18 Of The Best Thai Movies You Can Watch Right Now


18 Of The Best Thai Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Thai movies have a long and varied past, and they cover a lot of different types of themes and styles. Thai movies have something for everyone, from action-packed martial arts epics to dramatic films that will make you feel things.

Thailand is one of the Southeast Asian countries that does a good job of sending well-known movies to other countries. Teenagers like Thai rom-com movies, which are a popular type of Thai movie.

Thai movies have a wide range of genres, from sweet love comedies to exciting thrillers. Recently, Thai movies have become known around the world. Critics at film festivals all over the world have awarded them and praised them.

Thai cinema is an interesting and lively part of the world’s film community because it mixes Thai culture, history, and modern problems in a way that no other film does.

The industry started to grow again soon after the end of the Second World War, and filmmakers produced hundreds of intense action movies. Then, from the 1980s to the mid-1990s, the business failed again as Hollywood films took over Thai movie theaters.

With the help of directors like Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Pen-ek Ratanaruang, Prachya Pinkaew, and star Tony Jaa, Thai films became known around the world and on most foreign film circuits in the late 1990s.


Tony Jaa, who plays the lead role, has amazing martial arts skills that make the movie Ong-Bak a must-see. Jaa plays Ting, who is on a mission to retrieve a holy Buddha figure stolen from his town. The movie takes you on a trip via the streets of Bangkok.

Not only does this movie have amazing fight scenes, but it also shows off the culture and practices of Thailand. The movie also showcases famous sights in Bangkok, such as the Chatuchak Market and the Golden Mount.

For the Thai film business, Ong-Bak changed everything. It put Thai movies on the world stage and made them a must-see for movie fans everywhere. Due to the success of the first movie, two more were made, and both achieved equal success.

Tropical Maladay:

Keng, a soldier, is stationed in a quiet Thai town where the days pass by slowly. Not much interesting happens until Keng meets Tong, a boy from the area, and the two start a tentative relationship.

Then, in a strange move that is typical of director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the movie breaks up into a story about a soldier in the woods who meets a troublesome spirit while looking for a lost boy.


The Thai horror movie “Shutter” came out in 2004 and was directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun as well as Parkpoom Wongpoom. The lead roles in the movie belong to Ananda Everingham, Natthaweeranuch Thongmee, and Achita Sikamana.

The movie is about a young photographer named Tun as well as his girlfriend, Jane. On their way home from a party, they hit a girl alongside their car. As soon as they leave the scene of the accident, scary, strange events start happening that appear to be connected to it.

As the couple looks into it, they find out a dark secret as well as a strange link between Tun’s past and the girl they hit. The movie “Shutter” is scary and exciting, and it looks at blame, fate, and payback.

People will remember this movie for its scary atmosphere, creepy visuals, and shocking changes and turns.

People who know about horror movies think this is one of the greatest Thai horror movies ever. The movie has been made again in the US, India, and Bangladesh, yet the first one is still considered a classic within the horror genre.

First Love:

You may have seen the Thai romantic comedy A Little Thing Called Love before because it has been one of the most-watched Thai movies ever since it came out. The film A Little Thing Called Love is about a girl named Nam who loves reading. She falls in love with one of her seniors, Shone, for the first time.

Nam tries to win Shone’s heart in many ways, such as through the assistance of his friends and a book that has many different ways to do it. Nam began to change in many ways that made her an improved individual than she was before. This movie’s story is light and easy, but sweet, and you’ll want to watch it over and over again.

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Pee Mak:

Thai culture has told the story of Pee Mak a million times. This time, it takes on a humorous twist. This movie stands out from others due to its fresh perspective, humor, and excellent craftsmanship.

Mak served in the war during the Rattanakosin Dynasty and became friends with other soldiers. He asks his friends to come over after the war is over so he can show them his lovely wife, Nak, and their new baby boy, Dang.

There is a story in the town that Nak died while giving birth. Mak may not believe that his loved ones are still alive; instead, his four friends decide to tell him the truth. Mak has to pick between love and the real world.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives:

When it comes to straight storytelling, this award-winning movie from Apichatpong Weerasethakul is illogical. It’s about Uncle Boonmee and his family and their lives and deaths in the northern farmland of Thailand.

It brilliantly displays how the brain works by going from one concept or plan to another in the course of a single, slow day.

The breaks in the narrative, featuring the water buffalo fleeing, the princess, and the catfish, alongside the picture installations, demonstrate how the mind actively seeks connections between different elements, linking this life to the next, just as one past life is connected to the next.

Bad Genius:

When it came out in 2017, Bad Genius was a big hit in Thailand as well as other places. The movie’s main character is a high school student named Lynn, who is very smart but comes from a poor family.

To make money, she comes up with a plan to help students who can afford to pay her cheat on tests. When the risks get higher, though, things quickly get out of hand, and Lynn is in over her head.

This movie about a bank heist is so exciting that you won’t be able to sit still until the very end. Along with showing the stress that students feel in school, the movie also looks at issues of right and wrong, ethics, and class.

The acting is great, especially from the lead actress, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, who plays Lynn in a complex and powerful way. Bad Genius is different from other heist films because it is creative and pays close attention to the little things.

The clever and fun ways that Lynn and her friends cheat are seen as interesting. The movie also has a great look, with moving cameras and bright colors that show how exciting and lively the story is.


Ped had never heard of music before he and his friend Ern, whom Ped liked, brought it up. Ern left for Bangkok for good not long after that, which was a sad departure. After many years, they meet again when Earn moves again and starts going to the same high school.

To get girls and beat his famous twin brother Kae, Ped’s best friend Khung forms the band Khung & Friends at the same time. When Khung falls in love with Earn, who plays the guitar really well, and a major youth band event is coming up, things get serious.

You should watch this movie if you like music and are a teacher. This movie has cameos by a lot of Thai rock stars; to be high school rockers, see their rock heroes. The movie has great acting and some sweet parts.


“Chocolate” is a Thai martial arts movie from 2008 that was directed by Prachya Pinkaew. Zen is a young autistic girl who learns combat sports by watching movies of her stuntwoman mother.

Zen uses her martial arts skills to get people, including a thief, to pay her mother the money they owe her. There are some creative and exciting action scenes in the movie that mix traditional martial arts moves with gymnastics and parkour.

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The lead actress in the movie, JeeJa Yanin, practiced for years to do the complicated fight scenes, which show off how strong and skilled she is in martial arts. Chocolate is known for both its exciting action and its sensitive treatment of a character with autism.

Understanding and empathy are used to show Zen’s condition, as well as her efforts to connect with others and make sense of a world that can be too much to handle.

There was a lot of praise and sales for “Chocolate” in Thailand and around the world. It helped make Prachya Pinkaew and JeeJa Yanin famous in the martial arts movie world. Many people think of this movie as a modern standard of Thai cinema, and action as well as martial arts movie fans should see it.

Hello Stranger:

Hello Stranger is a Thai love comedy of a woman and a guy who meet by chance while traveling on a plane to South Korea. The film Hello Stranger is about a woman and a guy who are traveling and meet by chance on a plane going to South Korea.

There are a lot of fun things that two individuals who don’t know each other do together while they are in South Korea. From the normal to the crazy.

They just don’t know each other’s names or who they are. This Thai romantic comedy movie takes place in two different places: Thailand and Korea. The story is funny and touching at the same time.

Fan Chan / My Girl:

Do you remember the initial love as well as the crush from high school? When Jeab goes back to his city, he hears that Noi Naa, a childhood friend, is getting married. This makes him remember how close they were.

The movie is fun and silly. The characters’ friendship grows over the course of their childhood, which is sweet. Also, the plot is something that almost everyone can relate to. The movie Fan Chan, also known as “My Girl,” is very emotional and deep.

I Carried You Home:

This isn’t a drama like Driving Miss Daisy at all. Instead, it’s a thoughtful look at how people’s feelings show up in tough situations, like when they suddenly and unbearably lose a loved one.

As Tongpong Chantarangkul writes, the road gives his characters a chance to show how they feel, especially the guilt that comes from hiding secrets.

Seeing the two sisters meet as they take their mother home—or is it the other way around? The meeting of the two sisters as they take their mother home, or is it the other way around, exemplifies the Thai’s way of honoring their dead through their religion and customs.

The Protector:

The Protector, which came out in 2005, is a thrilling martial arts movie that shows off the most effective Thai film. The movie, which stars Tony Jaa, is about Kham, a young guy from a small town in Thailand who goes to Australia to get back his stolen elephant.

The next part is an exciting adventure with amazing fight scenes, amazing stunts, and stunning routines. It takes place in beautiful places in Thailand as well as Australia.

The long-take fight scene where Tony Jaa makes his way up a multi-story building while being surrounded by many enemies is one of the film’s highlights. The skill and hard work of the directors and players who worked on this scene really shine through.

In general, The Protector was a great movie that action movie fans as well as Thai movie fans alike should see. It is a real movie journey with its unique mix of martial arts, drama, and beautiful images.

Teacher Diary:

It tells the tale of two teachers, one male and one female, who are both alone. Both teachers were sent to the same country school, with a one-year gap between their arrivals. The girl who was put in charge first tried to write in a notebook while she was out in the middle of nowhere.

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She had to move to a different school one day and left the book behind. The replacement teacher, a man, saw the book and fell in love with the writer, whom he didn’t know.

He wrote his own thoughts on it too. It was also the guy who left. Upon her return, the woman discovered new entries had been added to the book. She also fell in love with him, but it’s hard for her to find the boy now.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story:

The Thai love comedy Bangkok Traffic Love Story came out in 2009. Adisorn Tresirikasem directed the movie. The movie is about Mei, a 30-year-old woman who has had bad luck with love and is trying to figure out where she fits in the world.

She hates her job as a traffic cop in Bangkok, but it gives her a chance to see how crazy and sometimes funny the city’s traffic is. Then one day, Mei meets Loong, a good-looking and friendly traffic cop, and the two start a tentative relationship.

Mei’s shyness, low self-esteem, and fear of getting hurt could cause their relationship to fail before it even starts. Bangkok Traffic Love Story is a funny and touching movie that shows how the streets of modern-day Bangkok are full of life and color.

The movie explores the challenges of love, self-discovery, and navigating a male-dominated society in today’s world, particularly for women.

The lead actors do great jobs, especially Cris Horwang, who is charming and easy to relate to. The movie’s light tone as well as feel-good message make it an excellent pick for a fun as well as uplifting movie night.

May Who?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have superpowers? Who says having skills perpetually renders you great and loved? In this Thai love comedy, May is the main character, and she has superpowers.

His body can send out electricity when he is too happy, sad, or excited. But because he is super strong, she doesn’t get too close to the individuals she loves because it could be risky.

Who May? features sarcastic and goofy humor that is incredibly funny. May is the main character in this movie, who makes it cute. Although this Thai romantic comedy contains numerous humorous moments, May Who? continues to perform in a manner that repels viewers.


When the four-part horror collection came out, it got good reviews from reviewers and did well at the box office. While combining elements of other genres, such as action and humor, each part does a great job of introducing new scary elements.

People have to read four scary stories: a text chat with an unknown stranger, the mean actions of a nerd who practices black magic, the dangers of camping deep within the forest, and getting on a plane with a dead body.

You should also watch the second movie. It came out a year after the initial movie. Most people think this is one of the few occasions in movie history where the second movie is better than the first. The movie gets better in the second part, which has five different stories instead of four in the first one.

Last Life In The Universe:

Last Life in the Universe is about how lonely it is to live in a world with too much silence and how talking to yourself can cause small changes or even suicidal thoughts. Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s colorful yet dreamy writing brings the story of Kenji to life. Kenji is a Japanese expat who lives in a foreign country and is obsessed with being clean.

He also has suicidal thoughts, but lucky events change his mind. Because of these things, he meets Noi, who is the exact opposite of him. Their strange but mutually beneficial friendship keeps him from being lonely and gives him hope in what seems to be a dull and hopeless existence in a foreign country.