20 Of Netflix’s Best Road Trip Movies


20 Of Netflix’s Best Road Trip Movies:

A car trip is something that most of us want to do at some point. At some point, everyone wants to go on one, by themselves or with someone they care about.

A lot of the time, road trip pictures are about more than just getting from A to B. Their stories show how people change as they go on them, and they stress how important the trip is compared to the end goal.

We know that road trips are important to you, as well as we also know that sometimes you need a little push to get ready to leave everything behind and go on one.

But there are also movies about road trips that are in a different type, like thrillers or action thrillers. In these kinds of pictures, the trip adds to the story. So, with all of that in mind, here is a list of fun Netflix movies about road trips.

The Fundamentals Of Caring:

If you cast Paul Rudd, who played Antman, in any movie, you can be sure that he will have a great time and make you laugh. One of these movies is “The Fundamentals of Caring,” in which Paul Rudd plays a writer who has just lost a loved one.

He chooses to become a nurse to help himself get better. At this point, he meets a kid who is angry and upset and has never left his house due to his disability.

The trip brings them closer together and helps them understand friendship and goal-setting better. If you want to feel good, this movie is perfect for you. It will make you cry and laugh at the exact same time.

Burn Burn Burn:

“Burn, Burn, Burn” is a moving story regarding two friends who plan to remember a friend who died by going on a road trip. They also spread his ashes, which they do by carrying them along in a small Tupperware container. That movie makes you feel good, and it’s great for a weekend alongside a loved one.

The actors also give incredibly honest and poignant performances that let you really feel how they feel and the sadness of their loss. You get hit right in the face with it, and you feel both happy and sad afterwards.

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World:

The book Seeking a Friend for the End of the World queries what would occur if people knew they didn’t have much time left on Earth. When Steve Carell as well as Keira Knightley’s characters, Dodge and Penny, answer those questions, they are thrown together upon a high-stakes journey for the ages.

Even though they have a big goal in mind, you’ll wish that their journey could last forever because of how well they get along. Like the most memorable road trips,

Eat, Pray, Love:

This movie is one of the best ever made. This story is not only full of beautiful scenes, but it’s also very moving. Since it’s constructed around a true story, you know it’s real. The story is about Liz, a woman who just got split, who goes on a nine-month trip in search of herself.

The story starts within New York, yet Liz’s journey to find herself takes her to Italy, India, as well as Bali. It moves quickly and makes you want to travel. I’m sure you can tell that this movie is very moving.

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Jason Sudeikis plays Matt, whose fame as a popular photographer often makes him seem less important.

Matt’s dad’s last dream is to take a road trip alongside his son from New York to Kansas to obtain his last few Kodachromes developed before it’s too late and the memories are lost in pictures that haven’t been processed.

People who used to take pictures alongside Kodak cameras and Kodachrome film before the company turned bankrupt as well as shut down will definitely look forward to seeing this movie.

In general, the movie is very obvious, but that’s how most car trips are. We don’t watch them because we know what will happen in the story. Most of the time, we watch movies because they make us feel good and sometimes they even inspire ourselves deeply.

Mississippi Grind:

When Gerry meets Curtis, a young, charming, as well as lucky poker player, he doesn’t seem to have any luck left. Gerry agrees to take the young man upon a road trip to the South to see how lucky his new charm is and to help him receive out of his financial trouble.

The movie isn’t about the trip or the road trip, but it does show what a real player is like. It’s almost sad to see how the two men are willing to risk everything to feed their addiction.

The Road Within:

In The Road Within, three people who don’t seem to be friends are on the road together. What’s the plan? Take Vincent’s mom’s ashes to the ocean.

The fact that they are all in a treatment center for mental disorders and are being chased by doctors and their parents doesn’t sound like a big deal until you consider that they are all there.

Even though Vincent is the one who gets the most out of the car trip, Marie and Alex also enjoy it a great deal. We promise that you are going to get something out of The Road Within if you give it a try.

Chasing Liberty:

If you want a 2000s rom-com after two sad movies, I’ve got you covered. This movie makes you feel good, so it’s great for when you’re waiting at the gate, at the bus stop, or while camping on a wet day.

The story is about the daughter of the President of the United States, who decides to go on an adventure in Europe to fight against being watched all the time. It has places to visit in Europe, memories of the 2000s, and love.

End Of The Road:

The movie “End of the Road,” which was directed via Millicent Shelton, is a scary road trip movie. The movie stars Queen Latifah as well as Ludacris and is about Brenda, her two kids, as well as her brother Reggie. They are taking a cross-country road trip throughout the New Mexico desert to start a new life and job, but things go wrong along the way.

When they stop on the way, they see a murder and are then targeted by the killer. Also, Reggie steals something from the crime scene that belonged to the killer, which Brenda knows is a big mistake. In this exciting road trip movie, we find out how she as well as her family got rid of this crazy person.

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The Bucket List:

Three guys share a room within a cancer unit and meet through “The Bucket List,” a sweet and moving movie. They become more close over time, and one finds out that the other has a list of things he needs to do before he dies.

Since the two guys are about to “kick the bucket,” they decide to go upon a trip and make their last wishes come true. During this trip, they find peace and enjoy being with each other more than ever.

Mr. Pig:

Mr. Pig isn’t your average road trip movie. It stars Danny Glover, Maya Rudolph, as well as a real pig. Follow this stressed-out father and daughter as they go from Southern California to Mexico in search of the hog a home. This movie might be just what you need for your next road trip, whether you’re taking it with your family as well as a big pig.

Mamma Mia:

Yet another great classic! I couldn’t leave Mamma Mia off of this list because it’s such a happy and comfortable movie. The story is about a young woman named Sophie who is getting married and lives on a Greek island.

She wants her dad to be there, but he doesn’t know who she is. So Sophie asks all three of the men she might marry to the wedding. The movie really takes you on a wild ride. There’s a lot more to love regarding it because it’s a musical.

The Trader:

As the name suggests, “The Trader” is a documentary about a poor traveling merchant who lives in the Republic of Georgia’s countryside and sells his goods. Through his trips, he gets to see parts of the country that most people have never been to, giving him a real look into the daily lives of people who live there.

The program even shows things that have never been seen before, like using potatoes to be money. ‘The Trader’ is a must-see for fans who want to learn more about other nations and individuals from around the world.

The Trip To Spain:

Steve Coogan as well as Rob Brydon go on a trip around Europe in six movies. In “The Trip to Spain,” they stop at restaurants and beautiful places along the way. Actually, this serves as more of a documentary than a movie. It’s just about the journey of two men who love to travel and eat food that looks delicious.

A few of the lines aren’t very clear because the players aren’t really acting; they’re just saying what they think. You shouldn’t expect this to be a great movie; instead, you should be ready to take it for what it is.


Yes, this movie pretty much tells you what not to do upon a business trip. That makes it even more fun and pleasant. Harper, a 30-year-old woman from New York City who goes to Barcelona for work, is the main character of the story.

Everything goes wrong though when she sees a hot DJ! You can fit it into the middle of any hectic schedule because it’s only an hour as well as a half long.

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Expedition Happiness:

It’s fun to watch travel films, and “Expedition Happiness” meets all of your needs in that way by following director Felix Starck and his girlfriend at the time, Selima Taibi, upon a road trip across North America.

Felix and Selima are from Berlin, Germany, yet they quickly got sick of the loud, crowded, and high-rise buildings of the big city. So, because they want fresh air, a change of scenery, as well as new experiences, they buy a school bus and fix it up before taking their dog on a big road trip across North America.

“Expedition Happiness,” which was filmed by the two of them, is a unique look at North America that you should definitely see.


A touching movie called “Buddies” is about three young people alongside Down syndrome who work at the video library in their home.

Because all three of them love movies so much, and because of the movie “Thelma & Louise,” they decide to make their dreams come true. They take the gardener’s car and go on the trip of a lifetime, which is meant to grant three easy wishes.

One wants to see the ocean, another wants to find a husband, as well as the third friend simply wants to fly. But the trip changes how they see life because their friends have adventures they never even thought of before.

Bad Trip:

You will laugh so hard that you will fall out of your chair while watching “Bad Trip,” a funny road movie. Chris Carey as well as Bud Malone are friends who are very unhappy with the way their lives have been going.

The two are stuck in jobs that don’t lead to any growth or advance, and they want anything exciting. Chris, on the other hand, meets his high school crush Maria Li by chance. He and his friends decide to take a road trip from Florida to New York City so that Chris may win her over.

In order to get away, the friends steal a car as well as go on a trip full of funny events. But little do they know, Bud’s sister, who actually owns the car, is following them closely.


This is another moving movie based on a true story. It’s about Brierley, who was only 5 years old when he got lost and lost touch with his parents. He finally found them on the other side of India, his home country, as well as never saw them again. He was later adopted and moved to Australia.

That being said, the story starts when Brierley sets out to find them. It will break your heart to see this movie, which is set in India and Australia. Get comfortable because it lasts almost two hours.

Into The Wild:

If you want to get lost in the wilds of Alaska, watch this great movie. It’s the tale of Christopher McCandless, who sells everything he owns after finishing from college and moving to Alaska.

He gives up everything and lives in the wild, even his savings. He will meet people along the way who will have an eternal effect on his life. The movie is pretty long, but it’s worth your time.