20 hard questions for your home pub quiz


If quizzing is the most recent craze, then arising with the very best quizzes to impress your family and friends on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype or Home Occasion is actually up there as a detailed second.

And so, as the push is on to scour the web for the very best quiz questions, we’ve accomplished among the hard work for you and give you some quizzes. Be at liberty to attempt them out…

This one is designed to be difficult, so don’t be stunned when you get the grievance that some are “too hard!”.

Good luck…

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  1. Are you able to recite the mathematical fixed Pye to 5 decimal locations?
  2. Are you able to identify all of the residing presidents of the US of America?
  3. What number of parliamentary seats are returned to the UK Homes of Parliament?
  4. What number of noble gasses are there? And might you identify all of them?
  5. What’s the capital metropolis of Slovakia?
  6. Paul David Hewson is the actual identify of what well-known rock musician?
  7. What number of miles plus 514 yards is the British steeplechase The Grand Nationwide?
  8. The letterbox of 10 Downing Avenue in London has an inscription that reads”First Lord of…” what?
  9. The place was Queen frontman Freddie Mercury born?
  10. After Queen Elizabeth II, solely 4 different English monarchs have reached 50 years on the throne – are you able to identify them?
  11. What does the Japanese “sumimasen” translate to in English?
  12. Switzerland is made up of what number of cantons?
  13. Cholecystectomy is the identify for the medical removing of what physique half?
  14. What number of million miles away is the solar from the Earth? (inside 5 million miles)
  15. What timber, usually present in California and which may develop as much as 300 toes in top, are recognised because the tallest kind on the earth?
  16. Since 2016, the Periodic Desk has what number of confirmed parts?
  17. In what yr was Radio Instances journal first revealed?
  18. What was movie star John Wayne’s actual identify?
  19. Who’s credited with the next quote? “The worry of demise follows from the worry of life. A person who loves absolutely is ready to die at any time”
  20. On what pacific island did the mutineers of HMS Bounty settle in 1790?


  1. 3.14159
  2. Jimmy Carter, George W Bush, Invoice Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump
  3. 650
  4. Six.  helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe) radon (Rn)
  5. Bratislava
  6. Bono (U2)
  7. 4 miles. (four miles 514 yards in whole)
  8. the Treasury
  9. Zanzibar, Tanzania
  10. Victoria, Edward III, Henry III, George III (James VI of Scotland dominated greater than 50 years in Scotland, and was topped throughout his reign James I of England – however didn’t reign England for 50 years)
  11. Excuse me
  12. 26
  13. Gallbladder
  14. 93 million miles (avg)
  15. Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens)
  16. 118
  17. 1923
  18. Marion Michael Morrison
  19. Mark Twain
  20. Pitcairn Island

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