood and Netflix, featuring the famous Sri Lankan model and actor Jacqueline Fernandez, and directed by the renowned Bollywood director Farah Khan.

She plays Sona, a woman who is married to a doctor as well as expecting her child. Since there is a serial killer on the run within the area, a police officer connects Sona’s husband to the cases of six missing women.

His arrest makes everyone in the town dislike him and soon turn against him. Sona thinks her husband has been set up by the police officer because she turned down his love for him in the past.

In order to clear her husband’s name, she and her partner come up with a plan for Sona to kill another woman in the same way to be the serial killer while he’s in jail.


A cameraman who is short on cash takes a job in a remote mountain town, where the client has some odd thoughts. This movie about a serial killer came out in 2014 and has a rating of 6.3 on IMDb. It stars Mark Duplass as well as Patrick Brice.


Watcher was a drama-horror movie that came out in 2022. It stars Maika Monroe, Karl Glusman, and Burn Gorman. Chloe Okuno, Zack Ford, and Benjamin Kirk Nielsen, as well as other crew members, are very good at what they do.

The movie got a score of 6.3 out of 100 on IMDb and a score of 72 out of 100 on Metacritic. After moving into a new flat, Julie finds herself being watched from across the street. Irina, her neighbor, tells her about the gun her boyfriend gave her to keep her safe.

When Julia doesn’t see Irina come home from work one day, she thinks it’s the man from across the street. Her boyfriend Francis doesn’t seem to care when she informs him; she feels like she’s being followed. When she hears that a serial killer is killing young women, her fears grow.

The Call:

The South Korean psychological drama “The Call” is very scary. It has a complicated story with people interacting through time and a cruel serial killer.  In 2019, Kim Seo-yeon, who is 28 years old, goes to the country to see her sick mother.

In the broken-down house where she grew up, she notices a cordless phone. It seems to get calls from a woman saying her mother is torturing her. Seo-yeon later finds out that Oh Young-sook has been calling her since 1999.

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The two women first become friends at different times, and Young-sook saves Seo-yeon’s father’s life in 1999, which changes the other woman’s life. But Seo-yeon’s life changes quickly for the better when both of her parents come back to life.

Young-sook, on the other hand, gets angry about her situation and is killed by her mother. For some reason, Seo-yeon learns about this and tells Young-sook. Young-sook then kills her mother and starts killing other people.

In The Shadow Of The Moon:

Boyd Holbrook played a police officer who becomes so obsessed with one case that his whole life falls apart in the very creative and interesting movie Within the Shadow of the Moon.

Beginning in 1988, there has been a series of strange deaths that don’t make sense. Officer Lockhart starts to look into these strange deaths because he wants to become a detective.

He quickly figures out that this is the work of a serial killer, but that killer only shows up every nine years for some reason that doesn’t make sense. His interest in the case takes over his life, and sadly, he is the only one who believes his crazy idea that the killer may be traveling through time.

But it turns out that the killer’s whole plan and reason for doing what they did have a much bigger social purpose than at first glance.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi:

A new, terrifying documentary titled “The Butcher of Delhi” reveals the horrifying crimes and motivations of Chandrakant Jha, a serial killer who instilled fear in the country by leaving three severed heads accompanied by threatening notes. The three-part documentary looks at what he did, what the police did, and how Jha affected the country.

Even though the documentary doesn’t add anything new to the story and presents information in a predictable way, people who are interested in or new to Jha’s case should still watch it. The show, which was made by VICE India, uses old video, recreations, and interviews to paint a scary picture of what happened.


In the movie Solace, the famous Anthony Hopkins plays a psychic rather than the serial killer he had played in other movies.

Dr. John Clancy has been living alone for the last two years since the death of his daughter. He is a doctor and a medium. He tries hard to stay away from the past until his friend calls. He wants to avoid getting entangled in his old life.

FBI agent Merriweather finds a serial killer and convinces him not to retire, asking for his help in finding the killer. Clancy reluctantly agrees, and as he starts to work, he quickly realizes something upsetting. This killer is also spiritual, and in that way, they may be even stronger than Clancy.


As a “cliché thriller,” Hush leaves the main character alone in a huge house and has a stranger come to see her. The stranger plays on her fears for fun.

This 2016 movie about a serial killer was written and directed by Mike Flanagan. It stars Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr., and Michael Trucco and has a rating of 6.6 on IMDb.

No Man Of God:

Not sure what movie to watch? No, Man of God couldn’t be a good choice. It came out in 2021 and has a running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Elijah Wood, Luke Kirby, and Aleksa Palladino play in it, and Amber Sealey directed it.

Bill is a new agent in the FBI, and his job is to talk to Ted Bundy, the caught serial killer, in jail. As they start to talk, Ted seems to be messing with Bill’s mind by saying things that make him feel bad, to the point where they start to compare themselves.

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When Ted discovers the shocking news, it not only shocks him but also causes him to lose his cool. He calls Bill up and tells him about the killings he committed.


The Indian psychological horror film “Forensic” is written and directed by Akhil Paul and stars Tovino Thomas and Mamta Mohandas. A serial killer only kills children, according to the story.

SSP Rithika Xavier investigates the case with the assistance of a forensic team led by medico-legal advisor Samuel John Kattookkaaran, who is also her ex-husband’s brother.

At first, Samuel thought that the killer was a child based on what he had found. Rithika finds it hard to believe this, but she can’t ignore the proof.

That being said, the case gets trickier as they look into it more. Soon, they figure out that it has something to do with Rithika’s first case to be a police officer, which was a series of murders that occurred about ten years ago.


Hugh Jackman as well as Jake Gyllenhaal worked together on the great movie Prisoners, which stars some big names. Denis Villeneuve directed the film, which also featured Viola Davis, Paul Dano, Terrence Howard, and more.

In a story about a child killer on the run, when two dads have their girls taken, it puts too much stress on each of their families to handle. When the guys catch an accused person, they feel hopeful again at first.

The cops quickly free the man, though, and one of the fathers feels let down by the system. The suspect then makes him even more angry by making fun of him. The movie gets even darker when the main character decides to do something on his own. It asks how far a parent would be willing to go to protect their child.

The Playing Card Killer:

A three-part Netflix documentary from 2023 tells the scary true tale of the title “Playing Card Killer.” It looks into the life and crimes of Alfredo Galán, Spain’s most famous serial killer.

It was because he liked to leave playing cards at crime scenes that people called him “Asesino de la Baraja.” The Netflix documentary looks into Galán’s real reasons for turning himself in on July 3, 2003, which led to his conviction for killing six people.

The criminal’s case is not as black and white as first thought, despite what the local media said, and there are still a lot of plot ideas about what really happened that made Galán make his choice.

Holy Spider:

Holy Spider played at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 and was in the running for the prized Palm d’Or award. The lead actress in the movie, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, got the Best Actress Award that year for her work in it.

This great movie with fabulous acting tells the story of a female reporter from Tehran who goes to Iran’s holy city of Mashad. There are a lot of killings going on, and all of the victims were women who worked as sex workers on the streets of the city.

When the movie takes her into the seedy and dangerous underbelly of the city, things quickly spiral out of control in a terrifying manner. It quickly becomes clear that the killer may think he is doing God’s work by getting rid of sinners. All the killings seem to follow a pattern.

Twin Murders:

A detective returns to Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, to investigate a series of murders resembling the work of a soon-to-be-released serial killer. This serial killer film came out in 2019 and has a 5.4 rating on IMDb. It stars Belén Rueda as well as Javier Rey.

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Tom Tykwer directed the crime thriller film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman, and Alan Rickman play important parts in it. The movie came out in 2006 and has a length of 2 hours and 27 minutes.

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille has a special skill: he can smell things better than other people. Because of this trait, he gets a job with an Italian perfume shop owner who shows him how to make perfume.

Grenouille, on the other hand, becomes concerned with discovering a way to keep smells alive. He goes on a killing spree and starts killing young women to get their smell. This makes his journey very bloody. This new sense of power came from the way he lived his life.

Game Over:

“Game Over,” an Indian movie created by Ashwin Saravanan, offers a fresh perspective on serial killer movies.

Swapna, a game artist, is grappling with PTSD after being raped on New Year’s Eve. She hears on the news that a serial killer is free and killing women by cutting off their heads and setting them on fire. At the end of the day, Swapna is the goal.

Will she have the power to get rid of all her problems? The movie utilizes mind and body as themes to heighten suspense and elevate it to a completely new level as a thriller. If you want to see more than just a movie about a serial killer,.

The Devil All The Time:

The Devil All the Time, directed by Antonio Campos, is more than just a good story about a serial killer. It also shows how mental illness and trauma can affect a person’s mind, how society puts pressure on people to do bad things in the name of religion, and how grief can make people act badly.

Robert Pattinson, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stan, Jason Clarke, Eliza Scanlen, and Halley Bennett are just a few of the famous people who are in the movie. The movie jumps between the stories of many interesting people, including serial killers, a family living after World War II, and a priest with no morals.

Carl and Sandy are serial killers with a strange interest: before they kill, Carl takes pictures of their victims having sex alongside Sandy, and they usually pick hitchhikers as their victims.

Other places: Willard has PTSD; he killed an officer during WWII to take away his pain; and he believes superstitiously that he can heal his cancer-stricken wife Charlotte by making a sacrifice that will please God.

Additionally, the preacher has a son named Arvin. Arvin does his best to keep the preacher’s lustful eyes off of his adopted sister Lenora and other girls who are too young to be with him.

There is still the question of whether Arvin will follow the road of killing, false beliefs, and social fear like other sick figures, or will he be different?

Capturing The Killer Nurse:

One of the most unsettling true crime shows on Netflix is Capturing the Killer Nurse. It’s about Charles Cullen, a nurse who was a serial killer, and the horrible crimes that seemed to follow him from one hospital to the next.

The documentary is based on Charles Graeber’s book, The Good Nurse. It looks at Cullen’s methods as well as the flaws in the system that let him get away with murder for so long.

The scariest thing about Cullen’s crimes is that he was able to do them in secret while claiming to be a good health worker. The movie reminds viewers that monsters can hide in strange places.