20 easy questions for your home pub quiz


Let’s face it, everyone seems to be quizzing proper now – and when you can’t beat them, it’s possible you’ll as properly go online to your most popular video conferencing system and be a part of them.

However what occurs once you’re required to give you the questions? Nicely, you possibly can trawl the web for hours, or you possibly can simply use these questions that we’ve thought up for you. Critically, it’s that easy.

And, what’s additionally easy, are these questions. So nobody can moan at you and say the quiz was too arduous. It’s win, win!

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  1. Who often presents the 10pm information on BBC One?
  2. What’s the capital of Wales?
  3. What quantity is a baker’s dozen?
  4. What number of occasions have England received the boys’s soccer World Cup?
  5. What’s the forex of Portugal?
  6. A marathon is what number of miles?
  7. The Academy of Movement Image Arts and Sciences are finest recognized for which annual award ceremony?
  8. The place would you put on brogues?
  9. In what yr was the Battle of Hastings?
  10. Which dutch artist famously painted sunflowers?
  11. On what birthday do British residents first obtain a telegram from the Queen?
  12. EastEnders is about by which fictional London borough?
  13. What does “www” stand for within the context of an web deal with?
  14. Which of those valuable metals is costlier per ounce, gold or silver?
  15. Which is greater, A4 paper or A5 paper?
  16. Who performs Del Boy Trotter in Solely Fools and Horses?
  17. What’s the capital of the USA?
  18. Levi Strauss is finest recognized for manufacturing what sort of clothes?
  19. Title the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie a couple of shark
  20. What does the tv channel’s title ITV stand for?


  1. Huw Edwards
  2. Cardiff
  3. 13
  4. As soon as (in 1966)
  5. Euro
  6. 26 (truly it’s 26.2, however we’ll settle for 26)
  7. The Oscars
  8. On your ft, they’re sneakers
  9. 1066
  10. Vincent Van Gogh
  11. 100th
  12. Walford
  13. World Vast Internet
  14. Gold
  15. A4
  16. David Jason
  17. Washington DC
  18. Denims (and denim items)
  19. Jaws
  20. Unbiased Tv

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