20 items including laptops, DSLR to be expensive, government increased duty on external goods


new Delhi: Since the violent clash in the Galvan Valley between India and China, the Chinese economy is being harmed by the government of India. Meanwhile, the Government of India has taken a new step. The government has increased the custom duty on goods coming from China. In this, a list of 20 items has been prepared. It also includes laptop, clothes and camera etc. At the same time, the import of alunium goods will now be done through the licensing process. Also Read – Nepal’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Gautam Buddha, then the Government of India gave this reaction

However, according to sources in the Ministry of Trade, this duty / tax has been fully implemented, not against China. This rule will apply to everyone. However, its purpose is to keep an eye on a large number of goods coming from China. Let us know that China has been hurt in many ways on the economic front by the government in the last few months. Also Read – Force increased in sensitive border areas, Army Chief General Narwane took stock of military preparations on LAC

In the last few days, Chinese mobile apps have also been banned by the Indian government. Not only this, China’s trade is also continuously losing in many ways. Although the officials above do not believe that they are intentionally causing damage to China’s trade, but traders believed that earlier it was allowed to move goods easily from the ports, but now they are only at the ports Are stopped Also Read – India-China Border Tension: Soldiers of both countries to move out of eastern Ladakh soon, agreed to reduce tension

Not only this, the government has also shown the way out from the tenders of the railway to the Chinese companies. In the last few months, trade between India and China has declined significantly. Due to this, India’s trade deficit has also reduced. In this episode, due to increase of custom duty on 20 items by the Government of India, their prices in the market may also increase.


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