20 kids general knowledge questions for your home pub quiz


Quizzing has shortly change into probably the most common lockdown actions – however it may not simply be adults who need to check their knowledge.

With that in thoughts, RadioTimes.com has put collectively some questions geared toward youthful audiences, so it’s time for your kids to show that they could be a quizzing champion too.

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Prepared, regular, quiz…

Kids General Knowledge Questions

  1. What number of sides does an octagon have?
  2. Within the Toy Story movies, what’s the identify of the boy who the toys belong to?
  3. What’s the capital of Germany?
  4. What number of books are there within the Harry Potter sequence?
  5. What sport does Roger Federer play?
  6. What date is Man Fawkes Evening?
  7. What animal does pork come from?
  8. In what nation would you discover The White Home?
  9. What sort of meals is Penne?
  10. What number of days are there in February throughout a bissextile year?
  11. In what nation would possibly you discover a platypus and a wombat?
  12. What’s Tremendous Mario’s brother known as?
  13. What sort of creature is Shrek?
  14. What three colors make up the French flag?
  15. What band was Harry Types in earlier than his solo profession?
  16. What sort of meals does a panda eat?
  17. What’s the highest mountain on this planet?
  18. What programme options trains known as James and Gordon?
  19. What sort of animal is a greyhound?
  20. What number of gamers are there on a rugby staff?

Kids General Knowledge Solutions

  1. Eight
  2. Andy
  3. Berlin
  4. Seven
  5. Tennis
  6. fifth November
  7. Pig
  8. The USA
  9. Pasta
  10. 29
  11. Australia
  12. Luigi
  13. An ogre
  14. Pink, white and blue
  15. One Course
  16. Bamboo
  17. Everest
  18. Thomas the Tank Engine
  19. A canine
  20. Fifteen

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